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(SacBee)   One Californian ponders why snow in the east can't be hauled to CA to ease the drought. Another Californian wonders why this guy doesn't live in Florida   ( divider line
    More: Stupid, East Coast, droughts, March On, drought tolerance, snow  
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2014-03-03 09:32:19 PM  
Tell Tim we are sending it by trickle down affect.
2014-03-03 09:55:24 PM  

blender61: theflatline: blender61: theflatline: Gawdzila: 30yrs2l8: I wonder how we have allowed 50% of the nations fruit and produce be to grown in a state that doesn't have its own adequate water supply?

Largely because California's high quality arable land, year-round growing climate, and variety of microclimates enable it to either get much higher yields for most crops, or to grow lots of things that other states really simply cannot grow effectively.  It's a reasonable arrangement to maximize the production from our available resources, assuming you aren't interested in engaging in some kind of ineffectual state-d*ck-waving contest like Smeggy Smurf up there.

You realize most of South America falls in high quality ariable land, microclimates, and has plenty of fresh water going fo it?  And many companies are setting up huge vegetable grow ops there?

what is the price of jet fuel these days?
Just how much are you willing/able to pay for a tomato?

Cargo ships my friend, you might have heard of them. Tomatos are already expensive, so I imagine if I can get bananas for 1-1.50 an lb from South America, they can do us a better deal on tomatoes as well.

Ah cargo ships, good point, never heard of them.
Most things don't ship a well as bananas. If you have ever tasted a real, not picked rock green banana you might not be so gung ho about a product shipped from a continent away.
Hot house tomatoes from the EU or Israel suck compared to the real thing. They were developed to ship well, not taste good.
Mexican tomatoes, they use pesticides/herbicides that were banned long ago in the U.S.

The invention of the refrigerated box car changed how America ate.
I'ts not just "salad bowl" stuff. It's the wine, cotton, fruit, nuts, corn, rice citrus, melons. You eat what we grow.

You might have missed the post where I lived in Colombia...  You cannot go a day without banana in some form being fed to you.  Banano Criollo are the best but are not exported because they are not pretty.

I live in Florida and grow my own creole(heirloom) tomatoes and I get a good 7-8 mon
ths of production out of them.  They taste far better than any Californian grown made for the mass market tomato.

I also grow watermelon, okra,cantaloupe, pole beans, okra, green onions, carrots, lettuce and cabbage.

I get my rice from Gueydan, Louisiana.

California does not hold the lock on corn that would be Iowa and cotton would be Texas.  USDA ranks Florida number 1 in citrus.    Melons are grown in just about every US state.
2014-03-03 10:03:46 PM  

The Southern Dandy: See, California is basically SF and LA, surrounded by Alabama.  I'm betting the snow hauling guy is from the Alabama part of California.

He is.  Davis is about 15 miles east of me and five miles west of Sacramento.
It's surrounded by flat farmland for as far as you can see.  UC Davis is a
major ag college town.  Pickups & Prius though they're really big on
bicycles on the campus.  Little Timmy is a product of government schooling
and not enough Murder Burgers.  (now called Redrump Burgers for some
asinine reason)
2014-03-03 10:04:04 PM  
Started peeing to the west whenever I take a leak outside.

/California - you can thank me later.
2014-03-03 10:08:13 PM  

ytterbium: Lest anyone forgets, there is a compact amongst the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Waterways, USA and Canada, that no one can take our water. I believe MI is prepared to use military force if needed.

yes sir, but personally, yours truly could never fight for these ungrateful feminazi women.

so what i say is, let everybody drain our lakes dry
2014-03-03 10:22:47 PM  
Though I do remember someone asking the same sort of question when flooding was the issue of the day here in California (we always have one or the other) - why can't we just take a bunch of tanker trucks, fill them up above x city that is going to flood, and have them dump below the city?

Obviously, they've never heard of the Yolo Bypass.  Look it up.
Davis sits on the western edge of it.  It's purpose is exactly as you
describe:  take the water out of the Sacramento River up there
and put it back in the river down there.   Before the bypass the
river used to flood Sacramento on a regular basis.  I'm not that
old but I remember the Marysville & Yuba City flood of 1955
You can build levees only so high.
2014-03-03 10:25:12 PM  

30yrs2l8: I wonder how we have allowed 50% of the nations fruit and produce be to grown in a state that doesn't have its own adequate water supply? Talk about stupid. If Cali doesn't get water from the surrounding sates we all take it in the a$$ every time we buy food.

Because California has some of the most fertile agricultural land in the world. That land covers an area just under the size of West Virginia. There's usually much more rain and snowfall every year too, just hasn't been as much lately. 1
2014-03-03 10:38:20 PM  

Hardly.  It's fairly symbiotic.  You give us water, we have poor Mexican families grow your food.  Poor Mexican families grow 80% of the fruits and veggies for the country in general, and close to 100% of a lot of common specialty crops.  Oh, except feed corn and soybeans, of course.  You got that covered.

There, that's better
2014-03-03 11:01:03 PM  
I constantly wonder why I don't poop gold.
2014-03-03 11:26:49 PM  
It's not a bad idea.  If only the laws of nature were different.

/There are massive hills of snow on curbsides of my town.  It's a major pain on some intersections because they block your view of oncoming cars.
2014-03-03 11:55:52 PM  

StopLurkListen: //not sure if serious

It's not serious.

Yes there are certainly creationists dumb enough to believe it, but those people are probably not smart enough to do the math required.
2014-03-04 01:09:43 AM  

theflatline: You might have missed the post where I lived in Colombia... You cannot go a day without banana in some form being fed to you. Banano Criollo are the best but are not exported because they are not pretty.

I read that post.
I was agreeing with you. commercial bananas are terrible. The only thing they have going for them is that they ship well. The 100 or so or varieties are much better.

I only choose bananas because they ship well (picked green, bagged and gassed), as apposed to tomatoes which don't.
Many type of fruits and veggies don't ship well for a number of reasons and often taste and quality suffer in order to produce a variety that will hold up to shipping.

It not that cal has a lock on these things. we don't. It is the fact that Cal produces so much of it. If it was removed from the market place prices for everyday items would go through the roof for a product that isn't as good.


here is 2 quick links CA .pdf
2014-03-04 02:41:38 AM  

Gawdzila: Eddie Adams from Torrance: If only California were located near some large body of water.

Of course, that would be of no use unless you had abundant sunshine for desalinization.

Or some nice sheets of graphene.
Abundant sunshine or no, current desalination techniques are too energy-inefficient to be practical on such a large scale for anything but a last resort.  California is responsible for too much of the country's produce to fulfill our water needs using flash or RO desalination.  New nano-filters would change that, though.

Necessity breeds innovation... or at least, I freakin' hope it does. I remember some drought back in the early 90s that was bad enough it made an impact on current TV shows ( ) - it's past time this technology got serious.
2014-03-04 02:59:41 AM  
News flash Midwest, if you actually think California isn't vital for the American economy and agriculture, look at your own crap state and realize how worthless the Midwest is in comparison.
2014-03-04 01:49:10 PM  
bunch of thin skinned californiassholes around here

Can we keep your agriculture and dump your urban residents? Please?

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