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(BBC-US)   "Could tipping baristas become the norm?" asks reporter who has clearly never been been to America   ( ) divider line
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2014-03-14 06:20:54 PM

And of course, you have to work it out yourself.  For every item.
2014-03-14 06:25:06 PM  
I pour my own coffee at Sheetz, Get Go, or another upscale gas station. I don't understand why people would pay more for their coffee just because someone poured it for them into an inferior paper cup. If I have some time to sit and enjoy my coffee, I go to a diner and drink it from a ceramic cup and tip the waitress more than I payed for the coffee because diners have 1 price for as much coffee as you can drink. Tipping someone to pour coffee into a paper cup? NFW
2014-03-14 06:41:39 PM  

Gunny Highway: I worked at Dunkin when I was younger so I always tip if I go to Dunkin.  Tips kept gas in my tank. I understand why people dont and I dont think it should become expected.

I think the people who are adamantly against tipping need to take responsibility for themselves and not go to places where tips are expected in exchange of services.

That way, we don't have to listen to them cry about how they were held at gunpoint and forced to buy that cup of coffee they didn't really need.
2014-03-14 07:05:57 PM  
Hey, I'm an airline pilot.  Tip me for not crashing into the side of a mountain!  Tipping for a cup of coffee... pft.  Yeah right.
2014-03-14 07:17:06 PM  
Starbucks has modified its mobile phone app so that US customers can add tips for baristas to their bill. Is it normal to tip in coffee shops in the US - and could it catch on in the UK, asks Tom Geoghegan?

Why do they keep asking about tipping when it's a custom we got from them ?
2014-03-14 08:33:40 PM  
It just occurred to me that I used to work food service behind a counter and tips were rare and no one who worked there was butthurt about it all. The customer paid their money, got their product, and the employees got their paycheck. Simple and effective. Why would I expect extra money on top of the perfectly sensible existing arrangement? Some people would put coin change in the tip jar and it'd get split equally at the end of the day. It was 'nice' but nothing to write home about either way.
2014-03-14 09:13:20 PM  
I've worked coffee shops and didn't get tips- didn't care. It was the norm then.

My BIL is a barista. He is on vacation- spent 6 weeks in Australia and is now spending 6 weeks in Africa. Dude makes crazy good cash from tips. Please, all you suckers, help him enjoy his lifestyle.
2014-03-14 10:50:51 PM  
I take it that I should tip one of the minimum wage help staff at Payless Shoes whenever I need them to pull down a pair of shoes for me from the overhang rack.  Oh, don't forget Wendy's were the staff delivers my burger just as requested or when I tell the McDonald's staff to give me a quarter pounder without cheese.  Most importantly, I need to tip the armed security guard in my office lobby because he has a gun and just might decide to use it.  On me!
2014-03-15 01:06:54 AM  

weltallica: [ image 640x508]

And of course, you have to work it out yourself.  For every item.

Or, you know, just for the total and you can wait until you have the bill which works it out for you.

/except the part about the tip, which should be easy enough to figure out by anyone who has passed the 6th grade
2014-03-15 07:59:57 AM  
Nobody is forcing any of you to tip if you don't want to tip.  Somehow this article really pissed a lot of people off.

"The thought of tipping someone for pouring me coffee makes me furious and I feel like I need to rant about why they don't deserve one and justify it to he world"

Don't tip if you want want. Tips are appreciated but rarely are the expected. The people. Who expect them are jerks and jerks should be paid no mind....or tips.
2014-03-15 08:04:50 AM  
And now that I am thinking about it more, do you guys think these tips are anything more than the left over change or maybe a dollar? If that bothers you and leads you down a "DO I TIP THIS PERSON?" tirade just pay with a debit card and walk out, the "expectation" of a tip disappears when you use a card.

2014-03-15 08:07:12 AM  

/okay I am done
///about tipping for coffee
2014-03-15 09:07:06 AM  
You will all be happy to hear that I tried to tip the kid at Dunkin this morning and he told me they aren't allowed to accept tips.
hej [TotalFark]
2014-03-15 11:30:40 AM  

Gunny Highway: I think people are over thinking this. You dont have to tip the person who serves you coffee no matter what the article says.  You either tip or you dont tip.  I really dont see why this has to be an argument.

I think the argument had moved on from "should you tip", to the ethics of staffing businesses with pan handlers.
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