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(WWE)   How will Vince screw over the fans this week? Is Hulk Hogan's big announcement about his sex tape? Will Bork Lesnar break Grandpa Undertaker in half? Find out on WWE Monday Night Raw, 8 PM on USA   ( divider line
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2014-03-12 09:31:44 AM  
1 vote:

FirstNationalBastard: I remember Kizarny

I remember when Stevie Ray stole Booker's T.
2014-03-11 04:10:48 PM  
1 vote:

Gunny Highway: Jim from Saint Paul: Gunny Highway: If they had dropped the ball and moved him out of the spot light,

They did. He didn't start or end raw. He was at Kofi status for a few weeks. He wasn;t talking into a new hour. It's the fans making sure they made it clear that this was dumb and they wanted more.

They DID do as good of a job of fixing a mess THEY created as possible. I applaud them for that.

This doesn;t change the fact they were the ones who screwed it up to begin with.

Eh, traveling live theater for regular salt of the Earth people isn't an exact science.

Vince Russo like typing detected.
2014-03-11 03:59:09 PM  
1 vote:

Gunny Highway: If they had dropped the ball and moved him out of the spot light,

They did. He didn't start or end raw. He was at Kofi status for a few weeks. He wasn;t talking into a new hour. It's the fans making sure they made it clear that this was dumb and they wanted more.

They DID do as good of a job of fixing a mess THEY created as possible. I applaud them for that.

This doesn;t change the fact they were the ones who screwed it up to begin with.
2014-03-11 01:39:47 PM  
1 vote:
I decided not to trash RAW in this review because simply, there was nothing to trash.
After watching the TNA PPV on Sunday night, I have learned to appreciate what we have.
I may not agree with some of the angles or storylines the WWE throws at us but anything is better than TNA.
The Daniel Bryan segment was something I've never seen before and his demands were exactly what we wanted.
This is going to be our WrestleMania and that is that.
I might have something more to say a little later but for now, I going to leave well enough alone.

A funny thing happened at work on Monday. A co-worker, who is Filipino, was wearing a 'Hello! My name is Awesome!' T-shirt.
I said, "Hey, I like your Miz shirt." and he looked at me all confused and asked,
"What's a Miz? I got this from a bargain bin for $3 bucks."
I told him he probably paid too much.
2014-03-10 11:24:50 PM  
1 vote:

clintster: EqualOpportunityEnslaver: Nick el Ass: TheManofPA: Nick el Ass: Bootista is resting a lot in this match. I think it is clear why Bryan is needed in the Mania match.

I hadn't thought of that, I might have to reconsider if BDB could actually win so that the Wrestlemania title match could go beyond 10 minutes

Bootista reminds me of the Ultimate Warrior in a lot of aspects including his rope shaking thing... and his inability to last long in the ring. Warrior had his moments like the title vs. Title match against Hogan. None the less, they were few and far between.

His finest moment was obviously WM12

Which is why Gagne won't be inducting him into the HOF.

That moment set everything into motion.

HHH lost Sable that night too, which led to Mr. Hughes and finally Chyna, which gave us the Clenis.

HHH has been afraid to look bad ever since that match and now that he's Warrior, he treats midcarders the same way he was treated all to hide his own insecurity about losing a scripted fight because that loss nearly destroyed him.

And soon after, Warrior was gone giving us Hogan/Warrior in WCW and a storyline that hastened the demise of WCW, leaving us with the monopoly we have today.

That was the day the entrance music died.
2014-03-10 11:14:19 PM  
1 vote:

Grand_Moff_Joseph: Ok, serious question:

WWE will of course try to pass this off as "part of the plan all along/it's a work", but in the long run, can we legit give credit to the fans for forcing a change?

I only say this because I really can't see WWE even considering a triple-threat if not for the fans' actions since RR.  They might act like they planned this out, but I really think they got cornered on this one a bit.

