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2014-03-31 04:11:15 PM  
rock on with your cats out
2014-03-31 04:11:22 PM  
2014-03-31 04:14:28 PM  
Cats don't care if they're metal or not
2014-03-31 04:16:05 PM  
img0.etsystatic.comView Full Size
2014-03-31 04:16:22 PM  

Smeggy Smurf: Cats don't care if they're metal or not

...that's so metal!
2014-03-31 04:19:25 PM  
2014-03-31 04:19:36 PM  
If there were a spirit animal for metal, it would be a cat.
2014-03-31 04:21:20 PM  
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2014-03-31 04:22:09 PM  
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2014-03-31 04:22:51 PM  
One more picture for the book

1.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size
2014-03-31 04:24:44 PM  
Well, I know I'm getting a copy ...
2014-03-31 04:25:09 PM  
That article might mean something if the pictures had captions.

I may not know the persons name but I'm decent at recognizing a band name.

But alas....picture salad is all the effort were going to be getting.

Oh, and the animated .gif at the top merits a punch in the neck.
2014-03-31 04:26:27 PM  
Cats ARE metal.

They don't care what you want, they don't care what they do. They break stuff just because, and then they go out and kill stuff.

2014-03-31 04:30:35 PM  
thegauntlet.comView Full Size
2014-03-31 04:31:40 PM Full Size
2014-03-31 04:32:54 PM  

Trocadero: [ image 423x529]

Metal LOLCat Lips?
2014-03-31 04:35:42 PM  
Time to turn the Caturday tag up to 11!
2014-03-31 04:46:33 PM  
3.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size
2014-03-31 04:50:50 PM  
What? Persian cats aren't metal?

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2014-03-31 05:24:50 PM  
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2014-03-31 05:35:02 PM  
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2014-03-31 05:39:25 PM  
2014-03-31 05:46:44 PM  
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433 [TotalFark] [BareFark]
2014-03-31 06:32:45 PM  
i212.photobucket.comView Full Size
2014-03-31 06:36:28 PM  

dj_spanmaster: If there were a spirit animal for metal, it would be a cat.

Cats are metal, dogs are country.  It's as simple as that.
2014-03-31 06:48:41 PM  
"There are two ways to escape from the miseries of life: music and cats." -- Albert Schweitzer
2014-03-31 07:03:29 PM  
It's a book of pretentious posers.  Along with their owners.
2014-03-31 09:33:12 PM  
I must be getting old, I only recognized two of those bands.
/fark you mid life.
2014-03-31 10:33:04 PM  
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2014-03-31 11:15:49 PM  
2014-04-01 12:37:23 AM  
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2014-04-01 12:43:43 AM  
s3.postimg.orgView Full Size
2014-04-01 05:42:13 AM  
Three Inches of Blood posted the picture of each of them with their respective cat a while ago.  I hope they are eviscerating dogs for fun.  KILL THE ORCS!
2014-04-01 09:15:09 AM  
(Checks today's date)...ah I see what you did there.
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