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1523 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Dec 2001 at 5:25 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-07 05:30:03 PM  
Dear United States Armed Forces person:

You are a tool of your government.

Happy Holidays,
2001-12-07 05:31:11 PM  
Well said.
2001-12-07 05:38:10 PM  
Yeah, I wonder what happens if you send something like "take penacillin now"
2001-12-07 05:38:20 PM  
2001-12-07 05:39:07 PM  
Support American domination of global capitalism.
2001-12-07 05:40:24 PM  
You could tell them they were fags, I guess, but I would have thought that was more appropriate to the navy. And a bit juvenile. How 'bout Jar Head Robots?
2001-12-07 05:40:55 PM  
Dear United States Armed Forces person,

What is it like to go into a cave knowing that are nuclear weapons waiting to detonate?

Your Friend,

2001-12-07 05:45:44 PM  
Aright, I gots my anonymiser happenin'. FBI can't trace me. What kinds o' threats and shiznit should I be sending?

"Attention Infidel Dogs

2001-12-07 05:46:12 PM  
Hey! I have an idea. Go to a bar next to an Army base and tell them that!

2001-12-07 05:47:17 PM  
Dearest Uniformed Agent of GWB's Forces:

How is the peanut butter? Not bad huh?

2001-12-07 05:51:45 PM  
Dear Service Members:

There are alot of people talking shiat about you on I think that they are a bunch of biatches. They were supposed to be sending you holiday cheer but instead they decided to be unamerican queer monkeys. Please put them on your terrorist list with Osama. :)

P.S. - How was the show with Pam??
2001-12-07 05:57:58 PM  
haha I heard Pam cancelled so she could go to a movie premier though Mariah Carey took her place.
2001-12-07 06:02:48 PM  
Agreed! Even if these other folks here don't agree with what the servicemen are doing, they should realize that they play a valuable role in allowing them to speak their opinions, even if they don't live in the U.S.

These are men that are willing to fight & possibly die for the freedoms we take for granted each day, and I thank them (and I did).
2001-12-07 06:02:53 PM  
I hope if any of you are cruel enough to actually send those messages, they re-institute the draft, and you end up somewhere with people shooting at you. You suck.

An American Service Member - but not overseas, thankfully - you tree-hugging, anarchist-wannabe, terrorist-loving, liberal, pniko commie, homosexual, crack-smoking, rump-ranger, peacenik sons of biatches. (pick the one that applies to you)
2001-12-07 06:02:54 PM  
I really hope it gets screened out the wazoo
2001-12-07 06:03:59 PM  
Dear Most American Natix:

Sod off. Pull your head out of your arse. Go sit on a nuke for Bushie, you ladle headed butt huffing drone.

2001-12-07 06:06:34 PM  
Well said Natix!!!...Thank God for people in the military so they can defend our freedom to bad mouth everyone!!!
2001-12-07 06:07:24 PM  
An American Service Member - but not overseas, thankfully...

I am sick to death of people ranting about everyone else carrying out your own wet dreams of destruction and death. How about you just commit suicide and satisfy everyone?
2001-12-07 06:07:25 PM  
2001-12-07 06:07:55 PM  
Korzeniowski: your total lack of wit is amazing.
2001-12-07 06:10:24 PM  
If you don't like it run for office instead of biatching. That seems alot of you people know how to do. biatch, but you never do anything about the problem instead you biatch. You don't work for change and you don't really believe in your ideas.
2001-12-07 06:13:59 PM  
Dear most unAmerican Nez:

Pull Your head out of your ass. Have a little respect for those who put their lives on the line to defend our rights. This isnt about anything political. Its about our service men doing their duty for our country. I would love to hear what you have been contributing to the advancement of our society.
2001-12-07 06:15:40 PM  
How about:

Dear Col Waterman,

You told me I would regret not staying in the Air Force. Well, less than 3 years later and the US is at war. Boy, you were right, I sure regret not staying in. Here I could be seeing the wonderous sites of afghanistan and helping to kill people. Instead, I am here in my plush apartment, drinking a beer and smoking a spliff.

What was I thinking?

Senior Airman McPott

ps the simpsons is coming on.
2001-12-07 06:17:36 PM  
All I said was what's up with Peanut Butter.. my hubby is a medic in the reserves and we have a little stock of the MREs (meal ready eat)... the pb and crackers are good, the rest is pretty bad... the meat is like frkkin cat food. So don't think I'm bashing the military (i gots lots of loved ones flexin nutts as we speak...) i won't pretend to like bush though....
2001-12-07 06:19:13 PM  
heheh. Its amazing how many people go hysterical at the mere mention of something that offends their belief systems. Lots of assumptions about motives! I would never send such a message (would be screened anyway) but joking about it is ok, tools.

EdGeinTheClown? My wit is lacking? How 'bout your name to one of Gein's victims? Little bit of hypocrisy there. Fan of serial killer offended by liberal joke. Man, my heart bleeds.
2001-12-07 06:19:16 PM  
Oh did I say head? I meant to say pull that dick out of your ass. Get with the program man - these people haven't the slightest clue about this war. I'm sure you've seen the lovely pics of our dutiful servants writing "fags" and other intelligent slurs on our beautiful weapons. And criticism of our military does not make me less American - it just means I don't agree with every action this government carries out in my name.
2001-12-07 06:19:49 PM  

