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(WPTV)   Man admitted to attacking a dog with a pickaxe because the dog "looked at him funny"   (wptv.com) divider line 54
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2014-03-08 04:33:00 PM

What a dog looking at you funny might look like.
2014-03-08 07:35:34 PM

doglover: Gyrfalcon: It looks at you like a creature with a brain the size of a large radish,

You have no idea how wrong you are.

A: About the smallness of dog brains.

B: About the bigness of the guy in the article's brain.

It's a dog. I've had several. They have very tiny brains, I'm sorry.

A 45-lb dog will have a brain of about 3 oz. A small daikon radish will weigh about 24 oz. So yes, they have tiny brains.
2014-03-09 01:19:27 AM

doglover: Lars The Canadian Viking: What exactly is wrong about killing your own dog? A pickax to the head is a quick, painless death.

Picking it up by the ears and hitting it sounds abusive, but it seems they charged him for killing his own dog without giving it a scary, expensive trip to the vet.

Hey, looks we found our resident serial killer for the day.

How's the quicklime pit full of hookers coming?

I actually agree with Lars here...  this man is clearly not fit to own animals, and it sounds like he should be prosecuted for the way he treated the dog throughout its short life.  Its a strange twist that the one merciful thing he ever did to the dog is the one that's going to (hopefully) land him in jail.

/that's about as quick and painless a death as anyone could hope for.
2014-03-09 01:45:07 AM

drinki bird: /that's about as quick and painless a death as anyone could hope for.

It *could* be quick and painless, if it was one solid shot that killed him right away thing.  But the guy in the article does not sound like the kind of guy that plans that sort of thing out.

Swing, hit him, knock him around, swing again, beat him some more, maybe break a bone, swing again, do some more damage until the dog is no longer able to try and avoid the blows he sees coming, that sounds more like the way it actually went.  I don't know that as fact, but it seems more likely.  It is not what I would call a humane end.

And this wasn't a sick dog who was dying anyway being given a merciful end by his loving owner.  This was an asshole who had abused the dog before.  He went nuts and beat his dog to death with a pickaxe.  His own story is "the dog looked at me funny, so I went and got a pickaxe and beat him to death".

If you think that is rational behavior, you are a slimebag, much like he is.

He's probably right that the dog didn't like him.  That's almost certainly related to the previous abuse.
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