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(NBC Bay Area)   6 alarm fire in San Francisco. Live coverage   ( divider line
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2014-03-12 12:42:16 AM  
When I first read the headline, I thought this had to do with the 9ers signing Jonathan Martin.
2014-03-12 12:43:28 AM  

Oldiron_79: I know exactly no one in Frisco

We can tell.
2014-03-12 12:45:01 AM  
I bet the gay jews did it

/Mel Gilbson channeling Mel Gibson impersonating Shatner
2014-03-12 01:08:58 AM
2014-03-12 01:43:46 AM  
I watched the video of the partial collapse. Obviously a false flag operation.
2014-03-12 01:44:14 AM  
I did a bunch of work on one of the four buildings in that whole development. Actually am still doing work there. It was supposed to finish 12/11, still going strong. Worst job in my 10 years in the trades. Although I only jokingly wished it would burn to the ground, and it is a different building, I still feel kinda bad for even thinking that.

I must say that when I first saw those two buildings being built with so much wood, I was surprised it complied SF building codes. I am sure we will see a code change soon.

I guess this is a pretty good excuse to stay away from that shiathole of a job for the rest of the week.
2014-03-12 02:05:16 AM  

shower_in_my_socks: It's not like they have a history of complete devastation by fire, so no biggie.
2014-03-12 02:09:07 AM  
There was a senior housing project built very close to the the BART tracks in West Oakland. It looked like I could touch that lumber tower from the train. That was torched and the tracks were closed while the fire department used them to fight the fire. The whole thing went up like a torch.

Not sure I would want anyone to live in something like that. I know we could use housing,but not hastily constructed fire traps.

2014-03-12 02:25:53 AM  
As daylight waned, the flames calmed and the smoke turned from black to white.

So the good news is, San Francisco has a new pope.
2014-03-12 02:28:04 AM  
The property was barred from cleanup and re-development thanks to concerns expressed about displacement of mice in the runins during a city hearing.
2014-03-12 02:30:30 AM  

zimbach: This is a repeat of the Santana Row fire in San Jose nearly a decade ago.

That's the first thing I thought too, except this was on a grander scale.
2014-03-12 02:40:46 AM  

Cerebral Infarktion: [ image 850x360]

Gads! Now I'm having flashbacks of the gawd-awful acting of Tanya Roberts and her whore-gun makeup failing at pretending to be attracted to a geriatric Roger Moore.

/But Grace Jones was fantastic casting.
2014-03-12 04:00:52 AM  
Breaking news:  The fire was started by a couple of flaming homosexuals with the hots for one another.
2014-03-12 04:19:26 AM  
If only there were a building nearby with a convenient waterfall on it.
2014-03-12 04:51:35 AM  
""We carry comprehensive insurance coverage for events such as this including hard cost replacement, soft costs and loss of revenue.'' "

I think I've found the problem
2014-03-12 04:55:05 AM  
The Big Earthquake is going to burn that city to the ground again.
2014-03-12 05:38:16 AM  
The current video they have up is Ric Romero comedy gold.

Eye Witness: "I could feel it from across the street."
Reporter: "What did it feel like."
Reporter: "Very hot."

2014-03-12 05:42:35 AM  
a woman opened her window, her cat got scared cause it got to hot, had to be rescued.
wtf san fransisco?

i know it happens but god damn. thats BREAKING NEWS?
2014-03-12 06:20:12 AM  

JonBuck: Theaetetus:

My first thought too. Was this going to become more high-priced apartments for programmers, pushing out more of the poorer folks in the city?

No. What's pushing up rents is the inability of developers to build enough apartments/condos to meet demand due to NIMBYism. Restrained supply = rents go up. An apartment building like this might have actually helped keep rents from going even higher.

That's not the only thing pushing rents up. There are a lot of Ellis Act cases turning out renters to convert apartments to condos and sell homes to cash-rich speculators. Bidding wars are still a thing.
2014-03-12 09:31:32 AM  
burn more of 'frisco
no army there to save the city this time
2014-03-12 10:36:30 AM  

natas6.0: good
burn more of 'frisco
no army there to save the city this time

Why do so many people have a bug up their ass about San Francisco?
2014-03-12 10:56:08 AM  

lostcat: natas6.0: good
burn more of 'frisco
no army there to save the city this time

Why do so many people have a bug up their ass about San Francisco?

Some folks just can't stand it that there are places that aren't as miserable as where they themselves live.
2014-03-12 11:51:10 AM  
The thing people like about SF is the people in SF.

Our best and brightest and hottest compete to live there.
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