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(bizarrestuff)   Make 5 foot long sparks in your kitchen and scare the shit out of cats   ( divider line
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15319 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Dec 2001 at 7:46 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-08 07:49:24 AM  
OH, NO! My roommate was just talking last night of making a Tesla this shows up on FARK?!?! WTF?!

Damn you, Vidas.....DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!!
2001-12-08 07:51:14 AM  
I guess he'll get his in the end, though, when his 'nads fall off due to the lack of radiation shielding.

Experiment away, dickless wonder!
2001-12-08 07:53:06 AM  
Scare the shiat out of cats?? hell this would scare the shiat out of me!!
2001-12-08 08:01:56 AM  
Some Farkle images to sparc the imagination:
2001-12-08 08:03:35 AM  
Darwin Awards, here I come!
2001-12-08 08:06:28 AM  
I don't think Tesla coils give out that kind of radiation that is dangerous to the 'nads. I heard about a cop who used to sit in the back of the van staking out potheads, and he would sit over the radio transeiver, and the aerial aperture was right under his boys. He got cancer of the jostickles.
2001-12-08 08:07:24 AM  
O,ya watchout for the "hardvacuumguy", picture 4. And yes he's MisterSym "roommate".
2001-12-08 08:12:18 AM  
I vaguely recall reading, in a biography of Nikolai Tesla, that when experimenting with things like this, he wore shoes with very thick cork or rubber soles.

Why do I have this vision of some web-wanker experimenting with Tesla coils while wearing flip-flops?
2001-12-08 08:13:12 AM  
Korzeniowski: Radiation, of course, isn't extremely dangerous to any living thing unless that living thing is exposed to large amounts of radiation for long periods of time. However, all electromagnetic sources give off good amounts of radiation. Knowing my roommate, a computer-nerd version of Tim Allen's character on "Home Improvement", he'll go for the most powerful transformer he can produce, and his 'nads will pay dearly for it!

Viva la radiatore noodles!
2001-12-08 08:15:51 AM  
KunDomo: And what's this "roommate" crap? Are you saying that I made him up, and that this "roommate" is actually a part of my own personality, and that I have this secret fear that I'll loose my testicles to my strange Dr. Jekyl-reminiscent experiments?

Nope, his name is Vidas, and he's a Lithuanian immigrant living in the second room of our apartment. Funny you mention it, though....cause you never really see the two of us together....


Vive la Sym's 'nads!
2001-12-08 08:16:05 AM  
Remember kids,

High voltage, low current=good
High current, low voltage=bad
high current, high voltage=very bad
2001-12-08 08:16:19 AM  
You've seen John's Crawlspace. Now check out John's Tesla Coil Page!

Sorry, no boobies. Plenty of sparks, however.
2001-12-08 08:17:04 AM  
OK, done...My cat's just lying on the kitchen floor smoldering. Does that mean it's scared?
2001-12-08 08:27:33 AM  
FarkRavingMad: No, it was impressed. But to impress it even more, get some 9V batteries, an aresosol a pencil and some wire. A college favourite if you've lost your lighter.

(Carbon is a sideways lattice thing, but happily will ignite at about 18v!)
2001-12-08 08:28:01 AM  
****waiting patiently for a photoshop******
2001-12-08 08:36:04 AM  
are these the same thing as those little balls you can buy that give an arc of light when you touch them ?? just BIGGER !! ?
2001-12-08 08:44:27 AM  
Bah. I make shiat all the time that's so long it scares the shiat outta some pussy.
Rat [TotalFark]
2001-12-08 09:11:02 AM  
Thanks Timothy for once again proving to me that there is a webring out there for really, thanks
2001-12-08 09:14:24 AM  


* United States Marine Corps *

what, no photoshopie thingie yet ???
2001-12-08 09:27:13 AM  
I knew a girl who had one of those contraceptive tesla coils. One time she had an orgasm and the TV exploded.
2001-12-08 09:45:04 AM  
he could use a tesla coil right about now.
2001-12-08 09:51:12 AM  
Introducing....Cliche Puppy!!!:​1.jpg
2001-12-08 09:52:07 AM  
Damn....first time I have done that:

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-08 09:54:29 AM  
Do you really want to scare kitties?
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-08 10:07:17 AM  
oh, thats fvckin funny 3M LMAO
2001-12-08 10:15:15 AM  
Did someone say PhotoShop???

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-08 10:16:56 AM  
yea peeler!!
2001-12-08 10:18:01 AM  
Hmm. Not cute enough, Blowfish.
2001-12-08 10:18:20 AM  
MisterSym: Aha I see, so maybe, and this is just a warning, this so called "Vidas" is building a teslacoil, not to zapp his nads, but to zapp this disturbing personality that is bothering him, and that makes him look like a Tim Allen on his favorite webpage.


Vida...uh Kun
2001-12-08 10:26:24 AM  
Cliche' duck?

