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(ReplayTV) Boobies Janet Jackson flashes over 140 million Super Bowl viewers. (Not safe for work. Link re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-fixed; not Yahoo anymore)   ( divider line
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562057 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Feb 2004 at 9:06 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-02-01 09:15:05 PM  
I knew I saw what I saw! HAHA! Intoxicated my arse!
2004-02-01 09:15:40 PM  
I don't get it.
It's a pasty that doesn't fit that wasn't suppose to be seen?

2004-02-01 09:15:49 PM  
Either it was a mistake or her acting is great. That was one hell of a suprised look.
2004-02-01 09:15:54 PM  
dang... I missed boobie 'cause I was surfin' boobies during halftime.
2004-02-01 09:16:04 PM  
The question is, was it planned to look like a mistake, or was it really truly a mistake. Or maybe Justin was stoned. She genuinely looked like "holy crap, I feel a draft!".
2004-02-01 09:16:11 PM  
That boobie was sporting a sparkly gold pastie. Its obvious. Cheers to all the guys out there. Sure got an eye full!
2004-02-01 09:16:55 PM  
Pasty. She had an aluminum pastie over it. And, thank God! That was enuf to make anyone blow chunx as it was.

I'd much rather have seen Aguilera on stage.... but we _have_ to have our affirmitave action tokens, now don't we?

Blech. Feh. Blarg. et. al-Franken.
2004-02-01 09:16:57 PM  
she sure looked surprised..maybe justin was getting back at her for something that happened in that very short time they dated? i mean I doubt those things are suppose to rip off so easily.. (obviously NSFW)

there's a nice slow mo version on that site
2004-02-01 09:16:58 PM  
My wife used Tivo to run it back about 10x. Her opinion?

Nipple ring.

My opinion?

Boobie pastie.
2004-02-01 09:16:58 PM  
Ya know, it is tragic when you are considered the less Wacko Jacko.
2004-02-01 09:17:12 PM  
My wife - and 6 year old daughter - were watching. With me. I have Tivo. She said - did you see that? I said no....but rewound it.

My 6 year old went to bed immediately.
2004-02-01 09:17:18 PM  
Yup. My lady saw it before I realized what happened. Wish she'd have taken a cue though, heheh.

Observation: Janet/Timberlake illustrates that apparently several members of the Jackson family have a thing for significantly younger males...

/had to say it
2004-02-01 09:17:30 PM  
I think she has one of those artifical metal nipples.
2004-02-01 09:17:34 PM  
Well, another historic half-time show has come and gone. And CBS has done itself proud by keeping this glorious tradition alive.

Let's see--we got insipid music, slutty cheerleaders, cheesy pyrotechnics, Nelly grabbing his penis, Kid Rock desecrating the flag, and finally Justin Timberlake pulling down Janet Jackson's top after some obscene bumping and grinding. And all that during their own self-named "family hour."

At least the wise leaders of CBS had the good sense to not bring unneeded controversy to themselves by running the MoveOn.Org ad during the game. They obviously follow a zero tolerance when it comes to advocacy ads--unless they're about drugs, or music downloading, or smoking, etc., etc.

Kudos to The Tiffany Network for maintaining it's high standards and values during these difficult times.

And be sure to join us in two years for Super Bowl XL in Detroit, where the CBS half-time MoTown Spectacular will feature several nude Temptations and Martha reeves giving Stevie Wonder a good old fashioned reach-around.
2004-02-01 09:17:42 PM  
site just got farked
2004-02-01 09:17:50 PM  
2004-02-01 09:11:50 PM KazamaSmokers

That must be the cause of all those "erections lasting
longer than four hours"....
_________________________________________________________ i the only one who gets this?

2004-02-01 09:14:08 PM joeyc85

Yeah I saw and was like LOL OMG wtf

2004-02-01 09:18:13 PM  
Yeah, I reluctantly ended up watching the half time show because the friggin "Lingerie Bowl" started early. I was swapping back and forward the whole game.

Before I got up to get a drink I had the pleasure of seeing this little jewel. For those who didn't get to see the "Lingerie Bowl" you missed one great cat fight and some damn nice outfits!
2004-02-01 09:18:20 PM  
Go, justin! You just popped JJs boobie out on worldwide TV!
2004-02-01 09:18:41 PM  
Ah, another good decision made by a member of the Jackson family.

I'm guessing Mark Geragos has already placed a call.
2004-02-01 09:18:44 PM  
2004-02-01 09:18:47 PM  
OK, farkers unite. Let's see if we can figure out exactly what happened here before we get some sort of "official" word on it.

