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(Some Guy)   Flat tire prank disables school bus fleet   ( divider line
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6159 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Dec 2001 at 3:33 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-08 03:33:49 AM  
best...use of hero tag... ever
2001-12-08 03:35:07 AM  
Man, the links are just trickling in tonight

"The wheels are the things on your car that make contact with the road"
2001-12-08 03:37:07 AM  
i wish something like that would have happened when i was in school, even though i rarely went anyways. wow, 4500 kids in an entire district? i think the high school in my city has that many kids.
2001-12-08 03:42:20 AM  
Schoolbus? For normal kids?!

The only school buses I've ever seen were for retarded and disabled children.
2001-12-08 03:42:34 AM  
Does Fark only accept new links right now?
2001-12-08 03:55:51 AM  
Lame childish prank.

I will not flatten school bus tires again. I will not flatten school bus tires again. I will not flatten school bus tires again..........................................
2001-12-08 03:59:53 AM  
Hero? Uhmmmmm.. yeah.
2001-12-08 04:02:08 AM  
6-8th grade were the only years i rode a bus to school. During that time me and my friends were regularly kicked off the bus, and had to walk home.

Sometimes we took skateboards then when we got kicked off, we would either hold on to the bus for a while or go so fast that we ended up beating the bus to our stop. It took so long to make the other stops, which winded back and forth. We just took a straight line.

On the last day of school everybody would plan ahead and at a certain point, everybody bailed out the emergency exit. Like a the first stoplight we hit.

heres my kind of bus.
2001-12-08 04:18:38 AM  
KingTT: Articles are accepted all day and the main page is updated periodically throughout the day. The first batch of new farkticles generally comes out just after midnight. Some are saved for the weekend too.

2001-12-08 04:24:07 AM  

nice 'contact' quote, but it's "the -tires-...". sorry to be annoying.. i was just excited to see a phish quote and i had to write something.
2001-12-08 04:46:36 AM  
Otto: Uh-oh. Better fasten your seat belts, little dudes!
Lisa: We don't have seat belts.
Otto: Well, then, uh... Just try to go limp.
-- ``The Otto Show''
The bus speeds off, as the kids scream for their lives. Otto takes
a short cut, through the Springfield Tire Yard, running the Spinal Tap
tour bus off the road (which overturns and catches fire), driving
through a police picnic. (None of the policemen catch the license
plate. ``I didn't think to look,'' explains Eddie.) The bus skids
on its side and comes to halt on (yes, on) the town square, knocking
over the statue of Jebediah Springfield. Otto's bumper flies off,
carrying with it a bumper sticker, ``How's my driving? Call...''
2001-12-08 05:17:50 AM  
If those kids can't go to school the way they always have, then the terrorists have already won.
2001-12-08 05:19:27 AM  
overlord, not quite.. as far as i understand it, everybody's at the fark party in NY. i think.
2001-12-08 05:21:21 AM  
Oh, heaven forbid they close school for one day.
2001-12-08 05:32:05 AM  
hmm with finals coming up next week im all for school ending pranks.. course im in college and we dont have school busses.. if only i could acquire enough superglue to glue all the doors on the various classroom buildings shut... then that would garuuuuuunnnteeee me a hero tag... mmmmm putting superglue in the locks of every door of every building on campus... someone at UK, im gonna need backup...
2001-12-08 05:35:18 AM  
i KNOW this isn't a photoshop thread, but since the day is so slow and i'll loose the link in my clipboard in a minute: can anybody please photoshop barrel-boy (and i'm assuming he's still loved and rememberd) into
[image from too old to be available]
pretty please?
2001-12-08 06:45:30 AM  
Brings me back to my high school days at Proviso West HS in Hillside, IL, where a friend and I (his name shall be known hereforth as "Fuzzy"....actually that was what we called him....he had a really hairy navel area!) systematically removed all the bells from the walls using 9/16" socket wrenches. The next morning has since historically been known as "The Day the Bell Never Rang". No one had a clue when to start and stop classes and lunch hours. It was pure pandemonium. And all day you could hear the hatred in the principal's voice as he was forced to use the PA system to begin and end class periods....much ire contained he. About a week later, they installed unique-headed bolts (I can't exactly remember what the design was, but it was nothing I had ever seen before then) to attach the bells to the walls. (We only left them in empty half-lockers used as school hallway trash cans, and it took the school a day and a half to find 'em!)

