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(Heartland Connection)   Cult town in Southeast Iowa in danger of going full Waco   ( divider line 254
    More: Scary, Waco, Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, Iowa Department of Transportation, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, unrest  
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2014-03-12 06:53:09 PM  

HeadLever: Mock26: Of course not, but it is equally stupid to suggest that the government just throw away yet more money by surrounding the place and just sitting on their arses for even longer than the 51 days

Sure, they could have pulled the tanks, armored carriers, and thousands of armed government agents back away from the compound and simply placed the area under surveillance with about a 1/10th the personnel.  Just apprehend all that comes out for food and eventually you will have them all.  Pretty easy if you ask me and low cost as well.

Yeah, some innocents died, but big farking deal.  shiat happens.

I'd bet you feel the same exact way when it is your kids that are killed.  Your disregard for human life is telling

It is not a disregard for human life.  It is simply not giving bent out of shape over the deaths of a bunch of people whom I did not know.  There is huge difference there.
2014-03-12 07:00:12 PM  

UNAUTHORIZED FINGER: Mock26: Nowhere have I said that the branchies deserved to die or that they should not have had their day in court. But, sch!tt happens, and this just happens to be one situation where the sch!tt was a really big one. I am just saying that I do not blame the government. I do not think that all the leaders were sitting around and on day 51 they all said, "Hey, do you know what would look great on TV? If we went in guns blazing and murdered a bunch of innocent women and children! Yeah, that would be freaking AWESOME!" Anyone who believes that or that they decided to skip the courts and the entire judicial system and deliberately killed them is the king of idiots. The federal agents made a decision to end the siege and apprehend the criminals. Those criminals chose to fight. And they died. Sometimes that happens. And this is one of those situations. The branchies have only themselves to blame. They broke the law. They decided on armed resistance. They could have avoided all of this by giving up on Day 1. Blame them for deciding they were above the law. Do not blame the federal agents for doing their job.

[ image 500x271]

/now do you get it?

What parts of my post do you need a citation for?  The part about not saying that they should go in there and kill everyone?  Well, if you notice I prefaced that with "I do not think" which means that that is my opinion.  It is not a statement of fact.  The part about the federal agents deciding to end the siege?  Um, that is common knowledge.  They stormed the place.  Or do you deny that that happened?   Or maybe you need proof about the illegal firearms?

There you go.  Now choke on a rooster and die.
2014-03-12 10:34:38 PM  

Mock26: It is not a disregard for human life.  It is simply not giving bent out of shape over the deaths of a bunch of people whom I did not know.

Not disregard?

Mockk26: Yeah, some innocents died, but big farking deal.

ummmm, yeah.
2014-03-13 01:21:07 AM  
I live less than a half an hour away from Fairfield.  The floaters are... interesting folks, to say the least.  We have groups come through every now and then, and I always feel a little awkward.  Not bad awkward, just that kind of awkward where people have beliefs I find weird and are open about them, and not in the way that I feel comfortable asking questions.

'tis a strange place, Fairfield.  Full of all sorts of little oddities.
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