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(Yahoo)   Jack Nicholson: "I only take Viagra when I'm with more than one woman"   ( ) divider line
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18693 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Feb 2004 at 10:07 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-02-04 03:45:52 PM  
What a stud. I want to believe this.
2004-02-04 03:52:45 PM  
Me too.
2004-02-04 03:54:06 PM  
Being with two women would be enough for me NOT to need Viagra...

Honey, are you reading this?
2004-02-04 03:57:49 PM  
enough for me NOT to need Viagra

Well, there's needs, and then there's wants...

recreational Viagra use...
2004-02-04 04:05:23 PM  
he's the king of the world. rich, doesn't give a shiat how he looks, smokes, drinks, wears sunglasses inside, drives sports cars, lives in hollywood and gets all the poon he wants.
2004-02-04 04:12:58 PM  
It's Jack's world. The rest of us are just living in it.
2004-02-04 04:16:05 PM  
2004-02-04 04:21:30 PM  
This washed up old fart needs to get a check up.
2004-02-04 04:21:44 PM  
Two women? Gawd, I am an old phart. The way I look at it, I can't drive but one car at a time. And if you have a fast enough model, which I do :), you really don't even want to think about changing rides.
2004-02-04 04:57:15 PM  
Yeah, I have to wonder what the supposed women in question are taking..
2004-02-04 05:17:40 PM  
Didn't he say he had no sexual desire and he was glad to not have it in an article last year or something?

2004-02-04 05:27:34 PM  
Jack is a pimp
2004-02-04 05:29:48 PM  
Yeah, I have to wonder what the supposed women in question are taking..

One look at his wallet.
2004-02-04 05:38:19 PM  
Yeah, I have to wonder what the supposed women in question are taking..

fur, jewels, cars, private jets...
2004-02-04 05:43:24 PM  
Yeah, I have to wonder what the supposed women in question are taking..

6-8 wrinkly inches of Jack Nicholson, one at a time.
2004-02-04 06:28:58 PM  
Yeah, I have to wonder what the supposed women in question are taking..

I guess I'm odd but I find Jack Nicholson strangly attractive. I'd hit it.
2004-02-04 07:45:10 PM  
Fame and money = Viagra for women?

It is the only plausible explantion for Jack getting laid.
2004-02-04 07:46:01 PM  
2004-02-04 08:03:23 PM  

nice one, you just made me choke
2004-02-04 09:23:15 PM  
Jack Nicholson is one of my heros, him and Hugh Hefner.
2004-02-04 09:59:46 PM  

That was a visual we could have all done without.

2004-02-04 10:09:23 PM  
"Heeeerrrree's Johnny!"

2004-02-04 10:11:44 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I'm gonna guess he needed some Viagra after this scene ...
2004-02-04 10:12:11 PM  
"What would you do if you had a million dollars?"

"Two chicks at the same time."
2004-02-04 10:13:56 PM  
2004-02-04 04:16:05 PM cola


You're doing it wrong.
2004-02-04 10:13:58 PM  
I am just wondering if he pokes his out from between one girls legs only to yell "HERE'S JOHNNY"

That line was originally ad-libbed by the way,
proving his amazocity
2004-02-04 10:15:16 PM  
He gives me the creeps.

/shudders at the thought
2004-02-04 10:16:25 PM  
Me too, only I've never taken viagra.
2004-02-04 10:17:14 PM  
yeah jack, chicks *really* dig 70 year old men
2004-02-04 10:18:04 PM  
Anyone remember the press (alright, it was Playboy; I read it for the articles, no, really) about him spanking a girl half his age with a ping pong paddle?
Been striving for that playing field ever since.
2004-02-04 10:18:21 PM  
Everything I do, I do well - even if it's a three-way with a waitress and her mom in the bathroom at IHOP

/robert dinero
2004-02-04 10:19:28 PM  
Slideshow photo #13 looks like some serious photoshop material...

