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(Newser)   Nearly half of young men say they were coerced into sex; other half want it to be known that they are available for coercion   ( divider line
    More: Unlikely, coercion, CBS Reports  
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2014-03-27 11:01:53 PM  
2 votes:

wi11ow: you okay with NAMBLA

Marlin Brando was a great man with many "looks" in his life, just like Elvis. If people want to honor that, who are you to stand in their way?
2014-03-27 07:02:58 PM  
2 votes:
I know I'm sick and tired of women treating me like I'm a piece of meat.
2014-03-27 05:52:33 PM  
2 votes:
Riiiiiiight. I'm sure that the same 43% also report that they never masturbate and that they find the sexiest part of a woman's body to be her brain. They also all have 12-inch penises.
2014-03-27 07:44:10 PM  
1 vote:

Maud Dib: MaudlinMutantMollusk: So, nearly half of young men get caught by the girl's father?

Or cornered by amorous fat chicks.

A fat girl is like a moped, its fun to ride you just dont want to let your friends see you doing it.
2014-03-27 06:19:20 PM  
1 vote:
If by 'coerced' do you mean being invited over to the house of a smoking hot girl that you have a raging boner for, only to find her and her ugly friend waiting for you... you are then treated to the smoking hot one dancing in tight cutoff shorts on top of her coffee table while the fugly one takes off her blouse and starts rubbing your crotch thru your jeans?

And then the smoking hot one leaves you alone with the ugly one?

Yeah.  Mark me down in the first column.
2014-03-27 06:01:46 PM  
1 vote:
Huh. I would say that a few times in my younger days I ended up having sex with women who I wasn't particularly interested in. In all cases, one form of manipulation or another was used. Once by a drunk older (well, maybe 30, I was in my early 20s) woman who said she'd drive home if I didn't stay in the bedroom with her. I stayed and we eventually had sex. Once with a woman who managed to corner me at the end of a party and weepily convinced me to stay the night with her. Again, booze was involved. And once by a much older woman (probably in her 50s, couldn't really say). With her, it was part curiosity at least. But it was a familiar script. Alcohol, emotional manipulation, agreement to stay to be a good guy and eventually acquiescence to sexual advances.

I don't feel badly about any of them, though I did feel a bit used during and after each episode. I suppose we all have needs and I can feel ok about serving a purpose for the women involved. It wasn't as if there was nothing in it for me. Some may define that as sexual assault, I don't know. It happened and I moved on, though I suppose I haven't forgotten.
2014-03-27 05:58:01 PM  
1 vote:
In other news...

Nearly half of young men don't know what coerced means.
2014-03-27 05:49:48 PM  
1 vote:

Maud Dib: MaudlinMutantMollusk: So, nearly half of young men get caught by the girl's father?

Or cornered by amorous fat chicks.

[ image 175x352]

That shame never goes away...
2014-03-27 05:46:56 PM  
1 vote:

MaudlinMutantMollusk: So, nearly half of young men get caught by the girl's father?

Or cornered by amorous fat chicks.

luckygrimdotorg.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2014-03-27 05:42:49 PM  
1 vote:
I can see that the people in this thread are already making comments advancing the rape culture we live in.

Nice going on the victim blaming. "If he didn't want to have sex he wouldn't have been male" isn't a good excuse.

/Am I doing this right?
2014-03-27 05:41:53 PM  
1 vote:
In my day, we called that being "gay".  Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course...
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