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(Mother Jones)   Do you use K-Cups? Yes? Then you are worse than Hitler if he used styrofoam plates for every meal. I hope you can live with yourself   ( divider line
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2014-03-20 02:55:36 PM  

George_Spelvin: PainInTheASP: Spend the ten bucks and get the little mesh plastic "Eco-Cup".  Grind the beans & empty into eco-cup, place in machine, remember to rinse when done.

Bonus: co-workers rarely use it because it's "too much work", leaving your choice of beans unmolested.

We have 2 - one for my wife' ...

I bought a 3-pack for myself, works well.  However, a few months ago, I got my first cholesterol warning from my Doc.  Apart from just being middle aged, the only real change in my diet has been unfiltered (paper filters) coffee which is said to extract cholesterol.  These k-cups now and, before that, a metal filter in my old brewer.

Anyone got ideas on if there's such a thing as paper inserts for k-cups?

Yes, but they kind of suck. I got some so i could assemble my own k-cups using my own ground coffee, but drip grind is too course and the paper doesn't let the water pass quickly enough. K-cups actually use a little cottonball like filter, and the reusable ones use a metal mesh, both of which let the water pass faster. The build-your-own-kcup with paper filters just made a mess.

It was something like this.
2014-03-20 03:01:06 PM  

stewbert: PainInTheASP: stewbert: My experience with K-cups is from extensive business hotels, which seem to love them. K-cups make poor quality coffee. I've tried buying fancier ones, but wasn't able to find one that made a good cup of coffee.

I think he problem is that most brew the coffee too hot and a bit strong.  If you put it in an insulated cup, it has a lot more time to turn bitter. I've started putting a bit of cold water in my cup before brewing and it seems to help a lot.

I don't think that would help me. It'd further dilute the coffee that I already think is too weak. There just doesn't seem to be any depth to K-cup coffee flavor. Even tried Dark and Bold cups, but never got the hit I was looking for.

Grind fresh beans into a reusable one, then you are getting fresh coffee. Also be sure you are using a high-wattage brewer, it will brew with hotter water (or at least more of the water will be hotter) and that helps body a lot. Many of the cheaper k-cup brewers are only 8-900 watts, where a proper one is around 13-1400.
2014-03-20 04:42:40 PM  

stewbert: flamingboard: Good news everyone. They're going to put chips in their new ones so you can't turn the machine on if you're using a third-party reusable cup.

IANAL, but I would think that existing laws would prohibit this. IIRC, this was played out by auto mfrs who didn't like the idea of 3rd party parts.

I would also think this would spell the demise of Keurig due to backlash.

I don't have any farks in this race, so it'll be interesting to watch.

Where would the chip be located in an RFIDed K-Cup? Would it be possible to snip one out and attach it to whichever third-party cup you wanted to use, and fool the machine into accepting it?

Just curious, in case I ever work at some place that has one.
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