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(Buzzfeed)   Putting aside when you were born, which music era do you actually belong in?   ( divider line
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897 clicks; posted to FarkUs » on 10 Apr 2014 at 9:56 AM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-04-10 08:24:57 AM  
Putting aside music that you ever listen to, appreciate, or even call music, which music era do you actually belong in?

90's rap.

Time to stop doing these.
2014-04-10 08:28:03 AM  
60s Rock. I can dig it.
2014-04-10 08:38:46 AM  
The Jazz Age.
I'm OK with this.
2014-04-10 09:17:17 AM  

bearded clamorer: The Jazz Age.
I'm OK with this.

That's just because you like the reefer and scantily clad flappers.
2014-04-10 09:22:58 AM  
Given my listening tastes - the 80's.

Given my singing ability - probably at some point when cavemen were grunting in tune
2014-04-10 09:26:06 AM  
I'm all over the map. I listen to swing, I listen to jazz, I listen to Japanese Hip Hop, I listen to ska, I listen to a LOT of Mexican and Spanish ska, I listen to industrial, I listen to country, I dig on folks like Ministry, Robert Earl Keen, Todd Snider, Holly Cole, Desorden Publico, Guitar Wolf, Dragon Ash, Jimmy Buffett, Michael Franti, The Jellyrolls, The Coasters, John Holt, The Specials, The Slackers, Alison Krauss, Candye Kane, Bad Brains, Lady Sovereign, The Donnas, Corey Harris, Wynton Marsalis, Bad Manners, Chairmen of the Board, The Bar Kays, Bobby Darrin, Bobby Womack, Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys, The Chieftains, Chris Ardoin and Double Clutchin', Monsters are Waiting, Hayseed Dixie, Fugazi, Anthrax, Harry Nilson, Blondie, Huey Lewis and the News--hey, they're a bar band who made it, and I regret NOTHING--Celia Cruz, Kyu Sakamoto, Laurel Aitken, DJ Shadow, Royal Crown Revue, BOP Harvey, SKA-P, Skinny Puppy, Bauhaus, The Smiths, Granpa Jones, Steve Earle, Street Dogs, and a damn lot more.

Right now, I like that we can call on a LOT of eras. A LOT of styles. Because music, while popular stuff comes in and out of fashion, it also influences folks. My roomie is a musician, and he JUST found Louie Prima, and Corey Harris. He's a rock guy, but he's found Corey's guitar style to be endlessly fascinating--which it is, and brilliant and complex--and Louis Prima's pure style and verve is likewise inspiring. Ministry's Al Jourgensen's cover of "Friend of the Devil" is gold, and nothing like Ministry's early techno, or the industrial that he went with good and hard, but that shouldn't keep folks from enjoying a tune done with heart and skill. Hayseed Dixie has been a favorite of a lot of hipsters, for its irony factor, but it's well executed bluegrass, and that it calls on entirely different genres to reinterpret doesn't take away from the gorgeous riffs that come out of that. Blondie made a hit with "The Tide is High" which was a great John Holt tune, and some Old Skoolio Ska, and they did it well. Jazz and blues has influenced rock and pop bands for a long while, hip hop is reflecting back in bhangra and reverberating back. Now is a great time for music, because so many styles and so many artists can look back, and see stuff in styles that they don't necessarily play, but see the brilliance in them, and learn from them.

OK, yeah, the autotune pop stuff grates on me. I'm old, and it annoys me, but I can't say that I'm into only "real instruments" because I do like Industrial and electronic music--yes I will listen to Daft Punk in traffic--but the autotune craze goes more into a dislike of the pop music formula, and a former DJ's love/hate relationship with the industry. There is so much damn amazing music out there, and being made today, and so many artists who are just getting their start, and so many artists who are still going strong, and so many artists that are just discovering folks from the past, that it's a great time to be tuning in. Maybe not to commercial radio--and "progressive" radio has its own faults for pushing a playlist that is just different but just as limited--but there are folks who are just having a great time out there, and making some brilliant music, so limiting myself to a single slice, that's way too confining. There's always something new and there are gems to be found out there, if you go out and listen.
2014-04-10 09:57:47 AM  
Freedom Rock?

Well crank it up, maaaaaan!
2014-04-10 09:59:39 AM  
I'm from the 70s, and having trouble understanding the question?
2014-04-10 10:03:23 AM  
60"s Psychedelic and Garage
2014-04-10 10:10:00 AM  
'81 to '86 for sure.

Van Halen to Depeche Mode.

Mostly classic rock and the Dead.
2014-04-10 10:10:55 AM  

brap: Freedom Rock?

Well crank it up, maaaaaan!

2014-04-10 10:32:38 AM  

Charlie Freak: Putting aside music that you ever listen to, appreciate, or even call music, which music era do you actually belong in?

90's rap.

Time to stop doing these.

2014-04-10 10:43:03 AM  

ArkAngel: Given my listening tastes - the 80's.

The past few years I've dug hard bop.