Thoughts?  (besides Joe is a mark, lol)

Well, my Horsemen brethren, yes the fans did this. They wanted Batista as a face to come back, promote a movie where he's totally overshadowed by Bradley Cooper as a raccoon, walk around with the titles while Orton sulked... uh-uh. We want Bryan, the fans said, over and over and louder and louder since WM two years ago. Can't be stopped, even though it's funny to bury the little guy. Well, the hand has been played and it's potentially time to celebrate in a few weeks. Him being in the title match saves their asses. Creative has been incredibly bad, and when fans wanted to revolt, Creative turned around and made a great showing of Raw in Chicago. Lots of big events happened, because the E wanted to keep fans happy.

The fans are winning, even slightly. WWE is saving their own butts right now twisting matches into "I totally planned this". Even though we knew since before RR that the plan was the current lineup with the small tweak of Bryan vs. HHH and getting in the title match, instead of Punk vs. HHH and Bryan vs. Who the fark cares.
2014-03-10 11:09:48 PM  
1 vote:

ShiningWizard: clintster: The_Y2P_Problem: clintster: The_Y2P_Problem: Nick el Ass: tbaughm: Tenor Reaper: I'm not reading through 700 comments right now - did the Authority really pull a Triple Threat for the title?

Yep. Steph got a little angry/orgasmy in the process, but it happened*

If that is Steph's voice when she is being porked that would give me nightmares.

I'm imagining it as her "a midget is dangling from my asshole because his arm is wedged in there" voice, personally.

But then I spent way too long on that Fuddfiction and I can't really get it out of my head right now.

Just give a little heads up when/if you get ready to post it.

Already posted, sunshine.

I shouldn't go back to look... I shouldn't go back to look... I shouldn't go back to look...

Do it. Doooooo ETTTTTTTTTT!!!!

I'll be sending you half of my therapy bill.

/Y2P, you get the other half
//I think I just vomited my shoes
2014-03-10 10:48:23 PM  
1 vote:

clintster: If they made the Andre Trophy an annual thing, I'd be into it.


What the actual trophy will look like:
static.neatorama.comView Full Size
2014-03-10 10:43:20 PM  
1 vote:

BinaryOrc: That guy on the bike: Well tonight's Raw is brought to me by Sixpoint Brewery's Global Warmer

it goes great with my tuna sandwich (tuna with BBQ sauce is amazing, you should try it)

In three weeks, RAW will be brought to me by either my homebrewed Florida Orange Blossom Honey Ale, or my homebrewed Wisconsin Fruit Orchard Hobey Ale. Or maybe both. For science.

In about four well be brought to us by my own stout.

/yay fWc homebrewing crew!
2014-03-10 10:32:35 PM  
1 vote:

MagSeven: verbaltoxin: robsul82: I wish I could say I'm shocked Lance Storm and Jimmy Korderas are on Twitter implying this was the plan all along, but I can't, lol.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, and we're all stupid marks for continuing to watch. Got it. F*ck you in the mouth, Storm.

Are you serious?

Storm's been white knighting big time for WWE, probably because he thinks it'll help his students get contracts.
2014-03-10 10:09:52 PM  
1 vote:

Flappyhead: Supercampion: my lip balm addiction: MC3HSandowBeatdownMovementGredunza


NPO taking the belts tonight.

2014-03-10 10:09:36 PM  
1 vote:

Supercampion: my lip balm addiction: MC3HSandowBeatdownMovementGredunza


NPO taking the belts tonight.
2014-03-10 09:59:50 PM  
1 vote:

Eddie T. Head: And here comes a bunch of local indy workers to occupy the ring with DBD.

And with that I gotta check out.  Third shift sucks as always.

Later, marks.