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-08 10:32:25 AM  
are these the same thing as those little balls you can buy that give an arc of light when you touch them ?? just BIGGER !!?

Similar. Those are plasma spheres, which are essentially a high frequency, high voltage source inside a dome of low pressure gas. This is something that can be done with tesla coils, but on a small scale is usually done with fly-back transformers similar to what you find in a TV.
2001-12-08 10:33:09 AM  
Blowfish - puppy, yes duck, no
2001-12-08 10:34:52 AM  
everest- such a kiljoy will all that technical
2001-12-08 10:38:50 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-08 10:41:43 AM  
I hate waking up on Saturdays and finding no PhotoShops.

Hey, BigPeeler, perhaps you would be kind enough to post that picture of Richard Simmons' crotch for me. It would greatly improve my mood this morning.

I'm going to shower.
2001-12-08 10:44:47 AM  
Cliche' kuwatti?

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-08 10:47:04 AM  
Incidentally, the coil in the article is a bipolar half wave coil, and as show is probably very inefficent, the main capacitor is extremely small.

A much better and more common design is a quarter wave resonator, which has the primary coil at one end and so generates sparks only at one terminal. The disadvantage is that it requires either a good RF ground or for smaller coils, a counterpoise (basicly, a large flat piece of metal just above the ground to sit on).

Instead of using a lyden jar for a cap, a salt water cap makes a good starting point. Much higher capactance and easy to make. Clear glass is prefered.

For much higher quality, use an 'MMC' (multi mini capacitor), which is composed of several dozen commercial high voltage (1-3000vdc) self-healing caps in series and parallel connections. This will provide a very robust and powerful capacitor, which will help you to achieve fat, white, powerful discharges.

In past years it was necessary to build ones own caps using poly sheeting and oil. These tended to be expensive and bulky. More expensive than an MMC, which is more reliable and easier to fix.

For Tesla coil resources, please visit

For some very nice images of commercial tesla coils, visit Tesla Technology Research. In particular, check out Model 13 :)

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-08 11:00:38 AM  
Happy harmonica everyone. This is for my girl Kady. Enjoy your breakfast. Maybe you should have showered after you looked at these.
[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]
2001-12-08 11:03:35 AM  
Cliche Dominatrix?

[image from too old to be available]

And thanks Peeler...I gotta gouge my eyes out now.
2001-12-08 11:04:44 AM  
Look, do you realise how hard it is to clean puke from between the keys?
2001-12-08 11:09:31 AM  

Are you on the Pupman mailing list? Glad to see there's a fellow Farker AND TC enthusiast :) :)

BTW, the primary coil on this TC isn't every effective. Much better using a flat spiral.
2001-12-08 11:14:47 AM  
This coil has some very bad design elements: You should never have anything penetrating the secondary coil, or you're just asking for internal arcing. If you build this coil, fasten the secondary leads to terminals outside of the tube, NOT inside as the instructions indicate.
2001-12-08 11:18:30 AM  
Cliche Flying Squirrel?
eco-action.orgView Full Size
2001-12-08 11:30:50 AM  
Cliche Nutria?
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-08 11:36:04 AM  
Cliche Capybara? Where the hell's the Photoshop?
I'm losing my farking mind because I find these funny.
guamanchi.comView Full Size
2001-12-08 11:37:16 AM  
I went to lunch, and se what happens?

2001-12-08 11:41:05 AM  
I was a member of chips list for several years, but I haven't had time or space to do much with my coil for a while, so I signed off. Right now what i'd like to try is some micro-coils. I have some forms wound that are about 0.5-0.75 inches in diameter. I'm hoping to make some neat little table top coils.

I'm also a long-time member of the usa-tesla list, from back when it was actually hosted on the USA servers. Not much coil-related stuff, but some people knowledgeable in a wide variety of subjects and a generally just a nice group of people. The list is now hosted at yahoo groups.
2001-12-08 11:42:43 AM  
What exactly are the "real" uses for a Tesla coil?
2001-12-08 11:43:34 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Where is the PhotoShop???
2001-12-08 11:51:37 AM  
Tesla coils generate high voltage, high frequency electrical current. They are primarily used to dispose of large amounts of time and extra cash.

They can also be used to annoy the crap out of neighbors (a coil of any appricable size is very loud, a rotary spark gap has been compaired to an unmuffled chainsaw at full throttle, not to mention the output sparks themselves), and if you aren't careful, they can send nasty electronics destroying transients back down the powerline.

Tesla (the man) intended to use it to transmit power without wires to remote users all over the world (via conduction, not radiation). Thats what the lab at Wardencliff (sp?) was for. Due to a lack of continued funding and technical problems, he was never able to get it to work. Most experts agree that it wouldn't have worked anyway. There are plenty of crackpots who will tell you that the world energy cartels (US government, etc) conspired to prevent him.
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