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(The Conversation)   Turns out the best thing to fight cancer is tobacco, so long as you don't set fire to it   ( divider line
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2014-04-04 04:37:13 PM  
Any protein that causes cancer cells to explode sounds good to me, provided it doesn't have the same effect on healthy cells. Pretty early stage research, though. Still, so much for tobacco being useless. Now if only people would stop stuffing it in cigarettes.
2014-04-04 05:13:46 PM  
The longest word in the English language is also a tobacco virus, IIRC. It is over 189,000 letters and takes about three hours to pronounce. It is also called titin, for short.
2014-04-04 05:15:50 PM  
no 'ironic' tag?  (it's friday afternoon... the irony skirmish should be brief with few, if any, casualties.)
2014-04-04 05:18:24 PM  
Yeah nothing in the article about the effect on normal cells and source study in article has a bad link... Forgive me for not trusting tobacco industry just yet.
2014-04-04 05:20:28 PM  
Bless you, subby, for not using the word "cure" anywhere in your headline.

And this, fta, is the difference between an article written by someone in the field, and your usual jackass reporter/editor: But don't hold your breath, because many years of research will be required before any actual treatment will be available.
2014-04-04 05:58:39 PM  
Should I start eating the butts?
2014-04-04 07:01:10 PM  
Next thing you know, they'll start saying that smoking marijuana does not cause lung cancer.
2014-04-04 08:27:59 PM  

traylor: Should I start eating the butts?

2014-04-04 09:04:25 PM  
Gets rid of tape worms, too.

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