You should get on first shift
2014-03-10 09:45:39 PM  
1 vote:
Hey Punk... hope you're enjoying your little walkout. Be a shame if something happened to your sweet little girlfriend's push while you were away...
2014-03-10 09:44:43 PM  
1 vote:
See AJ? Next time just use the SHINING WIZARD!!!
2014-03-10 09:43:48 PM  
1 vote:

eagles95: Nattie is not good on the mic

She's definitely a Hart in that respect.
2014-03-10 09:34:58 PM  
1 vote:

Dougie AXP: can someone give me a summary?

sleep was nice

1.  Brotthherrrr, followed by Brraabbado
2.  Luke Harper beats Cena up for 5 minutes, then loses via rollup because LOLCENA
3.  Cena/Hulk pose off
4.  Usos win a match
5.  Big E beats Thwagger, Zeb throws a shiat fit that would fit in at CPAC
6.  Taker promo
7. Nips and Trips want Bryan to apologize because Benghazi
8. Royal Rumble reenactment match at WM  (seriously)
9. Shield beats Rhodes
2014-03-10 09:32:02 PM  
1 vote:

Dougie AXP: can someone give me a summary?

sleep was nice

Some guys came out, said some stuff, and they went to commercial. Download the app, buy the network.
2014-03-10 09:23:14 PM  
1 vote:

Bobby_and_The_Gorilla: The_Y2P_Problem: Mztlplx: FirstNationalBastard: Next year is the Macho Man Randy Savage memorial Stephanie McMahon gangbang.

Dammit...I was hoping to sleep sometime tonight.

So was I.  You have any idea how long that's going to take to write that Fuddfiction and how long I'm going to debate posting a story where Hornswoggle ruins everything by getting his entire arm caught inside one of Stephanie's orifices because I'm worried about getting a vacation from Fark?


My inner Kwang cannot handle being disgraced....

I just hope the mods accept the Nuremberg Defense.

grilledshane.comView Full Size

"'Come and get it, boys....'"

Stephanie McMahon way seductivewy duh bed in duh middwe of the hotew woom.  She was cwad in an ovuhsized Huwk Wuwes t-shiwt dat fit huh wike a dwess.  Duh eagwe eyed couwd see dat duh shiwt was duh onwy awticwe of cwothing she wowe, save fuh a few snap bwacewets and a bwight wed thick haiwband.  Duh sheets wewe a gawish pink and zebwa stwip pattewn wiff a neon gween fwinge.

Big E Wangston, Fandango, Dawwen Young, Twipuh H, Shawn Michauhs, Duh Woad Dogg, and Biwwy Gunn aww stood in the woom. Big E, Fandango, and Dawwen wooked at each othuh confused as duh Kwiq took off dewe heavy twench coats to weveaw cwotchwess neon gween checkuhed tights wiff fwing and tassles and nothing ewse.  Duh Kwiq jumped in bed wiff Stephanie, who wooked at duh wookies expectantwy.

'Awen't you joining us?'

Fandango was duh fiwst to speak.

'You mean, wike, have an owgy with you, youah husband, and his fwiends whiwe youah dwessed up wike a fouahteen yeah owd giwl fwom 1990?'

HBK gwinned.

'What'd ya think we wuh doin' when we said we wuh honowing Wandy Savage, skippy?  A Swim Jim eating contest?'

Dawwen just thwew his hands up in duh aiw.

'Yo, but I'm gay!'

Duh entiwe Kwiq spoke up at once.

'We know!'

Dawwen just shook his head.

'To heww wiff dat.  Ain't nobody got time fuh dat!'

Big E. Wangston just shook his head.

'Fawk dis.  I'd wather be Intuhcontinenuh Champion fuh duh west of my wife....'

Twipwe H piped up.

'Considuh it done-uh!'

As Dawwen and Big E Wangston weft duh woom, Fandango stood thoughtfuwwy as he suhveyed duh scene.

'I pewsonawwy wike to get weiwd... but a gangbang to cewebwate a man having unduhaged sex wiff a minuh who was cweawy emotionawwy damaged by it?' Fandango took a wong, deep bweath.  'Yeah.  Dat's outside my weiwd thweshold by... quite a bit, actuawwy.'

Fandago foxtwotted out of duh woom whiwe Stephanie wooked at duh membuhs of duh Kwiq.

