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(Kitty Army)   After living on the streets for four months Dillon the blind kitty has navigated his way into a forever home, just in time for Caturday (w/photos & videos)   ( divider line
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2014-04-12 10:14:34 AM
Have a good day everyone!
2014-04-12 10:15:35 AM  

Muchos gracias!!  I shall do my utmost to be worthy!  Must take more pics of the furballs now! (really thought I was crazy cat lady with pics of the beasts, but it turns out, not so much!)

2014-04-12 10:16:29 AM  
Protecting my wine fridge.
Happy Caturday!
2014-04-12 10:18:58 AM  

500 posts before 10:15a Saturday? Wow.
2014-04-12 10:21:22 AM
2014-04-12 10:24:09 AM  
R.I.P. Gracie:

Welcome To Your Fur-ever Home Darla:
2014-04-12 10:24:54 AM  

Porous Horace: My neighbor has an un-fixed cat that has been in heat for the last week, so lots of cat-crying at all hours.
Not the first time and everytime this happens, he's not here - the cat has been left alone for about a week now and those of us in the building are stuck with the situation.

It's not the least bit amusing and also I think is cruelty to animals.

What can I do? Call the SPCA? Call the cops?

I would start with the building manager. He/she will have a better idea as to what further steps can be taken.
2014-04-12 10:28:22 AM  

ProcrastinationStation: catmandu:

Muchos gracias!!  I shall do my utmost to be worthy!  Must take more pics of the furballs now! (really thought I was crazy cat lady with pics of the beasts, but it turns out, not so much!)


That's the idea. Lure them to the darkside, then keep then here.

(You are very welcome. Buster is a cutie!)

Well, I'm off to do my cat sitting, then stops at Petsmart for a lightbulb for my aquarium, post office, and grocery. See you all later!
2014-04-12 10:30:49 AM
2014-04-12 10:41:40 AM  

John Buck 41: lilyspad: [ image 477x640]
I'm sortof disappointed in myself this week. I don't have as much "new stuff" to post saved up as I would like... :(

I wouldn't worry about it. You routinely contribute well over 200 pix in every Caturday thread.

I watch Star Trek reruns all the time and even though I've seen every one of them a zillion times, they still soothe my mind into relaxation.  Caturday pics are the same.  Keep posting 'em!  Besides, there's new people all the time in here.  If you wanted to, maybe put all your pics into a folder and then move each into a subfolder as you post it.  Then when the folder is empty, move them back out and start again.
2014-04-12 10:43:05 AM  

Well, r/l calls. Oil change has been put off too long; I'm too lazy to leave for work a half hour earlier Mon thru Fri to have it done, and I won a $50 GC to Walmart from work for helping out on inventory weekend a couple weeks ago. I'm off to the (not so) big city but will be back later this afternoon. Have fun, kids.

This awaits my return...
2014-04-12 10:48:37 AM  
Im farking whilst doing some housework.  Good lawd, two cats and two hoomins create a metric arse ton of dirt and dustbunnies!
2014-04-12 10:53:11 AM  
2014-04-12 11:20:12 AM  

spinach gunk: quantum_jellyroll: Buddy the Amazing Wonder Do(g)™
quantum_jellyroll: He was probably just "pondering"...

[ image 203x211]

[ image 460x344]

J/K, don't stop making me laugh ever, srsly. I have plenty of never wear pants to Caturday.

2014-04-12 11:20:34 AM
2014-04-12 11:47:23 AM
2014-04-12 12:01:35 PM  

Long time lurker, first time poster. Meet Barney, from a local feed store. He would only accept skritches if attached to my shoulder.

Howdy Barney! You are a handsome kitty :-D
2014-04-12 12:08:04 PM  
My clients had their old guy put down yesterday. :(

/RIP Elmo
2014-04-12 12:09:35 PM  

Mrs CDK:
/Butter Bunny Foo Foo says Happy Easter.

Suzy is so excited!

She can hardly wait!
2014-04-12 12:14:50 PM  

qlenfg: R.I.P. Gracie:

I'm so sorry.

qlenfg: Welcome To Your Fur-ever Home Darla:

And congratulations!
2014-04-12 12:17:40 PM  
Well, I just walked into the (woefully out of date) kitchen to procure me some noms... And I discovered Buttercup hogging a sunbeam!  I think he shoved the seedlings out of his way too!
2014-04-12 12:43:09 PM  
Good meowning, everbuddy.  Still on page ate.

Lilyspad?  Re: $ bleach?  I still have a can of lysol left over from when I had enuf $$$ to pay for brand name stuff, so I'm good.  And besides, a little hantaviruses will only add to the flavor of the menagerie of "things" that is currently my body  >:-{)

gremlin1: [ image 300x400] (toddler jumped by leaping cat)

Is that Indiana Jone's grandson?  He needs to practice with that whip.

