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(Everett Herald)   "Bouncing the mentally ill, homeless and/or addicted from one service to another is an expensive way to treat the symptoms, but not an effective treatment of the root cause of their problems"   ( divider line
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2014-04-13 06:25:42 AM  

CK2005: I think Gyrfalcon was adding to what you said.

Oh ... I knew that.

/Looks both ways then ducks out the side door.
2014-04-13 06:59:37 AM  
It's okay, I've made the same mistake before.
2014-04-13 08:21:33 AM  

Ex-Texan: The mentally need more in the way of services, but where will the money come from?

I'm pretty sure this country has a bunch of people, and corporations that are legally people, that are rich beyond human comprehension.  Maybe they should find it within the cackles of their thorny heart to loosen their purse strings for the first time in their lives and do something altruistic.
2014-04-13 09:02:26 AM  
All humanity does is fix symptoms, dating back since you crawled out of the trees.
2014-04-13 09:47:14 AM  

Gyrfalcon: The One True TheDavid:

Yes that it's better than locking people up or letting cops shoot them; no that it's still an infringement on a so-called crazy person's civil and human rights, leaving us open to the "medicalization" of dissent. What comes to mind right away is Soviet psychiatry, e.g. sluggish schizophrenia, the likes of which would have seen Galileo not inquisitioned as a heretic but as mentally ill. Do we really want the government to define what Reality is?

There's no middle ground, of course, right? It's gotta be total freedom for the mentally ill to live under bridges in their delusional state; or else we're in a Soviet-style thought-police state. We can't POSSIBLY work towards a reasonable system of oversight and care, no, let's keep things the way they are because the only other option is so, so horrible it can't be considered at all.

Actually that's not what I said, which was 'leaving us open to the "medicalization" of dissent.' Or 'presenting a risk of,' or 'allowing the possibility.' As it stands now it's probably a good thing for some people and those around them, which I addressed by saying 'Yes that it's better than locking people up or letting cops shoot them.'

The key is this: 'Do we really want the government to define what Reality is?' That is we'd need community oversight and involvement, instead of just a top-down imposition of standards of sanity essentially by force.

2014-04-13 09:50:40 AM  
As for a Final Solution, I'd lose nothing by not having to live in a world the allegedly neurotypical have farked up and overcrowded.

But then a lot of "nutters" would disagree with me, so I won't speak for them.
2014-04-13 04:24:08 PM  

HisBoyLeroy: Cuckoo birds have always been a burden to society. They contribute little to nothing to our world. It is ashame if you or someone you care about is born with some kind of mental deficiency that prevents social contribution and depends on public resource obligation, but why should I be bothered on that matter?

My first attempt at trolling went swimmingly, I believe. I genuinely would love to see a better mental health care system implemented in the US and probably around the world for that matter. Mental health issues are often discounted or overlooked as  legitimate illness by society in general, by ignorance, fear, or prejudices. Sad part is much of the time this stigma adds to the mentally ill person's burden and lack of care options.

/ I generally don't use "cuckoo bird" in a serious context unless I'm discussing ornithology.
2014-04-13 07:10:31 PM  
Wow you're a farking idiot.
2014-04-13 10:36:00 PM  

CK2005: Wow you're a farking idiot.

This is Fark, my friend.
Your use of archaic pyschiatric and generally unacceptable medical terms to describe your opinion of me is something that I take issue with, though. I, personally, have not had to struggle with any form of mental retardation or mental illness in my life. I have had a little brother who was consistently misdiagnosed and fed into the virtually non-exisitant PA public mental health care system that died at the ripe old age of 23 from acute alcoholism. Good kid and smarter than you would believe. He would have understood my initial comment. Sorry that you didn't.
2014-04-13 10:49:51 PM  
That's hilarious.  You don't like me using the word "idiot" when you were trolling saying fark the mentally ill.  Idiot.
2014-04-13 11:44:34 PM  
I was a bit wary of the way that you presented yourself in this particular conversation, but you have proved yourself true to my suspicions.
Now, I truly believe you are an "imbecile " , and that you have been afflicted by a yet medically unconfirmed mental illness called "assholio".
Work it out, my friend. You seem like a slow witted, but nice person.

/ You are pretty funny!
2014-04-14 02:23:36 AM  
Well I couldn't possibly compete with your rapier wit, I mean how can I top cuckoo birds?

assholio.  lololololol
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