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149044 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Feb 2004 at 9:36 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-02-01 11:34:46 PM  
I like boobies as much as the next guy, but here's the deall there is a time and place for everything. I don't want to have to police my kids watching a football game, it's very uncomfortable/unnecessary to be watching the super bowl with my 4year old son, 5year old nephew, and 10year old niece and have to deal with some idiot grabbing his schlong and some worn out hasbeen flashing her tit. There are still many people that think there are some things that are not apropriate for young/younger kids. the argument about forcing your views on people goes both ways, there are plenty of avenues to get you boobies fix, there should also be avenues that you don't have to worry about it.
2004-02-01 11:38:15 PM  
Hey! Anyone know where I can order some ShardsOGlass freeze pops? Can't wait to get hooked on them too!

2004-02-01 11:39:36 PM  
another mirror:
2004-02-01 11:41:34 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-02-01 11:41:58 PM  
superbowl = nsfw?
2004-02-01 11:46:06 PM  
You people will believe anything.
2004-02-01 11:46:32 PM  
I can't believe people post Drudge links like they are real news. There is like zero fact checking going on on his site. I guess an attractive story is better than a true one.
2004-02-01 11:47:25 PM  
It's like a pg-13 movie no Bush but breasts are ok
2004-02-01 11:50:42 PM  
What's that red thing in Timberlake's hand? Also, Drudge now has a zoom in. Interesting. (nsfw -- who's at work on Superbowl Sunday?)
2004-02-01 11:51:39 PM  
A tit? Big deal. If I'd been watching, I'd be more shocked that someone thought Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake were actually entertaining.
2004-02-01 11:53:55 PM  
Perhaps it was a historical reenactment?

A deep blue field contains the seal of Virginia with the Latin motto " Sic Semper Tyrannis" - "Thus Always to Tyrants". Adopted in 1776. The two figures are acting out the meaning of the motto. Both are dressed as warriors. The woman, Virtue, represents Virginia. The man holding a scourge and chain shows that he is a tyrant. His fallen crown is nearby. (if I wasn't html deficient this would show nsfw pic of Virginia State Flag).
2004-02-01 11:58:46 PM  
My dad said the stunt was a "flop."


2004-02-01 11:59:06 PM  
Perhaps FCC will come up with rule like it did on the f word (as long as it is an adjective and not a verb it's ok).
Farkers, in this case what would the parallel be? Help the FCC rescue CBS.
2004-02-02 12:05:48 AM  
It's amazing to me that we as Americans are shocked and awed by the fact that someone displayed their BODY on television. Worse, we establish double standards to somehow justify it in our perverted, sex-crazed, voyeuristic minds.

Much as we protest, we're only a few Playboys removed from a burkha world. Hello Puritans, how you doing?
2004-02-02 12:05:57 AM  
In looking at some of the pics it's a nipple ring and jewelery, not a pasty... that isn't legal is it? Just curious, but can't some folks get fined out of this?
2004-02-02 12:09:41 AM  
Oh that was just so not necessary - time and place, man.

They just showed on the late local news that CBS is denying the whole thing anyway. Another Jackson, another scandal.

Go away!!!!!!
2004-02-02 12:09:53 AM  
CBS can suck my big fat dong. Anyway, here's a tip: get rid of your Viacom stock NOW, folks...
2004-02-02 12:10:34 AM  
It's unlikely that MTV will produce another Super Bowl halftime.

Thank the fark christ.
2004-02-02 12:14:05 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Extreme Close Up Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
2004-02-02 12:16:04 AM  
Drudge is for dumbasses.
2004-02-02 12:16:14 AM  
Bye bye naskar, nice knowing you. You should know that boobie pics inline are a NSFW no-no.
2004-02-02 12:20:02 AM  
awesome my first banning...oh well *sniff*
2004-02-02 12:23:29 AM  
2004-02-02 12:33:24 AM  
FCC Section 23A:
If a nipple is exposed to (a) spark desensitization debate thereby marginalizing moral conservatism, (b) revive once profitable entertainment revenue sources, (c) exaggerate future advertising target estimates, (d) contribute to the tassle and pastie syndicate, (e) taunt metrosexuals watching re-run marathons on rival networks, (f) attach a meaningful amount of off-topic spin to high profile entertainment litigation, or (g) totally flip out and play a guitar solo:

may a production assistant be fired, a manager resign, and the case be given witty lip service by every media outlet until someone questions the idea of inventing source material for an industry which depends on endless discourse, empty or no.

caveat: all parties, especially the nipple owner, must appear surprised, embaressed, and shiny stylish when the little bugger pops out.

/wri$t $lap
2004-02-02 12:35:57 AM  
TheBrownCouch: 1. kill radio star.

I knew it! Video was framed -- it was TheBrownCouch all along!!
2004-02-02 12:36:00 AM  
Has anyone seen this MTV press release distributed pre-show that Drudge is claiming exists? Just curious ...

I totally believe it was planned, and I totally believe MTV prolly did distribute such a thing. But has anyone seen it?
2004-02-02 12:40:56 AM  
Oh, duh, there's a link right there.

