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(Opposing Views)   Woman who set her husband on fire was "unhappy with her marriage"   ( divider line
    More: Obvious, Shriya Patel, murders  
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2014-03-11 02:08:00 PM  
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2014-03-11 07:55:35 PM  
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Well, I read more through the other links, which explained more. I guess that accounts for some of the hate for Opposing Views (lazy journalism, if you can call it that)...

"Judge David Crain has called in an alternate juror after one of the women on the jury failed to show up to court Monday morning. The foreperson for the jury said the woman appeared to be non-responsive or gave "drastically inappropriate responses" Friday when jurors discussed the case for more than eight hours before they were sent home for the weekend."

The other details are pretty horrific. He's lived here much of his life. He gets into an arranged marriage. Takes a year for the paperwork to complete. She arrives, but by the time she arrives, he's been laid off from his job. She's here a week, sets him on fire. Her defense claims it was assisted suicide. However, the man's own words of "why would she do this?" and the evidence of the burning on the inside of the bathroom door as he fought to break through it (was locked) would indicate otherwise.

Also, she admitted to going through the marriage to make another lover jealous.

This was one cold lady.
2014-03-11 07:27:10 PM  
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Astorix: Why do so many Opposing Views articles get greenlit? Tedious.

Didn't you notice they were gone for a good month? And WHAT a good month.
2014-03-11 04:22:05 PM  
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Has no one kindly submitted a non-Opposing Views link yet?
2014-03-11 03:43:16 PM  
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monoski: abhorrent1: Wait. This happened in Texas and she didn't get the death penalty?

Would suggest she is white. DNRTFA

You're wrong. She's female. And she was unhappy in her marriage. Case closed!
2014-03-11 03:41:12 PM  
1 vote:
Opposing Views is the new Fark TV
2014-03-11 03:15:55 PM  
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weltallica: If they have kids, the courts will award her custody.



What is with the militant fems vs. Men's Right wharbblgarrbl?

Lady crazy, should be murder of dude, and to this post: NO. STAHP POSTING.
2014-03-11 03:04:56 PM  
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scottydoesntknow: Also is that Grimace blowing his load between the two ladies?

Don't know what else it could possibly be...
2014-03-11 02:30:35 PM  
1 vote:
Why do so many Opposing Views articles get greenlit? Tedious.
2014-03-11 02:25:43 PM  
1 vote:
Wait. This happened in Texas and she didn't get the death penalty?
2014-03-11 01:55:03 PM  
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Approves of wife's actions:

sanjosebarstool.files.wordpress.comView Full Size

Burn it all.

2014-03-11 12:49:36 PM  
1 vote:
And in case anybody misinterpreted, when I said, "oh, look, Opposing Views is back," I did not mean, "Oh, yay, I've missed Opposing Views and am happy to see a new link from their site." Instead, I meant something more along the lines of, "Opposing Views is an utterly meritless black hole of crap, crap so densely packed that even light cannot escape, and the absence of its rampant plagiarism, thoughtless parroting, and empty-headed vapidity from the Fark queue has been a blessed respite that now, sadly, seems to have ended."
2014-03-11 12:21:57 PM  
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Pocket Ninja: Oh, look, Opposing Views is back.

And its citing Daily Fail.

This is almost a trifecta of suck.
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