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(   Harlan Ellison goes back in time and finally fixes his hated Star Trek script   ( divider line
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2014-03-07 06:42:56 PM  
Like King, I outgrew Ellison.  I tried to go back and read some of his stuff later in life and I couldn't believe I had ever liked the guy.
2014-03-07 06:46:54 PM  
I love Ellison's non-fiction like the Glass Teat and like a fair bit of his fiction and respect things like Medea and Dangerous Visions but recognize (even from his own writing) that he is an a$$ who I could never tolerate for any period of time.  One of my close friends worked at a science fiction convention and since she was tiny she was assigned to Ellison since he could not stand a person taller than himself, and even so he was still a jerk (she still had a bunch of his books anyway).  Great writer, horrible human being.
2014-03-07 07:16:09 PM  
Pay The Writer! (PNSFW language)
2014-03-07 07:47:34 PM  

RocketRay: Friend of mine collects scifi books and gets them signed.  Has a huge library, each one has a cellophane protector.  Says getting Ellison's signature is the hardest cause he's such a colossal dickwad.

Once he had two books to sign but Harlan would only sign one.  He went through the line again, got recognized and refused to sign.  So he put on a disguise and finally got his second book signed.

I've got his signature...

(CSB time) I met HE on the pcket line during the writers strike in 2007. I and a bunch of people had got together to pay for and deliver pizzas to striking writers to show support, and on the day of a Star Trek day outside Paramount I was helping deliver pizzas. I turned up carrying about ten big pizzas and this short old guy saw them and asked if they were for the strikers, to which I said yes. So he followed us as we found a space and set up a folding table and handed out slices. I got talking to him a bit and then he was approached by a reporter with a cameraman for an interview. I was standing about three feet from him listening and heard him say "When I wrote City On The Edge Of Forever for Star Trek...."
Talked to him after and he was still friendly and happy to talk to the weird English guy who didn't know who he was.
I did see a flash of his potential acerbic side when he was talking and a business card fell out of his jacket pocket. I picked it up and said "You dropped this". He stared at me and said "That's not mine" to which I said "Well it fell out of your pocket"
It wasn't until later I realised that someone must have slipped it into his pocket, but he didn't say anything nasty or have a go at me.

A year or so later.... His wife decides to have a clear out of books and stuff and a list is posted online. One item is a DVD of the Will Smith I Robot that Costco had sold in a special box with HE's I Robot script that was never produced.I bought it and Harlan signed it for me. I read a story online that he had no idea Costco were going to do this until a friend of his phoned him from the store saying "There's a DVD here with your script!" and he bought three copies for Harlan, of which I now have one of them with my name on the box in silver felt tip.

/End CSB
//TLDR: Met him, was nice and friendly, have signed DVD.
2014-03-07 08:45:22 PM Full Size
2014-03-07 11:08:53 PM  
Why the "finally"?   The script was published in book 17 years ago. 64 0/

It is a great script.  But it would not fit with the rest of the series.
2014-03-08 06:05:26 AM  

K3rmy: His short stories about his own life experiences are a hoot to read as well.

Getting fired from Disney for making jokes and impressions about a Mickey/Goofy porn in the lunchroom with the people he was sitting with that was overheard by a few bigwigs at the next table.

Some drunk dude that was having a grand old time being loud in a theater being told once to shut up and, after thinking it was a hoot, finding himself thrown over a balcony in said theater.

Strange Wine, I think.

I had a paperback copy of that centuries ago, and I regret letting it loose :(
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