Come to think of it, Fuzzy was the same person who helped me fill our other friend's locker with that magic desert everyone loves: Jell-O. After about 1/2 a tube of caulk, 1 roll of duct-tape, 35 boxes of Jell-O, 15 gallons of water, absolutely NO sugar (couldn't have him eating his way out of this one), 1 roll of string (to hang our mutual friend's books and calculator at varying heights in his locker to simulate like little pieces of fruit), and a weekend later, our mutual friend came to his locker early one Monday morning, only to find an ugly brownish gelatin suspension (we didn't have all the same flavors/colors, so it came out really disgusting-looking) suspending his school devices in an almost perfect locker shape when he opened it! Man, you should've seen the look on his face! And the laughter everyone else walking by had created! He went hysterical and laughed his own ass off, all the way to the office, where he found out he had to pay to replace all his books. We never told another soul about was like $140 for the damages!

I loved high school! Especially at Proviso West! Oh, the pranks Fuzzy and I pulled....
2001-12-08 07:28:16 AM  
are the only heroes American or something?
2001-12-08 07:38:00 AM  
JoeCar: Yes. Only American. Any complaints, you queen-loving freak?


Actually, I really respect you Brits. It's just that yer too easy to make fun the Canadians, y'know?
2001-12-08 07:56:46 AM  
Yeah, I mean, its not as if a few hours of missed schooling will make any difference to the glorious American educational system, which is of course, the best in the world, as evidenced by the hoardes of really intelligent Americans that you always meet.
2001-12-08 08:09:20 AM  
J/K fellas :D
2001-12-08 08:25:12 AM that why a majority of the world's riches men are Americans ?? I'm sure they got that way by being dumb asses uhn ?

...I like the Jell-O in the locker trick....but, the spray foam (comes in a can as a liquid, sprays out and foams up, then hardens) in a locker is a lovely touch'll fine them "chiseling" their way to their stuff!
2001-12-08 08:43:06 AM  
Is anyone else thinking they could have just as easily put bombs on the buses or anthrax?
2001-12-08 08:44:57 AM  
Vegasj: The reason a majority of the world's richest men are Americans is because the world's richest men (& women...not discounting those whores that married rich old guys that croaked) are smart enough to know to move out of their shiatty 3rd-world or 2nd-world countries and emigrate to the land of the free and the home of the well-comforted. Plus, I'm sure the US govt gives them some sort of tax break for moving here and spending their cash here.

See, Americans aren't dumb! We know how to persuade.
2001-12-08 08:47:07 AM  
Ahh, the inevitable biatching begins. Someone uses the [HERO] tag. Someone else thinks it's an inappropriate application of said tag. Someone else questions why the hero tag is red white and blue, revealing Fark's US-centric view.

Don't sweat the tag. If you don't like the way it was applied, tough shiat. If you don't like that an American website uses an American flag in the [HERO] tag, go elsewhere. Better yet, start your own website, and use whatever graphics suit you best. Then you won't have anything to complain about.

By the way, back to the topic, I think it's more deserving of the [ASININE] tag, but maybe it's just because I'm old.
2001-12-08 08:57:26 AM  
Yeah, I agree it's assinine. Hundreds of parents inconvenienced; maybe late for work. Real funny. They should make the little farkers wash the whole bus fleet if they catch them.
2001-12-08 09:13:41 AM  
Tech where the heck do you live?

JOHNDX i hope that is a joke cuz if not then you might want to spent the next year or so under the bed.
2001-12-08 09:39:21 AM  
Bongoman: Kids that pull this crap get away 99% of the time. Who hasn't seen a report of this on the local news, then watch it drop off the face of the earth? This is one of the easiest kid-pranks to pull off, even while drunk

We used to buy those pull-firecrackers with strings on both ends & tie em to one of those holes inside the locker & the lock catch on the door. Hilarity ensued.