/possibly spread it more?
2014-04-12 12:50:41 PM

one of Stormie's new babies.  so cute.
2014-04-12 12:51:58 PM

and one of Stormy with her babies.
2014-04-12 01:00:55 PM  
Slept late.. must have missed that.. did we get trolled heavy?

Naw. Nothing we couldn't handle.
It's just that the mods got to him before we were done with him.
He's probably sitting in a corner somewhere, waiting to sober up.
2014-04-12 01:02:24 PM  

in2it: [ image 264x700] (CaT-AT)


Must know details!  What's it made of, how long to build, is it self propelled (ie walk), how many wives/girlfriends did you have to gib up for the making of this thing, etc, etc...

/total SW geekanerd
//and no, no current W/GF on this end, if u must ask
2014-04-12 01:10:17 PM  
My mom got a good picture of the highly unpredictable, pregnant and apparently homeless Spaz Cat as she sat on our back patio, awaiting moar fuds.

She's been exposed to FIP and no idea what else, so we're just watching her right now. Mom keeps alternating between "she's so cute! (kinda want)" and "I wonder if the SPCA has room?". She's a very young cat. I'd love to kick the jerk who didn't get her spayed. I'm willing to be she's never had her shots of any kind, either. grrr!

She is a pretty cat with a very cute little face. She just isn't socialized too well and there is that little "possible feline version of typhoid Mary" thing. Oh, and she's a little trollop. But ya know, everyone can change, right? Right.

Salem Witch: Real Women Drink Akvavit:

I'm so sorry.

Thank you.

Hai Suzy! I am always so happy to see you, our happy widdle Dorkopotamus! :-D
2014-04-12 01:16:48 PM  

lilyspad: [ image 640x640]
Sorry about last night, guize. Can I still play wif you???

You're ALWAYS welcome as far as I'm concerned...  and you know why!  ;-{)

Maynardkitty and QJ, may I add my happy birfday wishes and cheers as well.  Hoist a high, heavy, hops-filled horn of happy juice for yerselves, you've both earned it.

/another year of livin' is another year of givin'
//a damn, a tear, or a hugs
///whichever is up to you
2014-04-12 01:16:52 PM  

OlderGuy: quantum_jellyroll: Bathia_Mapes:
In case I forgot to say it earlier...Happy Birthday!

Been kind of busy helping ride herd on the increased TF population, but it was a blast.

Thank you!

I imagine there was all kinds of mayhem and destruction in the past 24 hours..
You should have seen the mess of posts that disappeared in here just a little earlier!
It was pretty traumatic! ;-)

Slept late.. must have missed that.. did we get trolled heavy?

Just one person being a jerk.
2014-04-12 01:18:06 PM

Happy Birthday maynerdkitty! Have lots of fun & cake & stuff.
2014-04-12 01:26:34 PM  
Happy Birthday, MaynardKitty!
2014-04-12 01:30:24 PM  
Lady Nibbler (with the black eyes and nose)
2014-04-12 01:31:05 PM  

Hiro-ACiD: Diocletian's Last Cabbage: [ image 850x637]

Thanks for captioning my Abby! =]

No probs.  Sorry if I don't credit the original pic, I name the file whatever intended catpion poops into my head when I first save it.
2014-04-12 01:31:08 PM  
img.fark.netITS CATURDAY!
2014-04-12 01:32:55 PM

2014-04-12 01:46:45 PM  
Happy Birfday Maynerdkitty!!!
2014-04-12 01:47:04 PM  

ProcrastinationStation: Im farking whilst doing some housework.  Good lawd, two cats and two hoomins create a metric arse ton of dirt and dustbunnies!

Haha I've one-hupped you.  I live in a converted attic, and I haven't cleaned or dusted it in,  (hmmmmm, howl ong HAS it been, uhh... GOOD LORD)  4 YEARS!!!

Um, I may be absent for cleaning.  Starting next weekend.

/now on with the cats and booze
//booze & cats?
///say... thiat guives me an idee-er!
2014-04-12 02:05:28 PM  
2014-04-12 02:07:16 PM  

Lee451: Lady Nibbler (with the black eyes and nose)[ image 850x637]

She looks very similar to my little Tola!
2014-04-12 02:07:51 PM
2014-04-12 02:09:11 PM
2014-04-12 02:16:06 PM
2014-04-12 02:20:20 PM
2014-04-12 02:21:00 PM
2014-04-12 02:21:40 PM
2014-04-12 02:22:22 PM
2014-04-12 02:23:09 PM
2014-04-12 02:23:56 PM
2014-04-12 02:24:50 PM
2014-04-12 02:26:16 PM
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