How can you say 'Uniformed Agent of GWB's Forces'?? They are America's service men and women. Not GWB's. I could give a shiat about GWB but left wing nut sucks have to associate the military with a republican president. You wouldnt have heard such anti military sentiment during Clinton's presidency.
2001-12-07 06:22:41 PM  
Natix: So if you're in the army and the President calls troops (you included) to fight war, you're going off on your own free will to fight? Or you are a tool of your government?
2001-12-07 06:23:44 PM  
Exactly my point Nez I dont agree with everything our government does either. Obviously alot of military personell don't either. Does that mean that you should write mean things to them while they are away from their families? You shouldnt be attacking the military, attack the polititians. The military doesnt make the policy that you disagree with. so pull that fist out of your vagina before i give you a hot carl.
2001-12-07 06:24:36 PM  
if he calls me i will go. Its my duty,
2001-12-07 06:25:13 PM  
err that should have been a period.
2001-12-07 06:26:32 PM  
It should have been an explanation point, like this!!!
2001-12-07 06:26:44 PM  
If you want to be a tool of your government, be my guest. Just be prepared for heat from the people who oppose you carrying out the intentions of your government.
2001-12-07 06:27:19 PM  
No kiddin Natix.
WHen your in a time of war in the military you have two choices, Do what your told... or die.
2001-12-07 06:27:28 PM  
Kill the messenger?
2001-12-07 06:28:24 PM  
Natix RULES!!!!!!!!!!!
2001-12-07 06:32:34 PM  
Natix: My experience was in Walter Reed Army Medical Center in DC, where hanging on the wall in the barracks and everywhere else were pictures of the high ranking officials of the present government. In the center is the Commander in Chief, and that served as a reminder (to myself at least) that although we serve and fight for the citizens, we are under the hand of the president and his men. Most military people that I knew (and mind you they were between 18-25) were actually serving for themselves, not for you or me. Because of the shiny package deal. I realize that without the people that willing to fight for what we have become, that we will deteriorate.
2001-12-07 06:33:51 PM  
Nez - They're our military, not diversity officers. They're there to kill people, not enrich their lives.
2001-12-07 06:35:03 PM  
Nez, What dont you understand. You dont have a choice when your in the military. If you disobey an order during war you can be shot.

There is no choice. Yeah, when your in the military you're a tool, but I, personally, think Indentured Servant is a better description.
2001-12-07 06:39:36 PM  
I for one am sending a pic with Boobies...

will probably be filtered *sigh*

I used to be one of those guys!
2001-12-07 06:41:54 PM  

I understand your point now. It is sad that most people were in it for the shiny package deal, however it is good for them that we have the package deals. I would like to think that when it comes down to it that our service men and women would step up and decide that they are in this fight for our nation and their families, not that shiny package deal.
2001-12-07 06:51:15 PM  
There is no point in trying to rationalize with someone like Nez who get thier political thoughts from the liner notes of Rage Against the Machine or what ever revolutionary band brought to you by Pepsi and the Gap is hot on Mtv this week. Nez you are a tool as well.. unless you are 100% self suffecient.. someone owns you as well.
2001-12-07 06:53:43 PM  
Does anyone here actually understand how the relationship between the military, the Presidency, and Congress works? From previous posts in this thread, it appears not. The posts have been wrought with sophistry and ignorance, not to mention an (un)healthy dose of disrespect.
Whether or not you support the war or #43, at least have it in your hearts to support the troops over there until they come home to their friends and families.
2001-12-07 06:55:54 PM  
Oh yes - I'm just a music groupie with no opinions of my own, except for those of multi-national coporations and my beloved MTV. That's me exactly. Thank you for being a dumbass.
2001-12-07 07:00:12 PM  
first, a quick thanks for all of the farkers who have respect for the people in the armed forces.

and then for those of you who have no respect for them, you're missing the whole point. if there was no one to protect the united states, then the us would get overthrown and shiat would happen, and then you wouldn't have the right to sit in front of your computer and post the stupid things that you post. at least the people in the armed forces have movtivation in life, and they do get to spend time outdoors, in the sunlight, doing real work, instead of sitting in front of a computer all day and trying to express political views by being extremely insensitive to good americans that are actively doing their civic duty.
2001-12-07 07:00:48 PM  
So, I guess every single service member is in the infantry? They ALL go to foreign countries and pack guns around? Riiiight. What I've learned here, Nez, is that you're a complete farking moron with no sense of what the military is about.

Well, actually, that feeling I get is that most civilians really just don't get it. Apparently, the military is this big monster that does bad things. Never mind all the work that the army corps of engineers does domestically. Nevermind NORAD or the NSA or any other number of domestic responsibilities that are assigned to the military. We'll just conveniently forget about all the good things the military has done because we're all farking morons bent on simplifying the world into MY way and the wrong way. We'll pretend that the military is useless and the people who join up are all dumbarses who don't care what happens to their lives. We'll pretend that one wrong makes 1,500 other rights obsolete. Yeah, what a farking brilliant idea. And we'll just as conveniently forget that the people in the military are in fact people. The people you write to are people who are low ranking... possibly in their first jobs, possibly taking their first steps toward their future careers and finding the military to be the best way to go about it, but definately joining up in the knowledge that people will hate them and throw slurs at them, even as the service members defend the rights of those people to say those things.

I would love to know if you, the people complaining about the military are the same ones saying "we should go over and bomb the shiat out of them." I'm curious how we're going to do that. Would you suggest we each grab a bomb and throw it?
2001-12-07 07:01:50 PM  
Minty-Did I read that right? You're a patriotic, seemingly neo-conservative from BERKELEY?
Please explain. I'm confounded.
2001-12-07 07:05:57 PM  
Jesus christ. I am done with this thread. You people go ahead and wave your flags and jack off to bombs. I will continue to "hug terrorists" as Fb says.
2001-12-07 07:07:03 PM  
Nez-That was quite a well thought out response.
2001-12-07 07:08:59 PM  
Hmm. Is that what you call holding your own?

Veddy interestink.
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