Way Drudge wrote it though (following the MTV citation directly with a quote) made it look like they explained right in the PR exactly what was gonna happen. Same kind of shiat Ann Coulter is famous for in her shiatty books.
2004-02-02 12:42:04 AM  
Has anyone seen my throwing star?
2004-02-02 12:45:18 AM  
2004-02-02 12:49:58 AM  
BrownCouch -- You're citing section 34B, not section 23A.
2004-02-02 12:52:35 AM  
I think one of the reasons her boob looks so perculiar is that;
A) It's probably not sitting at a natural angle because of the costume. There's probably half of it still inside the costume, so since you only see part of it, it looks odd.
B) The best photo of it is taken from underneath looking up, so it's also not a natural angle for proper breast photography.

The whole thing probably was a big set up. The nearest TV camera had to have been 15-20 yrds away, and with the two of them in a medium shot, it was just enough to make it look like enough of an accident to catch people's eye. You weren't supposed to see any real detail, but just enough to make you go "Hey...what was that?"

Great publicity angle, if that's what it was. If not, Justin better watch his back, because Janet has four other normal brothers who could probably bust his ass pretty good!

The other part of all this that kills me is how fast the pics got online! Especially the close up non-TV cap ones!

/can't believe any part of the future of music is in the hands of someone named "Justin"....eeeesh!
2004-02-02 01:13:18 AM  
Well, my 12 year old daughter wasn't too traumatized, but I do think she lost some respect for Ms. Jackson, and that's a good thing.
2004-02-02 01:18:59 AM  
Showing a breast is wrong wrong WRONG!

We now return to our regularly scheduled war porn on Fox News.
2004-02-02 01:55:01 AM  
Hopefully MTV won't be producing anymore halfime shows. They just seem to miss the mark on sooooo many levels.

A) Didn't care to see Kid Rock with his head stuck through an American Flag. Not exactly the noble patriotism I care for.

and probably even more heinous:

B) When I think of football, I really don't think of Justin Timberlake. I just don't. So many other musicians would have been a better choice. Why Justin?

Just me I guess....
2004-02-02 02:18:00 AM  
Even though more than half of the world's population has or will have breasts, The Conspiracy has made them a commodity, and you must pay the price to access the b00bies.

You must buy the right clothes.
You must have the right car.
You must have the right job.
You must wear the right cologne.
You must have a biatchin' bachelor pad.
You must exercise at membership gyms.
You must see all the right movies.
You must listen the the right music.

Remember, without Certs (with Retsin) or Axe Effect cologne or Doc Marten's or Ray Bans (or whatever stupid shiatty thing is hot now), YOU WILL NEVER GET LAID, MUCH LESS GET TO SEE R34L L1\/E B00B135!!!!!

2004-02-02 03:25:47 AM  
If you believe anything that comes out of drudges mouth you really have no clue. The guy is over plays and makes news stories up just to bait people.
2004-02-02 03:36:15 AM  
I guess Justin just meant to feel her up and his hand got caught, eh?
2004-02-02 05:32:15 AM  
2004-02-01 09:56:06 PM Dorf11
Meanwhile in Germany, there's a TV commercial for milk showing a girl fondling both bare boobies.
/just a guess, probably right.

Actually she's fondling the breasts of a cow.

2004-02-01 10:01:06 PM bdMurray
Anyone olse notice the apparent boner in the first pic? anyone?

What? On Janet you mean? Given that Janet is Michael in drag (and boot polish) this is hardly surprising.

2004-02-02 07:23:53 AM  
the nipple covered by a metal 'solar' nipple medallion.


2004-02-02 07:24:55 AM  
Not that I mind that sort of thing, just "pointing" it out. so to speak
2004-02-02 08:22:51 AM  
I'm still here? Cool, I guess....
2004-02-02 09:59:21 AM  
There are more people talking about this stupid issue in my office this morning than I have ever heard any single issue discussed around here ever. How sad is it that, with all the bs crap going on the world - real issues with serious consequences - this would be the one thing that actually gets people all riled up? Please just put me to sleep now.
2004-02-02 10:09:14 AM  

Bush can cheat us, declare war on anyone, threaten nuclear attacks on Korea, bankrupt us, watch us all become unemployed, shiate on the environment...

and we get riled up over a boob?!
2004-02-02 11:27:08 AM  
It's just the shock of wanting to see it (the boob) for 15 years then..all of a sudden there it is...and we're all like ewwww.

Sorry, if she was still the same woman from those pictures posted above, it may be different...but she's not.
2004-02-02 11:36:10 AM  
Just for the sake of gauging the pulse of the public, I've taken the precaution (if it can be called that) of taking a poll to see if people were indeed "morally corrupted" by said display.

Take it for yourself on my homepage, fellow Farkers.
2004-02-02 12:20:54 PM  
It was obviously planned, why was she wearing that thingee on her nipple if she didn't intend to take off her top and show it?
2004-02-02 12:41:04 PM  
Headline: Justin unplugs Janet's tit concealer during the superbowl halftime show ... not to be outdone, CBS unplugs MTV from future superbowl halftime shows.

By the way, Beyonce did an outstanding pre-game show.
2004-02-02 12:59:25 PM  
I demand an EyeVision replay of that spectacular fumble.
2004-02-02 04:12:00 PM  
How is that "nipple medallion" attached, anyway?
Doesn't look like something I want on my boob.
2004-02-02 05:02:15 PM  
Isn't anybody else sick of the whole Jackson family and their vampirish need for adulation and publicity?

SICK! Farkin sick. All of them.
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