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(ReplayTV) Boobies Janet Jackson flashes over 140 million Super Bowl viewers. (Not safe for work. Link re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-fixed; not Yahoo anymore)   ( divider line
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562059 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Feb 2004 at 9:06 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-02-01 10:26:18 PM  
I thought it was Michael with yet another "enhancement" touch up. Halftime sucks -- cruised pr0n instead.
2004-02-01 10:26:31 PM  
I guess the situation is that during the Super Bowl, the most watched sports event in the world...people want sex more than politics.
2004-02-01 10:27:06 PM  
awww... I thought he was gonna miss it.
2004-02-01 10:27:23 PM  
She looked like Scorpius from Farscape.
2004-02-01 10:27:38 PM  
Patriots Win
Kittens Die

Yet another successful Super Bowl
2004-02-01 10:27:48 PM  
from theDavid's link

It's unlikely that MTV will produce another Super Bowl halftime. nfl exec Joe Brown

that at least is a positive outcome

that and seeing boobies.
2004-02-01 10:28:41 PM  
Pats win
2004-02-01 10:29:47 PM  
pats win
2004-02-01 10:29:59 PM  
Tivo owns you.

1280x1024 picture, digital. rox.
2004-02-01 10:30:48 PM  
Well, that was fun.

You guys'll have to come over and do it again some time.

I'm goin' to bed. Y'all don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.
2004-02-01 10:31:01 PM  
"New" England beats America
2004-02-01 10:31:08 PM  
Another streaker pic:​_SPORT-N FL.jpg
2004-02-01 10:31:36 PM  
It was a conspiracy. The pasty was the patsy.
2004-02-01 10:31:39 PM  
I'm so torn... Boobies on one hand, but MTV on the other.. Should I let my hatred of mtv overrule... Hmm..

/Fark it.. BOOBIES!
2004-02-01 10:32:51 PM  
game over.... thank god, I don't have to listen to Phil Simms anymore.
2004-02-01 10:33:18 PM  
Actually, I think something might have gone wrong. If you look at the video here, keep an eye on Justin as it happens. Yes, I know it's difficult, but trust me. Watch his expression.

After he rips it off, you can see him do a subdued "oh fark" take. What I think was supposed to happen, is the outer black part was supposed to come off leaving the red part intact. Of course, Justin grabbed both layers and yanked them both off.

The nipple cover, of course, is suspicious and lends lots of credibility to it being a stunt. It's possible, however, that it was there as a safety in case something like this happened. Probably the only way they'd have gotten the network to go along with it.

Plus, Janet looks genuinely pissed in this picture.
2004-02-01 10:33:57 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2004-02-01 10:34:57 PM  
I was expecting something somewhat larger.

My fault, of course -- I keep confusing Janet Jackson with Oprah...
2004-02-01 10:36:49 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-02-01 10:38:13 PM  
What once would have been posted as NSFW now is legitimate thanks to CBS. Let's hope this is a new trend.
2004-02-01 10:39:38 PM  
So, BuckeyeDEJ, where's the link to the high-rez photo? ;-)
2004-02-01 10:41:19 PM  
Typical MTV...pushing the envelope, and making believe they define "cool".

I say it was in extremely poor taste. No regard for the audience.
2004-02-01 10:43:26 PM  
sherman uber alles

BTW, why does Drudge list Viacom as CBS's sister affiliate??? Viacom owns CBS. Jeez...

He actually said "CBS's sister outlet [VIACOM's] MTV promised..." IOW, MTV is the sister outlet, also owned by Viacom.
2004-02-01 10:50:27 PM  
i really didn't need to see that marvin.
2004-02-01 10:51:32 PM  
Hook, line & stinker:

I can't believe you (somewhat intelligent people) are debating this was/wasn't part of the show, a climax, a stunt...

I can't believe Americans are so sexually and intellectually paralyzed/anxious that this is of interest (let alone exciting)...
I can believe, however, more now than ever, that "ya'll" (as isolationists) really are an intolerably conservative, mentally conditioned, and culturally immature/nascent country (borne every minute).
2004-02-01 10:52:31 PM  
Every time I see her, I'm reminded of Michael. Yet, I'm still a little turned on. Is that normal?
2004-02-01 10:53:49 PM  
Heh....Justin certainly appears to be enjoying it (cough cough)
2004-02-01 10:54:34 PM  
Ok, logically speaking here. If CBS did not approve this, then why did Janet have a tassel on her hooter?