Course, you do something like that today & a SWAT team will show up
2001-12-08 10:19:35 AM  
What asses. They inconvnienced all the parents when they could simply have cancelled school that day.

I'd say the school system's incompetence caused more problems than the guy letting the air out of the tires did. If they'd cancelled school they wouldn't have had to spend the morning resceduling everyone and they wouldn't have inconvenienced the parents... well except those parents who wouldn't let their kids stay home alone. But hey, those parents must have some kind of a plan for snow days. Unless it doesn't snow wherethis happened. I didn't look to see whre it was. :-)
2001-12-08 10:44:31 AM  
Near where I live, kids took epoxy and stuck popcicle sticks in all of the ignitions.... Not only did school get cancelled, but they had to replace all of the ignitions, at significant expense... I knew the people who owned the bus company, and it was not a good scene....

I drove school bus myself for a couple years (yeah, I was one of the mean biatches, but when it's one against seventy, you're only as friendly as the kids let you be) and the year before I started, someone cut all the ignition wires in all the busses.... Kids didn't count on the fact that the mechanics were good enough to get them all repaired before the first regular pickup anyway.... Anywho, they now have a twelve foot tall fence up around the place, with barbed wire at the top. Lot quieter around there these days...
2001-12-08 11:42:56 AM  
JoeCar - The hero tag was originally created specifically for heroes related to the September 11 attacks, so the US flag made perfect sense. Since then it's just sort of gone off on its own, and now it's used as a joke most of the time. It's like the News Flash tag. That was supposed to be just for news about the attacks and the war, and ended up replacing the regular News tag. Don't take it so seriously. That's like complaining that the boobies tag features caucasian breasts. We all know that nice boobies come in all colors.
2001-12-08 12:09:18 PM  
Amateurs, at our school we flattened all the tires and drained the oil 2 years ago. Once they changed the tires they never thought to check elsewhere. WOO ha.
2001-12-08 12:10:57 PM  
BigPhilly: I agree, this is asinine.
I'm not old, but maybe its because Im a teacher. Of course, the only bus my students catch to school is public transportation. (and since its "RTA" most show up late anyhow. However, anything that messes up your normal routine, even small things, can really put a damper on your job. For anyone driving to work in the morning, how would u feel if the neighborhood kid let the air out of your tires,and you have to be at work by 8?
2001-12-08 12:32:39 PM  
Oh no, now the kiddies can't go to school and argue about their distracting hair and pet rats!
2001-12-08 12:40:22 PM  
Thats a great idea with the jello, i would have pissed my pants if it happened to me.
2001-12-08 01:16:51 PM  
This is my Boobies so I might screw up on the image linking. Incidentally, it's also my first Photoshop thingy, all the more reason to screw up.

In case you don't get the gag: Street Fighter, a rather popular fighting game, has a bonus stage in which you goal is to bash barrels to get points. When I saw the barrel dude I thought of it rather quickly. FYI I couldn't find the stage's background online, so I slopped a background together.

[image from too old to be available]

- Leo -
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-12-08 02:25:17 PM  
hah the filter got leo, my first boobies. phew!

we're lting farm animals loose in urschool senior year, i cant wait.'course, they're gonna use MYfriggin truck, so im prolly gonna get caught...
2001-12-08 02:38:56 PM  
Careful with the goats Kat, they'll eat everydamnthing.
2001-12-08 07:44:17 PM  
One of these days Leo
2001-12-08 07:57:32 PM  
heroes my ass.
not only do will the school day be made up later in the year, there is the cost. without going into detail, the district will have to pay a lot....and guess who foots the bill?


anyway, how does a news web site get away with writing like this: "Someone had snuck into the Yelm bus barn Thursday night..."
that would get a D in most 4th grade english classes. this deserves the 'sad' tag just for the writing!
2001-12-08 08:53:58 PM  
I think drew should more links a day. Even if they arn't that good
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