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(Chron)   Researchers come to the stunning conclusion that attractive and wealthy people seem more attractive   ( divider line
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2004-02-01 12:46:12 PM  
I will proudly accept a 'gentle touch to the genitals' by any attractive woman, regardless of personal financial status. I am an equal-opportunity horndog.
2004-02-01 01:09:52 PM  
Here, here. Attractive women of any social status may pat me on the wang if they wish...
2004-02-01 02:52:48 PM  
2004-02-01 01:09:52 PM IamGod2u

Here, here. Attractive women of any social status may pat me on the wang if they wish...

Hey Costanza!
2004-02-01 04:07:45 PM  
Hi, I'm George, I'm unemployed and I live with my parents.
2004-02-01 04:08:22 PM  
I'm Victoria, hi.
2004-02-01 04:08:47 PM  
and still now cure for cancer
2004-02-01 04:09:33 PM  
That's it, from now on I am doing the opposit of everything I would have done!
2004-02-01 04:09:45 PM  
I don't know, I couldn't imagine giving Paris Hilton a second look if she was just some Queen St. hosebag.
2004-02-01 04:09:52 PM  
Attractive and wealthy people may seem more attractive, but are they happy inside?

I may not have much, but I have a family that loves me, a new college degree to help me get on in the world, and plenty of reasons to NOT want to have to deal with a lot of money that I probably wouldn't know what to do with anyway.

There are only so many cruises and vacations you can take before you begin to realize you're running from something.
2004-02-01 04:10:32 PM  
damnit i meant no
2004-02-01 04:11:47 PM  
Attractive and wealthy people may seem more attractive, but are they happy inside?

From my experience, yes.

(I am by no means wealthy, but I group up around a lot of wealthy people who seemed extremely happy and more than willing to flaunt their wealth. And it's left me very, very bitter.)
2004-02-01 04:12:28 PM  
Er...I GREW up. Wow. I'm exhausted.
2004-02-01 04:13:29 PM  
"There are only so many cruises and vacations you can take before you begin to realize you're running from something."

Maybe but I don't think I'm at that point yet
2004-02-01 04:14:31 PM  
...still no cure for cancer.
2004-02-01 04:15:23 PM  
Sorry, didn't see your post.
/same wavelength
2004-02-01 04:15:25 PM  
From your experience, perhaps.

I don't agree with those people who say the Bible is word and you should follow it to the letter, and I certainly don't want to hijack this thread in any way to make it go in that direction. However, if there is one thing I agree with in that particular text, it's the parable of the woman who was richer because she gave everything she had to a cause she believed in.

Maybe some rich people are happy with who they are and what they have become. But those of us who don't have that much wealth tend to recognize that we are much happier.

Yea, sure, if I had millions of dollars I'd splurge and pamper myself. I can't say I wouldn't without lying. But when I think about those people who are in that position, I imagine myself as one of them -- but for a few seconds.

Then I realize that while I may not have much, I have those around me who love me, care for me, recognize me for the potential that I have, and I decide that I'd rather have all that than material goods that can't love me back.
2004-02-01 04:15:41 PM  
Attractive and wealthy people may seem more attractive, but are they happy inside?

There have been a series of psychological studies recently that suggest that people's individual level of happiness is biologically predetermined. So, good circumstances don't make us much happier, and bad circumstances don't make us much sadder. I could look up the links but I'm too lazy.
2004-02-01 04:17:17 PM  
I don't know, I couldn't imagine giving Paris Hilton a second look if she was just some Queen St. hosebag.

I wouldn't give Paris Hilton a second look anyway. She's dirty and trampy, regardless of how she's dressed (which is usually tastelessly anyway).

/irrelevant rant
2004-02-01 04:17:33 PM  
No, they SEEM attractive because of their good espensive clothes, hot cars, and cheap women. Many girls only want men with money. Why? Well, because they are shallow, and believe that they only way to happiness is money. Guys that find girls with money are really attracted because it's a girl...with money. Beer + Boobies right there, in one fell swoop.
2004-02-01 04:18:06 PM  
Paris Hilton is a spoiled child in an adult's body.

The sad thing is, as long as the media keeps giving her attention, it's going to continue.

She's like Zsa Zsa Gabor...she's famous, but nobody really knows why.
2004-02-01 04:19:07 PM  
enjoycocaine: Women subconciously prefer rich guys because theyu are percieved as better providers. Just like they like guys with high cheekbones because they are percieved as healthier/have better genes. It's not a shallowness thing, necessarily.
2004-02-01 04:19:09 PM  
Exactly my point, enjoycocaine, and thank you for helping to support it. People who want other people just because of wealth need to realize that money isn't everything in this world.
2004-02-01 04:23:14 PM Home of the misogynist rant.
2004-02-01 04:24:42 PM  
Yea, because hating one female means you're a misognyist.

