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(Kitty Army)   After living on the streets for four months Dillon the blind kitty has navigated his way into a forever home, just in time for Caturday (w/photos & videos)   ( divider line
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2014-04-15 08:16:10 AM
2014-04-15 08:17:33 AM
2014-04-15 08:31:54 AM  
hey the thread isn't closed yet and i am supposed to be working from home, but my connection to work isn'! Here I am, good morning to all, have a great couple of days!

Thanks ArmednHammered for the TF!

I will see you all on Purrsday
2014-04-15 09:00:00 AM
2014-04-15 09:13:59 AM  

OlderGuy: Time to hit the hay... clouds permitting, will check out the eclipse at 3am... given that we have rain scheduled tonight and tomorrow, may go back to sleep fairly quickly... no problems there, can turn out the light, jump in bed and be asleep before the room gets dark...  see y'all Purrsday... and try to stay out of trouble, RWDA and Lilyspad..don't know if I could come up with that much bail...   :o)

Didn't see squat... clouds everywhere.. watched it online for a few minutes, the back to bed....
2014-04-15 09:22:31 AM
Thread still up, huh? Hope everyone has a good Tuesday!!!
2014-04-15 09:22:33 AM  
Off to work shortly... rainy and nasty, and getting colder tomorrow....  Doppler shows sleet and snow behind the rain, but it will have to get over the mountains to get here....  everybody be safe.. traffic report shows many accidents ....
2014-04-15 09:24:27 AM  

Real Women Drink Akvavit: sherpa18: *waves weakly*

Hey guise, I just wanna let you know that I have not forgotten y'all, while I'll probably not be around much for the foreseeable future (I am running out of time and hope at this point) rest assured that I will miss you all, and will try to check in if and when I can.

*sigh* If only everything could be made better (as the white boy always believed) by eating...[ image 561x640]

What can I do to help? Is there anything? Please let me know.

"ditto"  Please tell us what you need, and when you need it!!!!
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