Then, I just have this to say.......How the hell did I miss that??????????
2004-02-01 10:58:34 PM  
If it was real, why the hell was she wearing pasties, and why the hell would one bra cup rip perfectly like that?

Definitely staged.
2004-02-01 11:04:03 PM  
just so you all know the thing she had on her nipple was a nipple shield. when you have your nipples pierced with a barbell you put a shield on first then the barbell holds it in place.
2004-02-01 11:05:30 PM  
For the sake of countering my own comments....

Ya know, after taking a good look at the hires photo, I'm not so certain it's a paisty. She's wearing a leather costume, and they make these little sticky things that cover up the nips to prevent chafing. There was an article on here a few months ago about Carrie Ann Moss and those things for her leather outfits for the Matrix movies. Awww who knows. Why the hell would Justin just reach over there and do that anyway. Prolly a publicity stunt anyway, but just an observation. I would much rather that have been Britney, but Janet will do.
2004-02-01 11:07:42 PM  
If Justin won't... and it doesn't seem like he will....

I'd hit it.
2004-02-01 11:09:23 PM  
Worst. Commercials. Ever!
2004-02-01 11:10:29 PM  
2004-02-01 11:10:54 PM  

Jeez, I'm not even american and you still sound like an arrogant dork.
2004-02-01 11:12:44 PM  
2004-02-01 11:13:56 PM

it looks like this one shows that it's a piercing, in the shape of a star sun thing. so there. common sense tells you NSFW, and if you're working, GO HOME.
2004-02-01 11:16:24 PM  
It's probably been stated but I don't want to read the entire thread. There was something covering it, just look for a large enough picture to be able to tell.
2004-02-01 11:21:52 PM  
that thing was held on by two buttons... i'm amazed justin had the strenght to pull it off.
2004-02-01 11:23:18 PM  
This is awesome. The geeks of the world re-unite. Im suppirsed we havent gotten any NASA pictures of this from thier rover.. or maybe a nice Hubble shot. Then we can all debate what it is. Looks like a 19 to me =) That last one though looks like an odd piercing or something like a nipple ring (similar to a cock ring)??
2004-02-01 11:24:49 PM  
It should be obvious by now that Jacko wants to look as much like his sister as possible and then, at the right moment he'd

[image from too old to be available]

2004-02-01 11:25:09 PM  
Well, me thinks this should most defenitely be TIVO's next advert!
Gotta love the TIVO baby!
Ohh BTW: Shame on MTV and CBS for allowing this to air.

FCC reacts in 5..4..3..2..
2004-02-01 11:25:54 PM  
"If it was real, why the hell was she wearing pasties, and why the hell would one bra cup rip perfectly like that?"

It ripped perfectly because it's got snaps all around it. It was a bondage outfit and they're made with zippers and snapps and stuff in "the special places".
2004-02-01 11:26:01 PM  
Wait... the superbowl was today?
2004-02-01 11:27:31 PM  
Mex: yes, I'm equal-parts arrogant/dork... It works well for me.
2004-02-01 11:33:42 PM

Best shot yet, thinking yet again bout a stunt gone wrong, damn that bar must have hurt.
2004-02-01 11:37:03 PM  
Being pierced in my (admittedly male) nipple, I can imagine it might have smarted a bit if that shield got hooked at all on the cup, as he yanked it off.

...made me cringe.
2004-02-01 11:39:16 PM  
*reads Fark headline*


*rewinds tape*

*watches entire half-time show*

Shiat man, I was ignoring the half-time show, and this is what happens. Then I waste my time watching the whole horrible show... should have just clicked on one of the many links, but nooooo...

And it looked like a ring to me.
2004-02-01 11:39:25 PM  
here you can see clearly that it's, as suggested, a nipple shield and *NOT* a pastie. I too am of the belief that justin was intended to rip _something_ off, but not the whole thing. The thing about nipple shields is they are pretty much permanent. they're secured by a nipple piercing, and typically worn to accent things like sheer blouses. I think Accipiter is on to something and the (probably sheer) red was supposed to remain behind.
2004-02-01 11:41:02 PM  
another mirror:
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