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(WWE)   How long until Triple H abeyances Daniel Bryan? Has the Undertaker recovered from his Borking? Is Sting ready to take Vince's money? Will the crowd continue the tradition of being hotter than the Wrestlemania crowd on WWE Raw, 8 PM on USA?   ( divider line
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263 clicks; posted to Sports » on 07 Apr 2014 at 7:05 PM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-04-07 08:07:45 PM  
Ah it's Smark Christmas all over again, lulz
2014-04-07 08:07:46 PM  
2014-04-07 08:07:47 PM  


i.imgur.comView Full Size
2014-04-07 08:07:48 PM  
How long until DBD gets interrupted by Trips and Nips?
2014-04-07 08:07:53 PM  
They are loud as hell
2014-04-07 08:07:55 PM  
hahaha this is awesome
2014-04-07 08:07:57 PM  
Your 4016 Gredunza Champion, IN THE HOUSSSSE!
2014-04-07 08:07:57 PM  
Over as fark.
2014-04-07 08:08:01 PM  
it's ok to be jaded when the product is shiatty but when Daniel Bryan has the god damn titles it's time to shut up
2014-04-07 08:08:04 PM  
holy crap that crowd is hot
2014-04-07 08:08:10 PM  

"OVER AS fark!"

"Yes indeed!"
2014-04-07 08:08:11 PM  
If only there was a BARACK LESNAR poster beside the YES we can.
2014-04-07 08:08:14 PM  
Here, you get these two belts, an adoring crowd, and what the hell, Stock Bella.
2014-04-07 08:08:19 PM  
Let them keep going, Danielson! Yes!

"You guys never get tired, do ya?"

NO chant
2014-04-07 08:08:28 PM  

Captain Steroid: ShiningWizard: [ image 453x450]

[ image 640x400]

I thought it could use an update XD
2014-04-07 08:08:28 PM  
You guys never get tired, do you?

Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.
2014-04-07 08:08:29 PM  

FinFangFark: emtbiz: [ image 300x168]

I wonder if shocked black guy realizes he a meme yet?
2014-04-07 08:08:42 PM  
Only bad thing about DBD winning.....He completely No-sold the shoulder injury as soon as he won. Maybe he was playing possom kayfabe?
2014-04-07 08:08:45 PM  
*start static*
2014-04-07 08:08:48 PM  
He's over to the moon...where's Dave?
2014-04-07 08:08:53 PM  

Vorral: Here, you get these two belts, an adoring crowd, and what the hell, Stock Bella.

He's got everything going for him right now, eh?
2014-04-07 08:09:10 PM  
Let's just do three hours of this and call it the best weekend in WWE history
2014-04-07 08:09:11 PM  
And they're louder still!

Bryan Danielson deserves every last second of this.  Every last moment!
2014-04-07 08:09:16 PM  

Vorral: Here, you get these two belts, an adoring crowd, and what the hell, Stock Bella.

The original add-on was Chyna, but Hunter knew that wasn't a selling point.
2014-04-07 08:09:30 PM  
Everyone loves to scream yes yes yes yes
2014-04-07 08:09:48 PM  

aww he's going to cry ;_;
2014-04-07 08:09:49 PM  
"You deserve it"

2014-04-07 08:09:53 PM  
2014-04-07 08:09:53 PM  
2014-04-07 08:09:55 PM  
"You deserve it!"
2014-04-07 08:09:56 PM  

Damn right, he does.
2014-04-07 08:09:57 PM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size

"You deserve it."  Nice, y'all.
2014-04-07 08:09:57 PM  
i love Raw after Mania so much
2014-04-07 08:10:05 PM  
You deserve it chant  YEs he does
2014-04-07 08:10:06 PM  
You deserve it
2014-04-07 08:10:07 PM  
You deserve it chants. Win.
2014-04-07 08:10:08 PM  
What a response from the crowd for DB.
2014-04-07 08:10:09 PM  
you deserve it? that's the most respectful chant I've ever heard
2014-04-07 08:10:10 PM  

Fisty Bum: Vorral: Here, you get these two belts, an adoring crowd, and what the hell, Stock Bella.

He's got everything going for him right now, eh?

Until Brock Lesnar comes down and gives him a concussion.
2014-04-07 08:10:14 PM  

2014-04-07 08:10:15 PM  
See this Vince?  When was the last time Cena ever heard one-third of this?
2014-04-07 08:10:15 PM gonna take a minute, huh?


2014-04-07 08:10:15 PM  
This crowd is AWESOME. :-)
2014-04-07 08:10:17 PM  
Triple H appearance soon.

You don't chant "YOU DESERVE IT" without H coming out to think it's for him.
2014-04-07 08:10:22 PM  
What he doesn't deserve is to be banging a Bella.
2014-04-07 08:10:29 PM  
"I might deserve it, but you guys deserve it."

Getting REAL dusty in here.
2014-04-07 08:10:29 PM  
Two crowds, two crowds completely changed this:

Miami, night after Raw saved him from mid-card obscurity
Pittsburgh, for shiatting all over the Rumble
2014-04-07 08:10:46 PM  
And now I'm starting to feel impending doom...
2014-04-07 08:11:03 PM  
I love how he chose to wear Big Gold around his waist again
2014-04-07 08:11:03 PM  
Now that's a Hogan promo if I've heard one.
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