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(Townhall)   While Wendy Davis won the Democratic nomination for Texas governor she did get crushed by her primary challenger in many areas. Fark: he raised $0 in his campaign   ( divider line
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2014-03-06 09:00:06 PM  

jso2897: The "you can't criticize Obama without being called racist" whine is just that - a whine. It's a passive- agressive "first strike", intended to establish that the discussion is unfair to you without your having bothered to advance any actual ideas.

It's quite the opposite. You're projecting. Calling any criticism of Obama "racist" is an attempt to shoot down the debate so that the merits of the argument can't be questioned so that you don't have to defend any actual ideas. See the thread I linked too and how much is simply "you're only saying this because he's black" instead of actually talking about the issue.
2014-03-07 04:43:45 AM  

BinderWoman: TheBigJerk: Captain Dan: NobleHam: So, some Hispanics voted for the Hispanic guy instead of the white lady? I'm shocked. Surely this means Wendy Davis is a doomed joke of a candidate.

Actually, it probably does.  If Hispanic voters, a majority of all Democrats in Texas, are so turned off by Wendy Davis's abortion activism that they'd rather file a protest vote for a no-hoper, it's less likely that they'll turn out for her in the general election.

Wendy Davis will be defeated by double digits.  I'll place a friendly wager ($0.00, but bragging rights) with anyone who thinks otherwise.

I see that particular lie is common clay gospel now.

She was an "activist" for keeping women's health clinics open despite Texas desperate and unconstitutional attempts to shut them down while lying and claiming it was about abortion.

From today's Houston Chronicle: Three Texas women's health clinics offering abortion services- including both facilities in the Rio Grande Valley and the sole clinic in Beaumont - have permanently shuttered their doors in the face of strict state laws currently being challenged in federal court.

Yeah, I've heard that after a decade of Republican rule in Texas, and with new impossible to follow laws, Texas women are now going to doctors after at-home abortions, because they can't possibly have the experts give them safe abortions.  It like before Roe vs. Wade down there.
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