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(Derby Evening Telegraph)   Diabetes makes us do funny things - feel unwell, stop us from thinking straight and shoplift apparently   ( divider line
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2014-03-06 01:33:43 PM  
But... These are my testing supplies!
2014-03-06 01:33:43 PM  
Wilford Brimley's Five Finger Discount,  y'all!!
2014-03-06 01:35:58 PM  
My sugar was a little weird this morning. I'm off the Neiman-Marcus with my special shoplifting raincoat.
2014-03-06 01:36:45 PM  
So mine is the Boobies to mention......

fc09.deviantart.netView Full Size
2014-03-06 01:37:28 PM  
...aaaaaaand filterpwned. mmmkay.
2014-03-06 01:38:35 PM  
You joke, but your brain stops thinking clearly when it runs out of fuel. In a hypoglycemic incident, it's entirely possible to lose track of where you are and what you're doing and just walk through the door of a store.

/type 1
//I forget words when I get really low.
2014-03-06 01:39:18 PM  
And hypocoffeemia makes me homicidal, too.
2014-03-06 01:43:39 PM  
I've heard Xanax does as well. I met quite a few girls in jail that couldn't take it without ending up at Target loading up their purse.
2014-03-06 01:45:03 PM  
Eat a snickers and stop stealing shiat.
2014-03-06 01:50:28 PM  
We can do that?!?

Seriously though...I could see how this could happen.

ReverendJynxed: Eat a snickers and stop stealing shiat.

This works too. Although i've forgotten what i'm supposed to even do when the "low wave" comes over me. Your mind really does go all forgetful for a while. I went really low shoveling once and forgot how to turn the knob to get back in the house to get some candy.

Yeah...forgot how to turn the knob! Crazy stuff.
2014-03-06 01:51:03 PM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size
2014-03-06 01:51:06 PM  
Actually, yeah, it can. People going through a hypoglycemic episode can lose track of their surroundings, forget whether they've done things (including paying for items), and behave very oddly. For all that people love to mock people with diabetes - and with the number of Hoveround Hogs out there, can't blame them for doing so - it *is* actually a disease, and one of the effects can be serious lapses in concentration and judgement. If she had a history of doing this, then it would be more suspect, but it sounds like her explanation holds up.
2014-03-06 01:51:54 PM  
Seriously. Some strange shiat can happen when your blood glucose drops really low. My father in law was a type 1 diabetic and once had an episode where he woke up in the middle of the night with a really low blood sugar, didn't recognize his wife and was ready to fight her. Thankfully she got him to drink a Coke which helped immensely.
2014-03-06 01:57:39 PM  
When you are low, it can be a little like being drunk. I can totally see it.
2014-03-06 01:58:09 PM  

ReverendJynxed: Eat a snickers and stop stealing shiat.

You are ignorant of diabetes.
2014-03-06 02:00:50 PM  
My FIL is 82, lives by himself and is Type I.  He is stick-thin and we want him to move to assisted living but he refuses.  Every month or so he has an "episode" where he gets low then tears his house apart, busting holes in the drywall, breaking furniture, and causing trauma to himself.   So far he has been incredibly fortunate we or a neighbor have found him in time passed out on the ground.
2014-03-06 02:07:42 PM  
Totally can see it.  When mine drops a lot I stop being able to complete sentences, but before that I can get into really bizarre arguments.  So getting to the point of not being able to finish sentences.....thats a GOOD thing at that point.  Before that I will discuss how converting our form of government to a agile development system will improve the number of people involved, by having daily standups with your mayor and local reps.  And I will COMPLETELY believe it.
2014-03-06 02:18:46 PM  
I'm a type 1 Diabetic, which means I was born with it, and on most days my blood sugar levels tend to be lower than average.

I've crashed several times, including an incident where I left Boone NC to go home, and came to in Roanoke Virginia in the back of an ambulance. I was OK once the paramedics got my glucose levels back to the normal range, but I still can't remember anything about the drive. I most likely would have died if a very alert Virginia State Trooper hadn't seen me with my car windows down on a rainy day.

I backtracked the trip and learned that I had stopped at least once to buy gas, and to get my car washed. I found a third of a roll of quarters in the passenger seat, so I may have washed my car manually

Hypoglycemia is scary stuff. You can perform some fairly complex tasks and have no memory of them, all while appearing to behave in a perfectly normal manner. I'm  not saying I believe the shoplifter is innocent, but what she did isn't outside the realm of possibility.

2014-03-06 02:25:38 PM  
Those diabeetics should all just snap out of it and stop using drugs as a crutch.
/type 2
2014-03-06 02:48:17 PM  

ReverendJynxed: Eat a snickers and stop stealing shiat.

She did. It didn't help enough. Christ, it was in the article.
2014-03-06 03:16:58 PM  
When I'm low I just tend to trail off mid-sentence or stop talking and moving entirely, like someone hit the pause button. I also tend to go low in the grocery store a lot, I'm lucky that I haven't attacked the bakery looking for sweet, sweet carbs.

There's more Type 1s around here than I thought.

2014-03-06 03:19:18 PM  
I spent a summer with my brother in law working construction at his house.  Every once in a while, he'd just hang up on the simplest of things, like taking a measurement.  He pretty much went into zombie mode, until he got his blood right again.  I could see him forgetting to pay, or flat out forgetting what he was shopping for.

No, I didn't read the article.
2014-03-06 03:22:01 PM  
CSB, anyone?

When I was diagnosed (Type 2) my doc recommended I go to a class about how to deal/what to do, etc. It was really helpful but one of the crazier stunts they had us do was to take our blood sugar level, then eat a Snickers (bite-size not a whole bar).

So those of us who were new to it figured Snickers=sugar=my level's gonna spike and spike hard (many times newly diagnosed people freak out and assume you need to quite all sugar cold turkey). The freaky part was almost to a person everyone's levels went down when we tested again about 15-30 minutes later. Has to do with the nuts in the bar.

Obviously this doesn't mean diabetics can go out and eat full-sized Snickers bars to bring their sugar down, but it was still really cool and since we were talking about Snickers I thought I'd bring it up.

/End CSB
2014-03-06 03:24:22 PM  
I wish it could help me get laid more often.
2014-03-06 03:28:19 PM  

Torchsong: The freaky part was almost to a person everyone's levels went down when we tested again about 15-30 minutes later.

Take a reading again in another 30 mins or so and you will see the spike. Also, pending on how much insulin you had in your system and when you injected it may have just been covered.

Things like peanuts will just slow the rate of absorption...but that sweet, sweet snickers sugar will eventually bring you up. Also the fat in chocolate/peanuts slows the absorption. Which is why it is better to have hard candy or gummy or soda or something when low as opposed to chocolate.
2014-03-06 05:50:52 PM  

italie: When you are low, it can be a little like being drunk. I can totally see it.

Yep, which is why you see stories of cops beating up/taserng some poor dude whose blood suagr is out of whack.
2014-03-06 11:53:31 PM  

italie: When you are low, it can be a little like being drunk. I can totally see it.

It can make you have slurred speech, a little sluggish, and incoherent.

It doesn't make you commit crime. lol
2014-03-07 12:00:37 AM  

Terrible Old Man: italie: When you are low, it can be a little like being drunk. I can totally see it.

It can make you have slurred speech, a little sluggish, and incoherent.

It doesn't make you commit crime. lol

You sound like a boring drunk.
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