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(Pravda)   Sex good for economy, weener   ( divider line
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12245 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Feb 2004 at 1:19 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-02-04 01:19:53 AM  
Maybe I should cancel that trip to Italy, and instead consider a visit to Hungary...
2004-02-04 01:20:41 AM  
I think their estimate is off by about 180 million years.
2004-02-04 01:20:51 AM  
Yeah, but I'm Amish.
2004-02-04 01:23:10 AM  
Sex good for weener.

Weener good for sex.
2004-02-04 01:24:09 AM  
Isn't this Obvious?
2004-02-04 01:24:43 AM  
i'd stimulate it!
2004-02-04 01:26:06 AM  
So, if someone turns you down, can you call them a terrorist?
2004-02-04 01:26:52 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-02-04 01:27:59 AM  
At hard economic periods, people's sexual activity fades away; it reduces not because of sexual problems, but for financial reasons.

Are these people paying for sex then....
2004-02-04 01:30:08 AM  
<div align="left">

For goodness sake.
2004-02-04 01:30:15 AM  
Hey baby, if not for me, do it for the economy?
2004-02-04 01:33:53 AM  
I've got your stimulus package right here.
2004-02-04 01:35:18 AM  
The headline almost makes me want to read the Pravda article... almost
2004-02-04 01:39:30 AM  
"Hey I have an idea, lets pop some Viagras and issue tickets with raging, mega-huge boners"
2004-02-04 01:41:55 AM  
dmCraz I totally had the exact same reaction!
2004-02-04 01:44:02 AM  
/off topic Makes me wish I could read da ruski
2004-02-04 01:45:57 AM  
I have sex all the time and yet I am still under-employed. Guess its time to really make my partner pay for it.
2004-02-04 01:46:43 AM  
I agree, this should be OBVIOUS
2004-02-04 01:47:18 AM  
<div align="left">
For goodness sake.

Yeah! What the hell is up with the format on the main page? It looks retardo if the window isn't 801x602.
2004-02-04 01:48:04 AM  
I'm going to need some more hands on evidence before I accept this conclusion. That means both more sex and money, in that order.
2004-02-04 01:54:10 AM  
Of course Sex is good for the economy ... Ladies and gents - don't you feel much better after you get laid ? wouldn't heating bills be lower if you had someone to curl up with in the meantime? How much money is wated on Extra Beds and rent for people living apart that could be saved by people matching up /shacking up/ living together ?

Sex clears up zits and lifts your confidence.

People of the world : Couple up!
2004-02-04 01:54:37 AM  
2004-02-04 01:55:33 AM  
I blame, er, credit, Clinton. A horny economy is a healthy economy!
pye [TotalFark]
2004-02-04 01:59:31 AM  
The translated version of is probably better than the real one... made me larf.
2004-02-04 02:03:31 AM  
It's only good because people like me have to pay for it! :(
2004-02-04 02:10:49 AM  
Clinton lied and Monica cried!
2004-02-04 02:14:36 AM  
Ah, whatever, zerkalo. Fat girls should cry. Where do you think the term "blubber" came from anyway?
2004-02-04 02:44:13 AM  
Come on, why do you think they call it a blow job? So it seems like it has kind of a work ethic attached...
2004-02-04 03:07:45 AM  
Holy shiat! .... like people, even in the worst case, are farking over a hundred times a year???
I could only wish........
2004-02-04 04:21:22 AM  
Shouldn't it be wiener?
2004-02-04 05:12:29 AM  
did you just call me a weener?!?!?!?
2004-02-04 10:04:52 AM  
My employer needs to do something about this to improve my productivity.
2004-02-04 10:09:53 AM  
I always thought sex was bad for the economy. Because you spend all your time in bed rather then going out and spending money.

At least that's my plan to save money.
2004-02-04 10:13:18 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-02-04 10:13:19 AM  
Rosalea... spending money IS good for the economy!

Not good for YOU, but good for businesses that like your money.
2004-02-04 10:49:11 AM  
One-night sexual relationship is really popular in the world; 45 per cent of respondents admit the fact.

Sinnnnerrrss!!! Repent ye swine or face the fires of eternal damnation!
2004-02-04 11:27:41 AM  
The founder of the Asian sexology federation

Why do they never advertise jobs like that?
2004-02-04 11:33:55 AM  
That's the magic of being a "founder." I'm a founder of the International Touch My Bag Federation. We're still waiting on our tax-exempt approval but you can make your donations payable to brap.
2004-02-04 05:27:49 PM  
Who you callin' a weener?

/didn't read the article, ain't gonna
2004-02-04 07:27:48 PM  
The founder of the Asian sexology federation

Is that like the old World Wrestling Federation?

/yes, but with more Japanese people screwing
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