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(   How unruly are the students at a school in Blackpool, England? They've had to call in the Marines. "The military team are working to improve health and wellbeing, as well as attendance and punctuality"   ( divider line
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2014-03-29 09:13:19 AM  
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2014-03-29 09:15:20 AM  
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Ya call this a post, maggot????
2014-03-29 09:15:57 AM  
It's not a bad idea. Assuming these 'commandos' aren't themselves crazy, they're largely an unknown quantity to the kids. Kids know what limits the teachers have, they don't know what limits these military guys (and gals) have.

It's almost like people have forgotten that a critical component of raising a kid that isn't a mannerless, self-absorbed shiatstain is intimidation.

The laws have taken that out of the tookit of the school administration, but looks like these military guys can still bring it to the table.
2014-03-29 09:16:59 AM  
The English suck at English.
2014-03-29 09:17:44 AM  
I'm out tonight... and can't decide... between Soviet hip or British pride

//almost put a slashie before my password
2014-03-29 09:23:40 AM  
Dragonflew, I always thought it was soldier hip. But you are correct, sir, and have a fine taste in music.
2014-03-29 09:24:06 AM  
"We respect them because they're here to help us not just to teach us."

I wasn't aware those things were mutually exclusive.  Looks like we have a deeper problem, boys!
2014-03-29 09:24:33 AM  
As a teacher . . .

2014-03-29 09:37:06 AM  
Lord Blackpool sent in the soldiers? I think we know where this is going...
2014-03-29 09:40:25 AM  
Or they could send in William Regal to straighten them out.
2014-03-29 09:43:55 AM  
It didn't work out so well in Beslan.
2014-03-29 09:46:36 AM  
"If someone's bad in lessons then they'll take us out..."

2014-03-29 10:10:26 AM  
Wasn't Sidney Poitier available?
2014-03-29 10:56:53 AM  
Is that guy wearing a Springboks jersey? If so, better watch out if you're bleck.
2014-03-29 10:59:54 AM  
They need my old drill sergeant, he was a very good motivator.  My senior drill sergeant was a great motivator, too.  On the first day of basic, he told us we would be the honor company of the training cycle or he would kill us.  We soon learned he meant it, and we were the honor company.  Maybe today's snowflakes need a little more discipline, instead of constant hand holding, both in school and at home.

/Strict discipline didn't hurt me a bit, even though at 63, I still have that twitch I picked up in high school.
2014-03-29 11:12:37 AM  
Yeah, but these are British Marines, it's not the same culture as American Marines.  Don't get me wrong, the Brits are not bad guys, but if you watch documentaries on their training, their leaders come across as councilors, while the American ones go the sociopath route.  Of course that could just be for the benefit of the BBC audiences.
2014-03-29 11:22:25 AM  

Pattuq: "We respect them because they're here to help us not just to teach us."

I wasn't aware those things were mutually exclusive.  Looks like we have a deeper problem, boys!

that stood out for me too.   Looks like teacher needs some teaching on communication skills.
2014-03-29 11:37:44 AM  

steerforth: Is that guy wearing a Springboks jersey? If so, better watch out if you're bleck.

Even worse if the kid is blick.
2014-03-29 11:40:38 AM  
Spare the rod
Spoil the child
 .. then they grow up into nanny-staters
2014-03-29 11:55:40 AM  

phrawgh: It didn't work out so well in Beslan.


I noticed all the kids are wearing nice looking jackets. I was told a uniform dress code would make people behave. Why the need for ex-marines if you have the power of mandatory fashion?!
2014-03-29 12:36:25 PM  
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2014-03-29 01:27:17 PM  
If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding!
2014-03-29 01:27:33 PM  
Knowing my 12-year-old self....a cute 24-year-old Marine in my classroom (and a PILOT, no less) would just massively distract me.

/12 years later, and I still dig guys in uniform.  They abound at my place of employment (defense contractor)...and still distract me massively
2014-03-29 04:22:03 PM  
Sounds like the days of my youth,,  National Guardsmen with M-16's patroling the halls of my school.

/not so good times
2014-03-29 05:00:39 PM  
Next lesson, Marching Up and Down the Square!
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