The facts:
1. Boobage coincided with the end of the song, during the lyrics, "Make me naked".

2. Ms. Jackson looked quite shocked after it actually happened

3. The camera quickly panned away

4. boobies

The pseudo-fact
1. Ms. Jackson had a pasty on her nipple (or a peircing?)
2. Ms. Jackson had a cyborg implant in her nipple

My guess: Timberlake was supposed to pull off some outer layer of clothing during the line "Make me naked", but something got snagged taking off too much. Anyone have a better idea? I have a hard time believing that its a publicity stunt, which many people are claiming already, since it is a family event and she knows this.

2004-02-01 09:19:01 PM  
Holy God, that was the most awful seven-or-so minutes of tripe I've ever seen.
2004-02-01 09:19:43 PM  
All I can say is thank God for TiVo.
2004-02-01 09:20:03 PM  
Boobie flash aside, I am still losing in the pool!
2004-02-01 09:20:04 PM  
Hey, let's all vote kicker Adam Vinatieri into MVP!
Get Fark into history with our vote swaying powers!
Voting in 4th quarter just started!
2004-02-01 09:20:12 PM  
Another HDTV capture... This time in 1080i.
2004-02-01 09:20:18 PM  
2004-02-01 09:20:20 PM  
I'm sure it was planned. She's wearing a pasty. Isn't that the song where he says something like, "I'll have you naked by the end of this song."
2004-02-01 09:20:41 PM  

Smoking Gun appearance in... 3... 2... 1.....
2004-02-01 09:21:04 PM  
Yeah I saw and was like LOL OMG wtf

rotflmao I was like that too!!!!!1111111
2004-02-01 09:21:06 PM  
Either boob does not make up for hours of suckage football.
2004-02-01 09:21:25 PM  
"slutty cheerleaders"

I agree with the rest of the stuff, but ain't nothing wrong
with "slutty cheerleaders" ;-)
2004-02-01 09:21:35 PM  
obviously staged...his line before he pulled it off was "gotta have you naked by the end of this song."

plus, it does have a pastie on it...
2004-02-01 09:21:43 PM  
You know, Bono and J-Lo tried to be do the halftime show...

/would have rather seen Lopez than Janet...
/would have rather heard bono than any of that tripe
2004-02-01 09:22:11 PM  
I blame bush!

had to be said.

2004-02-01 09:22:12 PM  
2004-02-01 09:22:29 PM  
very high rez.
not a nip unless she's a cyborg.
nasty in any case.​g
2004-02-01 09:22:37 PM  
definitely an accident...check these out!​.super_b owl_sbx182.jpg​.super_b owl_sbx181.jpg
2004-02-01 09:22:47 PM  
my theory

All for the publicity. The songs called "make me naked".
She's just a good actress (this time) and "looked" shocked.

Guess Britny was getting too much press.

Those Jacksons are all Media Whores anyway.

"Look at me! Look at me!"
2004-02-01 09:22:52 PM  
Gotta agree with VinDiesel above - that Gilette ad is probably one of the worst things ever seen on TV
2004-02-01 09:22:54 PM  
it's all part of the show.
I think.
2004-02-01 09:23:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-02-01 09:23:28 PM  
Of course it was planned! That is why I tried to time my bathroom trips! The commercials were supposed to be the stuff, but Janet! Oh yeah! Ever since she made the big time she doesn't call me anymore.
2004-02-01 09:23:49 PM  
I have regained my faith in the internet. I said it would take an hour minimum. I was wrong.
2004-02-01 09:24:08 PM  

Last week the wheels are in motion (PR wheels) saying Janets UPCOMING ALBUM will be her "sexiest ever". That's a quote.


Totally planned, totally hyped, totally makes me gag. She HAS talent - why get in the ring wth the other pop sluts?
2004-02-01 09:24:12 PM  
I gotta get me one of them HD-thingamajiggers...
2004-02-01 09:24:33 PM  
sc00bz & sirzap - Yeah I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a Smokin Gun mugshot or someone to step up and post a capture....
2004-02-01 09:24:40 PM  
The boob showing had to be planned.

What I want to know why the hell she was picked for halftime? "Rythymn Nation" came out in 1989. That is a 15 year old song. What lame 50 year old cbs exec said this is what the young people will like?
2004-02-01 09:25:18 PM​52​.iraq_su perbowl_xbm104.jpg
2004-02-01 09:25:58 PM  
Puhleaze. He ripped her cup off. She was wearing a star on her tit. It was meant to come off.
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