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(Ozy)   First there was "Bat's Day", now there's DisneyGangs: "They definitely make other guests uncomfortable when they're groups of younger ones,"   ( divider line
    More: Amusing, Disneyland, the guest, California Adventure, motorcycle clubs  
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2014-03-09 03:59:00 PM  
Wow, white trash redneck assholes just have to ruin everything, don't they?
2014-03-09 04:01:08 PM  
Didn't they have stuff like this in the original cyberpunk2020 splatbook?

/no flying car
//working on hoverboard, though
///battery life sucks and it can't lift me yet
2014-03-09 04:06:06 PM
2014-03-09 04:09:33 PM  
It's all fun and games until Pluto takes a knife during a It's a Small World/Mr. Toad's rumble.

/Do the Princesses wear "Property Of" Vests?
2014-03-09 04:11:20 PM  
I can't decide if that falls under quirky, ironic fun or sad, obsessive hobby. And usually I'm quick to default to the latter.
2014-03-09 04:11:26 PM  
Farking hipsters...
2014-03-09 04:13:39 PM  
This was posted farking weeks ago on Fark.

Why you repeat this Mods?
2014-03-09 04:16:28 PM  

Capo Del Bandito: This was posted farking weeks ago on Fark.

Why you repeat this Mods?

Because they are in thrall to The Mouse
2014-03-09 04:16:58 PM  

jamspoon: Because they are in thrall to The Mouse

Because Disney needs publicity?
2014-03-09 04:17:30 PM  
In the 80s when annual passes were new, those were some teenage gangs. Dangerous times. Someone could knock your churro out of your hand at any moment if you weren't careful.
2014-03-09 04:18:10 PM  
2014-03-09 04:30:01 PM  
All these little upstart clubs are trespassing on Mouseketeer turf. Is Britney gonna have to cap some b*tches?
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