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(Vice)   Area man takes issue with American Exceptionalism, and American car ads selling Amurica instead of cars   ( divider line 159
    More: Dumbass, Americans, Amurica, American exceptionalism, Rosie the Riveter, Neal McDonough, term papers, embarrassments, Dr. J  
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2014-03-04 09:44:39 PM  

jim32rr: TV's Vinnie: jim32rr: TV's Vinnie: Fuggin Bizzy: TV's Vinnie: See? This guy shows his love by giving his wife a brand-new car! What did you get your wife last Christmas? A Keurig coffee maker? HUR HUR HUR! How cute.

Yeah, those piss me off too. What's puzzling is I really don't think the "buys a Lexus for Christmas" demographic is that large at all, so I can't figure out where the advantage for them comes in poking the 95% in the eye with a sharp stick.

I think it's the 1%ers' overwhelming fetish for being dicks. Even more so at Christmas time, when they can flaunt their money in everyone else's faces.

You sound oppressed

Oh, it's you again.

If you're not part of the 1%, then you ARE oppressed, whether you want to recognize it or not.

Thought maybe you were trying to out yourself as the writer of the story. Still friends?
2014-03-04 09:46:03 PM  

yet_another_wumpus: jacknifetrucker: Sybarite: Anyone that would pay $75K (base price) for a tarted up Volt really isn't really the savviest consumer to begin with.

Where the hell do you car shop, 42k in TX for a loaded volt. Just bought my wife a new car for xmas . Didn't get a volt though.

If you shopped in a Caddy dealership you would find a Volt with a $75k (before options) price tag.  It would be labeled "XLR".  GM has only had two years of actual Tesla model S production to understand that a $75k volt isn't an option.  Give them a few more years (they've sold 99 so far, I'm sure plenty of dealers are just waiting to have one sit on their lot).

I wouldn't claim (as others have) that this is as bad as a Cimarron.  There is nothing inherently bad about the Volt (unlike the Cavalier of the day), but much like how badly the rest of the Cadillac line was outclassed by Mercedes Benz, the current XLR is outclassed by the the Tesla.  Badge engineering only works when you can legitimately claim that your tarted up chevy is as good as anything else at that price (which was pretty much true 1950-1975).

The new electric Caddy is an ELR.  This is an XLR:

a.k.a. a badge-engineered Corvette.

/ It's important not to mix up your "E"s and "X"s, as any old DOS user can tell you
2014-03-04 10:57:30 PM  

a particular individual: doubled99: Patriotic pride denotes ignorance-unless it's another country than this one.

"Patriotism is the belief your country is superior to all other countries because you were born in it." --GB Shaw

"Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons." - Bertrand Russell
2014-03-05 04:07:43 AM  

the_foo: The bit where they tried to tell us that barely getting any vacation in this country is somehow an awesome thing was an especially nice touch. If you think the 1% in this country don't take all sorts of long, expensive vacations, you're dumb enough to buy one of these cars.

That was the part that irritated me. The idea of a car commercial selling some kind of manly 'Murican ideal isn't really new, but I kind of resent them wrapping up a little turdnugget like "working your ass off ceaselessly" is some kind of admirable ideal to strive for. (Though, if they were trying to appeal to a more masculine audience, I wouldn't fault them for using the concept of working hard and sacrificing as a provider, but "work hard because you don't want to be some pansy-ass European" is pretty odious.) And you're right, those who have the most aren't exactly working the hardest.

I also found their choice of actor ridiculous, although I admit I've only seen him in Justified and one other thing, where he also played the bad guy. I wouldn't take a car from that guy... I'd be wondering if it would blow up.
2014-03-05 06:30:17 AM  

kling_klang_bed: Freedom is the only way, Yeah

Freedom is the only MFing way , YEAH
2014-03-05 06:31:33 AM  
All USA makers are banned except Ford in my house. Ford is on suspension in my house until its UNION rats are stopped. I buy Toyota cars at the moment and am quite happy with them and their build quality.
2014-03-05 09:17:26 AM  

Dinjiin: Problem is, for people not swayed by emotional ads, the ads come off as simplistic, juvenile and condescending.

That would be me. Appeal to emotion doesn't work on me. I find most ads like that annoying and sometimes insulting. I can't help but think, "Does this shiat actually work on people?" and then I get a sad because I realize that yes, it does.

The worst offenders are radio ads that are aimed at women. I don't watch TV anymore so I don't get any exposure to ads that way. When you do your consumption online you get to skip or block ads. The radio in my shop at work is the only time that I hear ads. Most of the time I just zone out and wait for the music to return but some ads are annoying enough to make me turn the station. I wonder what the stations would think of they knew that I turn away from their station because of their ad partners.
2014-03-05 10:45:08 AM  

sendtodave: Doc Batarang: Fuggin Bizzy: I'm glad he included the Bob Dylan Chrysler commercial from the Superb Owl. That one left me wondering "What the fark, over?" the first time I saw it.

"What's more American...than America?" TAUTOLOGIES, that's what.

Tautologies are Greek.

You guys are forgetting the first rule of Tautology Club.

Second rule of Tautology Club:  No outside snacks.
2014-03-05 09:37:38 PM  
What I dont like about the commercial is the overt corporatism.  It makes fun of European countries that promote more time off for employees.  And implies that America is better because we "enjoy" less vacation.

Yea, we're slave workers and proud of it!
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