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(CNN)   Only 1 out of every 68 children in the U.S. is getting vaccinated   (cnn.com) divider line 158
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2014-03-28 08:38:56 AM
If the number of people who actually have some form of biological autism is truly so high, and rising so quickly, then we have nothing short of an ecological disaster on our hands.

The folks claiming to link it to genetics are almost certainly wrong. We've found a bit of a tendency for autism to run in families, but the "genetic links" found thus far are too weak and unreliable to account for that tendency. There are plenty of other things that run in families, and we should be looking to those for answers.

I'd call the antivaxxers wrong, but the junk-science behind their claims is so bad that they don't even rise to the level of "wrong". At most, they have a single discredited study by a known fraudster and quack. Said quack seems to at least be sincere, but that has only made him more dangerous, given the fraud and deception he has shown himself willing to commit just to advance that belief.

The current epigenetic research that hardinparamedic mentioned seems much more promising: factors that arise in utero (long before vaccines are ever administered), but are not linked to genes per se. They're already showing common threads that are much, much stronger than anything previous research has been able to find. We still haven't found a cause, but these strong common factors are like signposts: follow the trail of cause and effect, and as long as it stays this strong, you'll likely find your culprit.

That said, this research also points to the likelihood of something to blame: something people do that dramatically ups the risk of their child developing this, or can avoid doing to dramatically lower that risk. If autism is truly on the rise, then this thing, whatever it is, is likely on the rise as well. I suspect that if this research finally gives us an answer, it is going to make a lot of people very uncomfortable.
2014-03-28 08:41:12 AM
Not surprising that more and more people are being diagnosed with Autism.  It's the new ADHD.
2014-03-28 09:25:42 AM
So uhhh... who actually read the article? Cause all I saw was the CNN talking about how the CDC said 1 in 68 children are becoming autistic. Nothing about vaccinations.....

/well played subby
//hook line and sinker
2014-03-28 12:11:55 PM
So...what is the cause of Autism again?
2014-03-28 05:09:36 PM

doubled99: So...what is the cause of Autism again?

Cell phone usage while pregnant. The rate of autism has increased during the same time that cell phone usage has increased. Therefore, this MUST be it.

Either that or Nutella. There wasn't nearly as much autism before Nutella was popular here.
2014-03-28 05:27:47 PM

Pattuq: JohnnyApocalypse: Pattuq:

The numbers are horseshiat, that's why.  They apply the "Autism" label to anyone who has any sort of social difficulty so they can sell those people drugs.

Tetzlaff: umudbro: Autism researcher here.

It's caused by helicopter parents, snowflake syndrome and lazy MDs who can't find anything wrong with the kid and use it as a "go to" excuse or something they can tell angry parents so that they leave happy.

You waste your time on a mostly fictive "fashion disease". Maybe you want to look into some real problems like diabetes or Alzheimer's.

I'm not sure how "fashionable" it is to shop for an Autism diagnosis, but I do know it's quite "fashionable" to make blanket obtstructive and antagonistic remarks for the sake of collecting feedback... also known as "trolling" and "bites". For example, take the thread's headline. That there's a troll. However, as has been stated multiple times, that is an inventive troll that leans toward the snarky and humorous rather than the blatantly vitriolic.

Now with you two, I don't know if you're just standard internet tough guys who "know better", or just attention whores seeking negative feedback for your "trolling". In either case, if you actually knew more about what you spoke of, your choice of post might be a bit different. Having some anecdote of knowing a farkwad who calls his recalcitrant son "autistic" isn't evidence that this here is just a faddish concocted epidemic.

In other words... refrain from posting and do some research... or go back to 4chan and bone up on trolling.

I'm a salesman for a major pharmaceutical company.  We push drugs on doctors every day, regardless of whether or not it's ethical.  I have rarely met a doctor who can't be convinced of the value (economic, of course) of championing specific medications.  If you are suggesting that autism diagnoses for drug sales are nonsense based on anecdotal evidence, it seems to me you've never been involved in the industry and shouldn't be ...

Goal post moving etc. etc. Too bad I'm late to reply, as you've probably driven on to crap on some other thread. I didn't say that autism diagnoses for drug sales are nonsense. You're calling autism a fictitious disease that get diagnosed by doctors both to make money and to get helicopter parents out of their office. Just because you boldly claim to have no ethical qualms about selling doctors on your pharmaceutical wares, regardless of efficacy, and that some doctors will turn around and sell these drugs as help for autism, doesn't invalidate autism as an actual malady. That's like saying that because you have "convinced" doctors through financial incentive of your particular drug's effectiveness in battling leukemia that therefore leukemia doesn't exist. Whether or not doctors overdiagnose autism spectrum disorders, they still exist. And fundamentally, drugs don't cure it... they may help some individuals cope with some of the symptoms.

Though I'm not a drug rep, I do know something about autism, although not that much. Just because you're a drug rep, that doesn't give you much more expertise either, except perhaps that some physicians are unscrupulous. About the only thing you've convinced me of is that you have little faith in people, and that you have no qualms in exploiting them.
2014-03-28 05:35:20 PM

umudbro: Autism researcher here.

As for autism related to vaccines, there are conflicting theories and frankly the biological mechanism is feasible.  But, more research needs to be done, and insofar the positive contributions of vaccines to society far outweigh any known risks at this time.

On the other hand, a theory that I have been looking into for the past few years in the feasibility of autism being triggered by excessive ultrasound exposure in the womb.  There are some side effects of ultrasound exposure that can be linked directly with autism symptoms.

Whatever it is, we need to find out what is causing this rise and fast.  If you extrapolate the data, in about 50 years we will have like ... 50 autists for every 1 non-ASD.  So, wouldn't autism then become neurotypical?

I assume someone who calls themselves an "autism researcher" is someone without any clinical training or access to a laboratory?
2014-03-28 11:09:03 PM

hardinparamedic: I've always said this country needs a few good epidemics of vaccine preventable disease, and thousands of dead and crippled people as a result of it before people stop listening to outright idiots who got their medical degrees at the University of Google.

That said, there is zero evidence that autism is caused by vaccination or a vaccine component, out of almost twenty five years of intense studies on the matter.

Also, bravo, submitter. You'll get a few bites.

And how disappointed would you be if that epidemic failed to materialize?
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