Thing is I was born in 1963 so I'm not far behind hippie music and grew up with it. Then came Soul Train, David Bowie, metal, and so on. But I never much dug disco (Rex Harrison's version of "MacArthur's[sic] Park" is much better), the hair bands or rap/hip-hop, and after Kurt Cobain shot himself I quit caring about contemporary pop music and gave up listening to it often. So my tastes & knowledge are decades out of date, and now the music I grew up with makes me recall what a hard time I had and regret what a shambling mess I've made of my life.

But Beethoven's 3rd Symphony and the Blakey band's "Moanin'" are timeless.

And every pop star or rocker who had a hit before 1984 should farking retire forever already. I'd much rather watch ancient YouTube clips than see Gene Simmons drool into his Depends. "I wanna rawk an roll all nite and... and... and..."

Given my singing ability - probably at some point when cavemen were grunting in tune

Hey, at least you got that goin' for ya. Lucky beast.
2014-04-10 10:52:11 AM  
Grunge. Bout what I expected.
2014-04-10 11:01:39 AM  
What a retarded survey.
2014-04-10 11:23:54 AM  
90s rap?  Not even a little bit.

/back to my Pandora - Little River Band channel
2014-04-10 11:24:32 AM  
Sorry, Buzzfeed link, not clicking.

I was born in '69 and got to be the beneficiary of the biggest decade of change in rock and roll. Stuff from '65 or so until about '75 or so made so many changes, it's crazy, I would have liked to have been old enough to go to Woodstock, the Monterrey pop festival, hell, even Altamont.

Then again, I loved the hair metal of the 80s,until about '88 or so, and while I thought I didn't like 90s music, it just turns out that I iked the bands we called "Alternative' at the time... So even though I wish I'd been born 15-20 years earlier to truly experience the late 60s, early 70s, I would have been far too old to enjoy some of the stuff I enjoy now.

My stepsons grew up listening to David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Johnny Cash, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd, and they regularly raid my CD collection or pull random stuff from my iTunes that makes me smile. The other day, riding home with my older stepson, for example, Three Little Pigs by Green Jello came on his iPod, and even my 5 year old daughter knew the song. I didn't want to tell them what music to listen to, just expose them to good music and let them make their own choices later on.

So without clicking on a Buzzfeed link, I'm going to say that my "music decade" is probably spread between 3.
2014-04-10 11:33:26 AM  
I never understood why people invest so much of themselves in music.

/Stop liking what I don't like.
2014-04-10 11:46:15 AM  
I'm all over the map. I like everything from Leadbelly to Sinatra to Cage The Elephant
2014-04-10 12:01:02 PM  
I got the TRL era. Which is odd, because while all of my peers were watching TRL, I was at the vinyl store picking up prog rock albums.
2014-04-10 12:59:09 PM  
70's punk?  WTF is this shiat?  Loud and obnoxious outlaw country music is more like it
2014-04-10 01:15:46 PM  

zarker: Grunge

Got that too. No surprise for me since Nirvana is one of my favorite bands.
2014-04-10 01:46:55 PM  
I got 70s rock.

...that sounds about right.
2014-04-10 01:53:34 PM  
Yay, I got 90s Rap, guess I get to use the N word, keep it reals and place a cap into the ass of those that disrespect me.
2014-04-10 01:55:27 PM  
90's Indie rock? Not even close!
2014-04-10 02:48:53 PM  
90's indie rock ... what?!
2014-04-10 03:02:44 PM  
Jazz Age, but I think I'd prefer Bee Bop over the 20s
2014-04-10 03:03:26 PM  
2014-04-10 03:23:50 PM  
70s rock.
2014-04-10 03:57:04 PM  
age of aquarius
2014-04-10 04:55:41 PM  

I would have thought 90's indie rock.
2014-04-10 04:57:25 PM  
I got New Wave. Pegged me perfectly!
2014-04-10 05:44:52 PM  
1920-Jazz on a Summer Day

Lester Young
Fats Waller
Joe Venuti-Eddie Lang
Louis Armstrong
the great female vocalists like Helen Humes, Billie Holliday, Helen Forrest, Ella Fitzgerald, Anita O'Day
Joe Williams

on and on and on ...
2014-04-10 08:50:54 PM  
You got: Laurel Canyon in the Late '60s/Early '70s

2014-04-10 08:59:55 PM  
HaH!  I got the TRL era  late 90's pop!
2014-04-11 12:44:14 AM  
90's Rap ?! Up yours !
2014-04-11 12:55:44 AM  
Having looked at my music collection I belong somewhere between the 15th and 21st centuries (I love classical music).
2014-04-11 01:08:24 AM  
I got 70's rock which I guess is accurate since it was what was happening when I first started to notice music.
2014-04-11 01:23:32 AM  
What a horrible thought, to be limited and labeled in one era.
2014-04-11 12:04:32 PM  
You've probably never heard of it before.
2014-04-11 09:26:10 PM  
90's rap? I call bullshiat.
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