'Why is it duh new bwood nevuh sticks awound?'

Huntuh shwugged his shouwduhs.

'Dey didn't weawn-uh fwom Zack Wyduh, CM Punk, oauh Daniew Bwyan-uh...'

Woad Dogg weaned on top of Huntuh's back.

'We gonna get down to business oauh what?'

Just den, a wustwing was heauhd fwom unduh duh bed.  Hownswoggwe cwawwed out fwom unduhneath, dwessed in one of duh owd Macho Midget outfits.  He immediatewy dove between Stephanie's wegs.  Stephanie shwieked and twied to get him to back off.

'No!  NO!  Hownswoggwe!  I'm not weady fuh you yet! HOWNSWOGGWE!'

It was too wate as Hownswoggwe went to fuwfiww his woww in duh wowepway and insewted awm into Stephanie's tenduh anaw cavity.  howevah, Stephanie had not been wimbuhed up fuh duh maneuvuh and Hownswoggwe was stuck.  He stwuggwed to fwee his wittwe awm to no avaiw.

'Uh... A wittle hewp.'

HBK snickuhed as duh west of duh Kwiq gwawed at him.

'He said... a wittwe hewp.... he's a wittwe pewson!  DAT'S FUNNY!'

Biwwy Gunn went to puww Hownswoggwe out to no avaiw.

'Ya need moah wevewage, Steph!'

Stephanie stood up, duh Huwk Wules shirt covuhing hew body, but stiww showing Hownswoggwe dangwing helpwessely fwom duh end of huh digestive twack.  Just den, duh door fwew open.

Vince McMahon stood at duh dooahway, naked save fuh one of Macho Man's owd cowboy hats, his fwinged white weathuh jacket.  He had a fistfuw of Swim Jims and a bottwe of Ico Pwo in hand to get him twough duh night.

'OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YEA- What duh heww is going on heah?! He's not supposed to come in fuh anudda houah!'

Hownswoggwe sighed as duh Kwiq stawted awguing and Stephanie stawted to cwy.  Duh night was wuined and he was to bwame.  He didn't want to do dis, but he needed duh extwa cash.  He wonduhed weah his wife went wong...  He was a cwuisuhweight champion and a featuhed pawt of Waw...

Now he was hanging on to his wostuh spot by a butt haiuh"
2014-03-10 09:14:26 PM  
1 vote:
Biggest pop so far - a Steve Austin namedrop.
2014-03-10 09:02:29 PM  
1 vote:
no one wants to see Brock Lesnar win.  everyone HATES Lesnar.
2014-03-10 09:01:38 PM  
1 vote:

verbaltoxin: robsul82: Triple H really cares about that tag division, y'all. Grew up on the NWA and all, *cough*...mmhmm.

Did you miss that part where Vince McMahon was still in charge and just as much a micromanager as ever?

No, I missed the part where Hunter gets a pass on things that are supposedly what he's concerned with ending up just as much a dumpster fire as before.  Give me a break with that "Hunter can't do anything about it" nonsense.
2014-03-10 08:31:43 PM  
1 vote:
My son just asked if Steph is a boy or a girl.  The voice made him decide boy.
2014-03-10 08:31:38 PM  
1 vote:

FirstNationalBastard: my lip balm addiction: OMG - please do not respond to that farking insane Meow Said the Dog asshole. I can;t stand his shiat and have him blocked. No one needs to answer or share that garbage. Please just ignore him.

For the proper peace of the FWC. We don't need that sort of crap ruining these threads.


Dude... meow is the best farking gimmick around.


And besides - that is retarded. Bobby & Brain is the best gimmick going. Hands. Down.

/followed closely by karate explosion
damn right nPo 4Lyfe
2014-03-10 08:25:15 PM  
1 vote:
That NCIS tooth drilling was prophetic.
2014-03-10 08:07:42 PM  
1 vote:
It's John Cena and the ghost of Cena future!
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