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(Sun Sentinel)   Teachers will now be allowed to pack heat and stand their ground against miserable, sassmouth sixth graders   ( ) divider line
    More: Florida, Sandy Hook Elementary, teachers, judicial panel, charter schools, graders, major sixth, Palm Beach County  
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2014-03-13 12:38:05 PM  

stonicus: Gun nuts... ugh... It makes me sad that so many people have this sick fetish of wanting to kill another human being...

Great trolltastic post. By the way, isn't the popular belief that we shouldn't persecute all Muslims just because a few of them are douches? But the same logic doesn't apply to gun owners because of...reasons.
2014-03-13 02:08:02 PM  

rkiller1: xanadian: I'm OK with this.  I mean, have you MET today's average 6th grader?  They're farking MONSTERS!!!


I help coach a Little League team of nearly a dozen 6th graders, who are well-behaved, attentive and funny.  Perhaps because they play baseball they're not average.

Little League is the very definition of average.

/played up to seniors
2014-03-13 02:17:35 PM  

StoPPeRmobile: washington-babylon: pkellmey: The only missing step is to actually help the kids exercise their constitutional rights with mandatory gun training classes so they hit what they are aiming at and all will be well in the world.

Not a bad idea, actually. Train them young so all the mystique of the forbidden fruit goes away.

Like sex ed?

Kind of. Teach them how to properly use something, as they will eventually do it anyway. Might as well steer them away from the improper use of firearms early (yes, murder is improper use) so when they get older they will be less likely to go all murderous on somebody.
2014-03-13 05:51:20 PM  
'Death by Janitor' they'll call it when little Persephone North Blanket Indigo Moon Pencil Arid Kravitz just can't take it another day.
2014-03-13 05:59:42 PM  

StoPPeRmobile: Mr.Tangent: Headline is a little alarmist and misleading but it's still a stupid idea.

FTA, Robert Runcie. "We need to continue working with local law enforcement, school police, school resource officers, campus security specialists and monitors to maintain safe learning environments."

Wishful thinking is clearly the solution, since it has been working so well lately.

School police? Are things really that bad in the US that you actually have school police?
2014-03-14 04:06:14 AM  
What could possibly go wrong? It's not like a Florida high school teacher ever flipped out and became a mass murderer.

Except for that one time.
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