2004-02-01 04:31:35 PM  

Yea, because hating one female means you're a misognyist.

Take it easy, man. I wasn't referring specifically to you. However, I do think you doth protest too much.
2004-02-01 04:32:39 PM  
So women don't like an uninvited forceful touch to the genital area? I've been going about this all wrong.
2004-02-01 04:33:07 PM  
That's because I'm an uptight antisocial shut-in with paranoia and a lot of baggage courtesy of being brought up in the public school system.

But hey, enough about me..

R.I.P. Columbia Seven. Fark was too drunk to remember you.
2004-02-01 04:34:14 PM  
To be rich but not smooth, or smooth but not rich.
2004-02-01 04:38:34 PM  
Wow, how can I get a paying job for stating the obvious?
2004-02-01 04:39:19 PM  
re: Paris Hilton is a spoiled child in an adult's body.

yeah right. feed that biatch a sammich.
2004-02-01 04:42:36 PM  
She is a spoiled child in an adult's body because her entire life she's gotten everything she wants. She's never had to wash dishes in a Pizza Hut or serve sandwiches at a Subway or haul dirt in a dump truck or anything else like any of that. She's never worked a damn day in her life, and wouldn't know hard work if it raped her repeatedly as she was force fed caviar and lobster.

I have no respect for her because she feels she is above everyone due to her amount of wealth.
2004-02-01 04:44:36 PM  
I bet those pros could cure cancer too
2004-02-01 04:46:39 PM  
2004-02-01 04:47:09 PM  
Paris Hilton is a spoiled adult in an child's body.
2004-02-01 04:50:37 PM  
I'm turning shallow in my old age. I couldn't get a girl during my poor college days. Now that I drive a nice car and have nice clothes, somehow I'm more attractive to these same type of girls that didn't give me a second look. I can't respect them now. Why should I?
2004-02-01 04:52:07 PM  
I for one welcome our anorexic - vomit in the bathroom - snub you just as soon as look at you - clown dressing - low IQ having whores.
2004-02-01 04:59:14 PM  
Hmm, maybe that's why I find it so easy to get laid. I had always wondered about that.
2004-02-01 05:15:21 PM  
wait, is this actual research. because i didnt realize that im more willing to take crap from people that i want to have sex with or that i want something from. wow its almost like the fact that i will let my work tell me what i can do just so they will pay me. i love science
2004-02-01 05:18:53 PM  
What? Attractive people seem atractive? Really?
2004-02-01 05:19:39 PM  
is this from the pages of DUH.

sorry i couldnt find it on snl
2004-02-01 05:23:09 PM  
I enjoy what I earn, not what I'm given. It might not make me more attractive to the opposite sex, but I feel good about myself knowing that I've done some physically hard work, and reaped the benefits of it.
2004-02-01 05:23:57 PM  
Money=Confidence. Confidence is sexy. I should know as I have plenty of both.

/I scoff at you common peasents
2004-02-01 05:26:46 PM  
When I first started at the radio station, I was ugly. But suddenly, when I put the station logo on, people in stores give me a second look. Is it because it gives me confidence knowing that I work in a media people look up to....

or that I'm not wearing pants?
2004-02-01 05:29:04 PM  
BigRightRear - I scoff at your lousy spelling and punctuation.
2004-02-01 05:34:24 PM  
One person is attracted to another for a lot of reasons, one day you could go out with a person of one build, height, hair color, personality, the next day someone totally different

Wealth is good, success is good too because the bottom line is people like to be flattered, and they like to look down on others

Me, you, everyone

Sure some people like to think a lot of flattery is insincere and conceitedness is false, but if they feel its true, they like it

People are more likely to be flattered by others and looked up to if they are around rich / successful people, or at least they think they are

But then you get into the whole where you stand in your immediate group thing

oh well

As said above many people will consider the resources that will be available to them to enable them to raise their children, and this isn't shallow but survival of the fittest

/get them drunk, film them with a dog - every good relationship has blackmail at its core
2004-02-01 05:42:13 PM  
Think about this... the hottest girls typically capitalize on their looks and win over the richest guys. They marry and have kids who grow up to be attractive (thanks to mom's genetic pool) and wealthy (thanks to dad's bank account). There you have it.
2004-02-01 06:51:30 PM  
I wonder if these assclowns just research bullshiat so they can be posted on fark
2004-02-01 06:59:07 PM  
Research Proposal: Do goldigging women find men with money "more attractive?"

Give me money, and let's find out.
2004-02-01 07:02:07 PM  
BTW Dapper, you forgot the plot twist: Daughters grow up to be attractive and wealthy, get regularly boned by "bad guys" from wrong side of town.
2004-02-01 11:37:22 PM  
this is my 4th accepted submission. It was just too easy - research into the obvious makes for obvious main-page fark links. Still...i'm a happy zeus.
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