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(Baton Rouge Advocate)   Prosecutor and former Marine takes rescue bulldogs for a walk at 5:00 a.m., interrupts burglary of neighbor's house in progress. Let's see how many times the article uses "his training kicked in"   ( divider line
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2014-04-01 03:23:37 AM  
Kick it out
Pick up your motor and drive
While your still alive
2014-04-01 09:16:14 AM  
Marine Todd was walking his dogs at 5AM when he saw a man trying to open a door. "What are you doing" asked Marine Todd. "I am breaking into this house because I am a athiest liberal who does not fear Hell and also because the owner is not currently home at this time with guns to protect himself." Marine Todd picked up the smaller of his two dogs, named "Never Forget 9/11" and hucked it at the robber. "You can't stop me," said the robber, "the courts are packed with activist judges who will send you to jail for hurting my feelings". Marine Todd's training kicked in and he threw the larger dog named "Never Forget the Teapot Dome scandal" at the robber and knocked him out cold. When the robber awoke Marine Todd and the robber and the two dogs went to church and the robber never robbed another house SHARE IF YOU BELIEVE IN THE TEN COMMANDMENTS AND AMERICAN FREEDOM
2014-04-01 09:48:52 AM  
That's hardcorp.
2014-04-01 09:49:16 AM  
The dog's training or the marine's training?

"Sit. Stay! Good boy. Go storm a beach!"
2014-04-01 10:05:17 AM  
Semper Fido.
2014-04-01 10:16:54 AM  
He just didn't know it would be during an early morning walk Sunday with help from one of his two English bulldogs.

Well no wonder.

wrestleenigma.comView Full Size
2014-04-01 11:38:59 AM  
The Bulldog's training as a bull dog kicked in and he latched onto a ring on the perpetrators face and hung there.

After police left, Green's training in Microsoft Office kicked in and he emailed colleagues to let them know he was ok.


"He's not afraid of anything, and he's a soldier...."

Wife like typing ect.
2014-04-01 11:39:03 AM  
And.... the guy got away.
2014-04-01 11:48:51 AM  
2009.pixolid.comView Full Size

Bad boy bad boy, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
2014-04-01 12:12:52 PM  

I once knew a Marine who had 2 English bulldogs. The money he spent on their constant skin problems, ear/eye infections and other breed-specific issues probably helped pay for some of the new accoutrements in the office, e.g. the digital X-ray. Of course the male was one that had to be sedated for certain exams because you can't muzzle those things without completely asphyxiating them, and when the mouth is right next to the part one needs to examine, that leaves one not too many choices in the matter.


Kudos to the robbery being stopped and all, but can they let the "rescue" thing drop? Guy was walking his [brachycephalic, oxygen-starved] dogs at an hour when they could stand to be outside without overheating in an area known for its heat and humidity. He happened to foil someone's plans to commit a burglary and possibly harm other people, and thankfully no one was hurt in the process. Yay for him.

In other words, not news. But this is Fark, what should I expect?
2014-04-01 07:27:28 PM  
"Walt is a man," Moore said. "He's not afraid of anything, and he's a soldier and I expect him to do exactly what he did."

Looks like that time in the Core really paid off.
2014-04-02 08:37:35 AM  
came for a bulldog pic
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