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(Slate)   The latest threat to our well-being? A fashion trend known as "NORMCORE," which involves looking like an Icelandic exchange student. In other words, a total Bjork   ( divider line
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2014-04-08 08:34:43 PM  
Here's another f*cking song about George Wendt!


- Intro to Normcore
2014-04-08 08:36:14 PM  
him :Jeans and a t-shirt, sneakers...
her, sweat pants, puill over slippers or sneakers..

as in... 90% of the general population on any given day or trip to the wall mart

it doesn't need a name, or a comparison to anything... what you do need to do, Simon Doonan, is shut thte fark up
2014-04-08 08:49:32 PM  
I just want a consulting position with trend "forecasting" company K-hole.  Talk about mailing it in.

Albacore.  Mark my words, in Fall 2014 people will emulate tuna.
2014-04-08 09:28:27 PM  
The nice part about normcore is that the people trying to do it, and the people that aren't trying to do it, look exactly the same.
2014-04-08 10:08:46 PM  
I don't think I have ever hated someone so much over so little before I read this article.
2014-04-08 10:09:46 PM  
FTFA:  Normcore is the opposite of wearing a pair of white patent-leather bejeweled Versace assless chaps.

*teeth start grinding*
2014-04-08 10:10:42 PM  

Cerebral Knievel: as in... 90% of the general population on any given day or trip to the wall mart

Yeah, up here, we call "Normcore" "Wal*Mart Semi-Formal."
2014-04-08 10:12:23 PM  
I saw one of these dudes at Disney California Adventure this weekend.  Crewcut, hornrims, tight short sleeve buttoned all the way up tucked into a belted high thigh length short, white mid calf socks and flat canvas tennis shoes.

I thought he was some sort of Disney Normalville plant
2014-04-08 10:18:27 PM  
Methinks the lady doth protest to much.
2014-04-08 10:21:54 PM  
If it's ghey, it'll play
2014-04-08 10:22:20 PM  
I read some of this and I still have no idea what it is.
2014-04-08 10:26:01 PM  
It's pronounced "Byerk" - rhymes with "jerk".

That's what she told me, anyways.  ;-)
2014-04-08 10:26:02 PM  
I tried to read that and still have no clue what it is.  I saw something about fake trouser sweatpants or something.
2014-04-08 10:26:32 PM  
My sweats are black.

And I've been wearing socks with my sandals since 1989.

Printed t-shirt with flannel pj top.

Yeah, working at home ROCKS.
2014-04-08 10:26:49 PM  
Aren't all chaps assless?
2014-04-08 10:28:47 PM  
A fashion article with no pictures is like dinner without food.
2014-04-08 10:30:51 PM  
Excuse me but can I ask to you what is the wishing of suggesting that this is the story of the Bjork? Perhaps the daisies fail at holding iron carbohydrates but this is not the time for having breakfast. Listen I do not proceed to the work of you and say OM MAGOODNESS HAVE YOU HEARD THE LATEST OF THE ALBUMS OF JUSTIN THE BIEBER so why would you do the fashion trending comparisons of this with the Bjork who is not the person who can do the speaking of all of the individuals of the Icelandic zone. And perhaps she is the most famous but others have honeybees to sing a tuba that also deserve the praising. Do not judge the Iceland of the Bjork and I will not have to make the yellow fish rinse sixteen days. LAUGHTER OL oh now I have embarrassment. I did not mean to scream to you for happiness. Maybe this is the style which I can do the adoption to I do not know but perhaps. Thank you! You are welcome also.
2014-04-08 10:31:06 PM  
You know that cat that forgot to pick up Carl and wanted to buy a boat? He used to date Bjork.
2014-04-08 10:31:54 PM  
This definitely makes the vein in my forehead stick out.
 we also saw-I am not sure who "we" are, but I am going to persist in using the word anyway because it makes me feel omnipotent and powerful

We have always had a more straightforward approach, celebrating style in a more overt and, dare we say it, less disingenuous manner.
Normcore defenders would doubtlessly claim that simple clothes are more honest.  [snip] Though I applaud the optimism inherent in this point of view, [snip] [m]ost of us need all the packaging and promotion we can get.
The comfy, nondescript, low-key clothes you are wearing are authentically yours, which is more than can be said for the normcore crew. They are just faking it. You are the real deal.