SevenYearHawk: That movie still gives me nightmares.
2004-02-04 10:19:53 PM  
I don't object to haggard paunchy Hollywood has-beens getting their rocks off on young flesh.

I just don't want to think about it.

What I object to is watching an NBA game where I must endure constant cuts to Jack's reaction to a play. I also object to the camera lingering endlessly on his date, as if the director in the truck is trying to help us all decide whether his squeeze even understands basketball and what combination of Percocets, mescaline and alcohol they're on.
2004-02-04 10:20:20 PM  
You ever dance W little jackie in the pale moonlight?

I always ask that of all my Menage A Tois'
2004-02-04 10:21:19 PM  
I only take Viagra when I'm using more than one hand...
2004-02-04 10:21:44 PM  
Jack and Hefner
Who says money can't buy damn near anything.

Damn, man... WRINKELY INCHES?!!
Thats just disgusting.
Did anyone else think of the Chappel show's abstinance skit?
2004-02-04 10:22:59 PM  
I met Jack about 10 years ago, in real life he is actually shorter than you would imagine. A very nice guy, had the time to sign an autograph for a young caddie (me!)and joke around with everybody even though I am sure he had better things to do. Well placed Hero tag, living a life we sometimes wish we could live, but honestly most of us would not be able to keep up.
2004-02-04 10:26:49 PM  
He's so worn out, he probably would need Viagra to piss on the guy at the urinal next to his.
2004-02-04 10:28:01 PM  
"Hey guys! Look! I was just in the bathroom before I got us the beers, and Jack Nicholson pissed on me!"
2004-02-04 10:28:18 PM  
The sexual prowess of Jack Nicholson = Hero status.

God bless America.
2004-02-04 10:30:15 PM  
My mother never saw the irony in calling me a son-of-a-b*tch -- classic Jack
2004-02-04 10:31:23 PM  
He eats breakfast 300 yards away from 4,000 Cubans that want to kill him. So he told me. Then I politely asked him for a copy of the transfer orders. Politely.
2004-02-04 10:31:44 PM  
2004-02-04 10:11:44 PM SevenYearHawk

Some one take it down! Take it down now!
(runs down the street in madness where his head spontaneously explodes!)
2004-02-04 10:32:27 PM  
Y'all are just mad because Jack Nicholson was, is, and will be getting far more action than most Farkers put together.

And yeah I include myself there too.
2004-02-04 10:32:36 PM  
Jean-Puc_Licard: "yeah jack, chicks *really* dig 70 year old men"

Dunno. There's a swell (okay, pun intended) reissue by soul singer Candi Staton that includes her 1969 minor hit "I'd rather be an old man's sweetheart (than be a young man's fool)." Sounds good to me. 'Course, I'm old, so I'm probably just wishfully thinking...
2004-02-04 10:35:26 PM  
eyesonlyus: Just be grateful she's not standing up in that shot. Did I mention the nightmares? I'm generally all in favor of gratuitous nudity in movies, but that was criminal.
2004-02-04 10:37:49 PM  
2004-02-04 10:35:26 PM DrBenway
Why did you have to say that?
Now I'll have nightmares.
Way to go, dumbass.
2004-02-04 10:39:00 PM  
I'm really sorry all, well ok, I guess I'm not ... but at least I did select a shot of her sitting down ...
2004-02-04 10:41:21 PM  
not that i'm thinking that kathy bateman naked is how i want to look, but, um.... we ARE talking about the sex life of a 70 year old man. '6 - 8 inches of wrinkly jack' isn't a particularly pleasant thought for the farkettes here, either, not to mention all the wrinkles that it's attached to. feh. so don't be all freaking out over kathy while you're making jack a farkin' hero, that's all i'm saying. you wouldn't have to be naked next to him. ish.

PLUS, i DID read the article and saw that he used to date laura flynn boyle. jesus christ. bones and wrinkles - the scariest couple in hollywood. gah.
2004-02-04 10:41:59 PM  
eyesonlyus: Hey, look, you're just imagining it. I WAS THERE!
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