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(CNN)   What used to be called imagination is now called "A Level 2 look alike firearm", and will get your 10 year old a 3 day suspension   ( divider line 267
    More: Asinine, Ohio Department of Education, school year  
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2014-03-05 07:23:18 AM  

DrBenway: gja: DrBenway: Why do you think God created elbows?

To know where to stop in your mom?

/ducks and covers
//i keed!

Nah, that's what the kneecaps were for.

At least you don't risk losing your watch........
2014-03-05 07:32:47 AM  
"Don't make death threats" is an easy rule to follow. Sorry your kid is so dumb and that you're terrible parents.
2014-03-05 07:41:18 AM  
Anyone else laugh reading "it blows my mind"?
2014-03-05 07:48:09 AM  
Zero tolerance intelligence.
2014-03-05 08:04:03 AM  

Herne2009: OMG!!!  A level 2, the horror.  Thank fully the administrators managed to stop this kid in his tracks before he developed Level 3 finger gun technology.  I'm having an attack of the vapour just at the thought.

One more finger level, and he can make an Obelisk of Light. If the kid raises his hand in the "We're number 1" gesture he can instantly vaporise any classmate.
2014-03-05 08:37:55 AM  
Sin_City_Superhero [TotalFark]
2014-03-04 04:34:35 PM

Entingh said he never received a notice, but was aware of school authorities telling students, including Nathan, that any gun-related behavior would have serious consequences.

Your kid was warned. You knew about your kid being warned. Yet you act all surprised that your kid got suspended? No sympathy.

Aren't you a good little nazi.

2014-03-05 08:56:27 AM  
2014-03-05 09:51:13 AM  

blindpreacher: yakmans_dad: blindpreacher: You can thank the feminization of our school system for this.

Nonsense. My little sister had something similar happen to her. In 1963. Dumbo, over-reaction by school officials wasn't invented last week.

Exactly. Your sister. 50 years later it's happened to the boys. Feminization.

I'm very slow these days. Like a sloth. It didn't occur to me until this morning that outside of a convent there has traditionally never been a more feminine domain than schools.
2014-03-05 09:54:30 AM  

gja: PLONK!

2014-03-05 10:12:27 AM  

Target Builder: In the Columbus City Schools District, where Nathan goes to school, 12 students were expelled because of incidents in the "firearm look-a-likes" category, while 69 students were suspended. Contrast that with categories such as harassment and intimidation, in which zero students were expelled, though 1527 were suspended district-wide.

Note: Actual harrassment and actual intimidation/bullying resulted in zero expulsions, while a dozen kids were expelled for "firearm lookalikes".

It's apparently better to harass and bully other children than to point some fingers at someone.

It is CCS so none of this should surprise anyone, things will get much better now that Gene Harris is gone /s.
2014-03-05 10:32:36 AM  

Callous: sobriquet by any other name: I hate to say it, but that's a pretty effective way of getting the point across to kids that the shiny show-n-tell special is NOT something you should bring to school.... no matter how many times your drunk dad packed a piece in your backpack and a banana in his holster.

It actually a real problem, all the more so with lax gun laws. If you want one, don't be surprised at the other, at least. It is a building full of irreplaceable stuff after all.

Can you try and come up with something even remotely true?  That's an awful lot of words used to express "I have no clue what I'm talking about".

And favorited.
2014-03-05 11:16:34 AM  

Dahnkster: gja: PLONK!

2014-03-05 11:49:20 AM  
Concealed carry:
2014-03-05 01:29:54 PM  

ko_kyi: I drunk what: and don't even get me started on deaf students who sign the letter L

At my kid's school the Deaf boy Greg got asked to stop spelling his name in ASL because it makes a gun shape.  No shiat.

OnlyM3: I drunk what: and don't even get me started on deaf students who sign the letter L

Public school officials in New Jersey threatened a 12-year-old deaf girl with suspension - for communicating in sign language.

The young girl, Danica Lesko, and her parents say that sign language is the only way she is able to effectively communicate. She lost most of her hearing in a November accident.

School officials from Stonybrook School in Branchburg, New Jersey, say that signing is a "safety hazard."

and ...

A 3 year-old deaf boy in Lincoln, Nebraska is being bullied by public school officials to change his name
[ image 636x383]

Liberal utopia's thanks to teacher's unions.

u gaiz i got a possible suicide, send backup

and he has really bad aim
2014-03-05 08:43:46 PM  

gja: Kumana Wanalaia: gja: Kumana Wanalaia: Kids aren't allowed to say the F word in class. Does it happen? yes. Are there consequences? yes. Is it excusable because kids have no self control and are therefore inherently free from responsibility for their actions? no.

Two words:

One is a filthy word with a near universal connotation.
The other is a playtime gesture.

They're both things that adults have told the children not to do.
The fact that one is vulgarity and the other is pretend violence doesn't mitigate the prohibition.

If "but it was fun" becomes an excuse, that's a problem.

Again we come to "listen unquestioningly to all you are dictated".
Screw that. And screw anyone who pulls such assholishness.

If you're going to put words in my mouth then screw you too, buddy.

I hope your kids grow up to be prison inmates.
2014-03-05 09:34:02 PM  
gja: you started out arguing that kids couldn't help themselves from acting out, then you switched it up to "the rules are wrong".

Either you think the second argument is the weaker one, or you think it's less relevant.

Both ways, you are a loser.
2014-03-06 06:16:28 AM  

gja: Dahnkster: gja: PLONK!


he sure showed you what for!
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