When did people's narcissistic personality disorder become a way of life?

I hate these people who are deeply concerned with "authenticity". They are completely false people with nothing inside.
2014-04-08 10:32:09 PM  
Well if K-Hole says it, than it HAS to be true.

/what hole?
2014-04-08 10:32:17 PM
2014-04-08 10:33:42 PM  
Don't blame me - mother picks out my clothes.
2014-04-08 10:35:07 PM  
I think they got lost in their own K-Hole.
2014-04-08 10:36:14 PM  
Normcore? Milk-bone underwear?
2014-04-08 10:37:09 PM  
Normcare is the death knell of Slate; what me Worry? An F- in Journalism and a waste of electrons; Slate is the digital fishwrapper of today!
2014-04-08 10:38:51 PM  
I like the guy, but I don't want to look like him.
2014-04-08 10:39:37 PM
Simon Doonan is an author, fashion commentator....

I'll just leave this here for those interested in Mr Doonan's sense of fashion.
2014-04-08 10:39:51 PM  
No.  Just farking no.  Stop trying to name and compartmentalize every single farking thing in order to make it unique and special.  It's farking stupid and anyone doing it is farking stupid as well.
2014-04-08 10:40:07 PM  
I've always considered myself kind of "norm" but not to the point of being "core".
2014-04-08 10:43:53 PM  
What normcore may look like:
2014-04-08 10:45:13 PM  
Is there a BUMCORE? I bet I am BUMCORE.

/Old ratty tee-shirts and sweats
//Work from home
///Do get out much
////I get dressed up to go to Walmart
2014-04-08 10:45:26 PM  

Loucifer: Aren't all chaps assless?

You are correct.  Otherwise, they are called pants.
2014-04-08 10:46:15 PM  
Plain T-Shirt and jeans (or shorts). My shoes match what I'm currently doing: shiat kickers for yard work. Tennis shoes for almost everything else.
2014-04-08 10:46:32 PM

Wonderful weather we're having today.
2014-04-08 10:46:53 PM  
I pretend to be normal all the time.
2014-04-08 10:51:48 PM  
I'm content with being lumberjackcore.
2014-04-08 10:52:44 PM
2014-04-08 10:54:41 PM  

brap: I just want a consulting position with trend "forecasting" company K-hole.  Talk about mailing it in.

Albacore.  Mark my words, in Fall 2014 people will emulate tuna.

Snow core!
I can't take it anymore!

My core!
Your core!
This core!
That core!
One core!
I can't take it anymore!

I want to be unusual
I wanna be punk rock!
I want to be unusual
I wanna be punk rock
2014-04-08 10:57:42 PM
2014-04-08 11:08:47 PM[\img]

He called it the Ordinary Guy look.
2014-04-08 11:09:39 PM  
*GIS's normcore*

Balloon pants will make their return in 3 years.
2014-04-08 11:10:19 PM  
"...bogus flash-in-the-pan niblet of seasonal fashion ephemera. Au contraire."

Why the hell did I click on a Slate article?? I need a new hobby that doesn't involve Fark.
2014-04-08 11:10:38 PM
2014-04-08 11:12:39 PM

I was into Icecore before it was cool.
2014-04-08 11:12:54 PM  
I've been rockin' this fashion trend for a while now.
2014-04-08 11:12:59 PM  
I really miss grunge.
2014-04-08 11:13:21 PM  

jaybeezey: [ image 300x381][\img]

He called it the Ordinary Guy look.

Him, too
2014-04-08 11:13:53 PM  
You guys, I'm pretty sure this is satire. Calm your tits.
2014-04-08 11:14:48 PM  

FunkOut: You know that cat that forgot to pick up Carl and wanted to buy a boat? He used to date Bjork.

He went through a difficult time after the breakup.
2014-04-08 11:19:20 PM  
Humans never cease to find new ways to be pointless.
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