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(Salon)   Forget #cancelcobert, Jon Stewart said racist jokes and cursed me out on set. Well...the comedian who warmed up the audience said something I found to be rude, and Stewart used the F word, but not directly at me. Oh, and this was in 2008   ( divider line
    More: Asinine, ethnic jokes, Women's rights in Asia, social death, violence against women  
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3259 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 10 Apr 2014 at 8:50 AM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-04-10 11:03:08 AM  

sammyk: Solty Dog: Not knocking The Daily Show, because I do like the format, but some of the corespondents get under my skin. I fast forward through anything involving Samantha Bee or Kristen Schaal. But just because that humor isn't for me, doesn't mean they have no place on the show.

Being reasonable and FF'ing or changing the channel when you don't like something will not be tolerated on fark.

I feel the same way about Jessica Williams.

A woman, a woman and a woman. Gee, what a coincidence.

/check your privilege
2014-04-10 11:21:53 AM  

styckx: Ugh.. Why does Salon print shiat like this?

Welcome to the outraged and offended nation.

It wasn't like that when it was ad-free.
2014-04-10 11:33:12 AM  

mongbiohazard: stonelotus: fark jon stewart and his wailing hordes of sycophants.

You sound like 10 pounds of butthurt in a 5 pound bag.

it's ok.  I'm not going to hurt your little hero.  you can relax now.
2014-04-10 11:51:33 AM  

give me doughnuts: mayIFark: Marcus Aurelius: Who the hell is Alison Kinney, and how does she still have sand in her vagina from 6 years ago?

Shouldn't those be called diamonds by now?

The sand is mostly silicon, not carbon. You'd get sandstone, and then quartzite.
2014-04-10 12:12:02 PM  

Wyalt Derp: A woman, a woman and a woman. Gee, what a coincidence.

/check your privilege

Yeah, and Samantha Bee is funny.

As for the article:
What a whiny biatch.
2014-04-10 12:20:07 PM  
ALL you farkers need to check your privilege.
2014-04-10 12:34:49 PM  
The warm-up comic for The Colbert Report cursed me out for not being bald like him and then let me touch Stephen's desk.
2014-04-10 01:45:50 PM  
That Whambulance must have a hell of a waiting list...
2014-04-10 03:53:53 PM  
one time, when I was at the daily show, I.... I was never at the daily show, I would be so lucky to have been cursed out by Jon Stewart.
2014-04-10 04:04:55 PM  

Nina_Hartley's_Ass: "Ooo,dat tellible!"

[ image 850x479]

Correct!  We would also have accepted Fisher Stevens in "Short Circuit".
2014-04-10 04:26:58 PM  

styckx: Ugh.. Why does Salon print shiat like this?

Welcome to the outraged and offended nation.

It's why they are off every bookmark list I have. Got fed up and now don't miss that crap at all.
2014-04-10 05:08:53 PM

2014-04-11 12:03:28 AM  

HMS_Blinkin: sammyk: I feel the same way about Jessica Williams.

She's improving.  She's really young, and I thought her bits were really unsubtle and annoying at first.  But her more recent pieces have definitely been better.  She has lots of potential, and if she develops on TDS the way others have, she could be great in a few years.

People used to say the same thing about Olivia Munn. But I suspect her and a few other females in Hollywood (Chelsea Handler, Mindy Kaling, Gwyneth Paltrow) have some very big dirt on some very valuable people or else they'd no longer be in Hollywood, because they are God awful at their jobs.
2014-04-11 03:35:41 AM  
"Since I was 6, I've dealt with people telling jokes at my expense"

Yeah I bet.....
2014-04-11 10:35:56 AM  
All of Fark (almost): Someone with less privilege is hurt and offended by something that I, with all my privilege, am not hurt and offended by! This must have to do entirely with her personality, not the disparity of privilege!!!!

Rest of world: Ugh, no.
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