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(10 News)   "There was more than one egg thrown, which is against the law obviously to assault anybody with an egg, let alone a parking enforcement officer, You're assaulting someone who has a badge. We take that very seriously"   ( divider line
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2014-03-25 03:05:49 AM  
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Notabunny: toasted bread, fresh squozen oj,

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2014-03-25 08:11:14 AM  
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My asshole parking enforcement guy CSB:

I was putting in a camera system in a new hotel being built near downtown Norfolk. The only place we had for parking was three Goddamn blocks away. And I had about 250 lbs of equipment I needed to off load. So I parked on the street near the building just long enough to drag everything in. The place I parked was in front of another private parking area. This area had two road access spots. I parked partially in front of one access spot, but there was already a construction barrel blocking that part of the ramp anyway and there was still plenty of space for a car to get through. At least a car and a half wide.

I was there for all of 8 minutes. Just enough time for me to haul everything inside to the foyer, and was heading out to move my van when parking enforcement shows up. This guy rolls up in a pickup like farking SWAT. He comes flying up and then comes screeching to a hault just behind my van, blocking me in (and completely blocking the entrance to that side of the parking area. He jumps out with his buzzcut and parking enforcement polo shirt, and hangs a badge on a chain around his neck like he's Will Smith in Bad Boys. And he looks farking pissed. "THERE IS NO PARKING HERE! YOU ARE ILLEGALLY PARKED!"

I tried to explain I was working on the hotel and I just needed to drop off my equipment, and I would be moving right now. "You're not going ANYWHERE sir! You will NOT move your vehicle until I have completed writing the ticket." I ask him why parking on the street just long enough to offload my stuff was such an issue. "You are BLOCKING the entrance to this parking area. No one can get in or out!" I point out that not 40 feet away is another entrance exit to the same parking area, and that it was *his* vehicle that was currently blocking this exit." He got really pissed. "Sir. DO. NOT! Argue with me. You are WRONG! You CANNOT BLOCK THE PARKING AREA!". I, still calmly, ask how it is I am blocking the exit if I am parking in front of a construction barrel that is already blocking it"

I didn't think he could get any angier. "This barrel??? This is an ILLEGAL barrel!" Uh, an illegal barrel? What? "This barrel CANNOT be here! Now, guess what? I am going to confiscate it!" And with that he picks the barrel up and tosses it in the back of his truck. And just stares at me.I tell him 'Uh, that's not my barrel.' He says "You're damn right! It's the CITY'S barrel now! It is now city property and if you touch it, I'll have you arrested for theft." I tell him "I don't think you can just lay claim to things like a feudal lord" He says "Well guess what. THIS barrel is now city propety too!"  and grabs the nearest barrel which was marking a huge chunk of missing road. Again I tell him that's not my barrel and he says "That's right, and it will never be again!"

He then gives me stink eye while he writes up the ticket and proceeds to tell me all the horrible things that will happen the second it doesn't get paid. (Apparently they will send someone out to arrest me the day after the payment is due) and that he is going to go confiscate all the other 'illegal barrels' (of which there was probably about 50 with all the road constuction) and that if I was still there when he got back, my car was getting towed and I would be arrested for tresspassing.

Later on, when I was getting ready to call in and pay for the ticket, I noticed he wrote my licence plate down wrong. (used a B instead of a D). I considered not paying it, since that was the only idenifying thing on the ticket (he never asked for my ID, and didn't put the VIN on it), but the thought of Captian Parking finding me again just wasn't worth the hassel.

That dude seemed really angry and I have no idea why. Plus he seemed to think that he was THE end-all of parking enforcement.
2014-03-25 04:25:44 AM  
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Phil Clinton: I'm in a quagmire.  I am a convicted felon with 3 DUI's from which the last was only 3 years ago.  I am what I guess you could call a 'rehabilitated' person.  By that I mean I will never, never, never, go back to jail.  I am fully competent and 100% conscious of myself and my past actions.  I have a true disdain toward people I learn steal, cheat, rob, lie, harm other people. Which I struggle with because as much as I am quick to judge and hate other people that do bad things; I have to remember once I was young and dumb too.

/I'm also a recovering libertarian
//feel free to only comment on that

You probably smell funny, too
2014-03-25 04:03:03 AM  
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Emposter: I was thinking the same thing. I can understand the parking cop, because she may not have had full gear for arresting a person with her just to put tickets on cars.  However, the lieutenant was responding to the call for backup and should have come prepared.

They had to chase him down first.
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/We should give them credit for not outright shooting the kid. Is he white or something?
2014-03-25 01:09:02 AM  
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Notabunny: Oh boy, here we go. "I don't like parking rules. Therefore, it's ok to assault people who enforce parking rules."

It's not assault, it's eggs.

Although they would go well with some assault and some apepper, eggs and rotten tomatoes should be constitutionally protected free speech.
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