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(Miami Herald)   Good news: You won your age discrimination lawsuit. Bad news: You lost $80,000 settlement by violating its confidentiality clause. Fark: Because your daughter bragged about settlement funding her European vacation on Facebook   ( ) divider line 107
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2014-03-01 07:22:29 AM  

Baz744: Debeo Summa Credo: Baz744: Debeo Summa Credo: sheep snorter: "Daddy? Where did you get all this money from for my European vacation?"

"I, Uh, Oh, drug dealing. OK, are you happy now."

/farked up 'confidentiality agreement' is farked up.
//Never sign one, you ignorant f*cks.

Hey, he was getting $80k for farking free from a nuisance lawsuit. A free $80k is worth signing an NDA.

Defendants don't pay out $80,000 settlements on "nuisance suits." This was a claim with merit.

Also: if it was a "settlement" nobody "won" the lawsuit. It never went to trial because it was resolved out of court.

It's an age discrimination suit. By definition its a nuisance lawsuit.

The school paid to avoid the risk of a jury giving him more, and asked that he sign an NDA. If he didn't want to sign the NDA, he was free to go to court.

Anyway, in the end justice seems to have been served here. Other than the school having to pay the lawyer fees.

Wikipedia redirects from "nuisance lawsuit" to "frivolous litigation." It in turn defines "frivolous litigation" as: "the practice of starting or carrying on lawsuits that, due to their lack of legal merit, have little to no chance of being won."

This Harvard paper proposing a solution to the problem of nuisance suits defines "nuisance suit" as: "a legal action in which the plaintiff's case is sufficiently weak that he would be unwilling to pursue it at trial."

Neither of these definitions comport with your usage, which in effect describes "all lawsuits." One of the principle incentives for defendants to settle in most cases is that the jury might award more than what the plaintiff is willing to settle for.

I know you are a Republican. I know it infuriates you that laws sometimes compel you to act in accordance with the dictates of public morality instead of private financial interest. I know you think you should have the right to fire someone any time you want, for whatever reason you want, ranging from refusal to give you a blowjob to race ...

But he is an a$$hole and as been farkied for that for years now.
/and I'm sure I'm not the only one
2014-03-01 07:38:29 AM  

StopLurkListen: I don't really care about the case -- other than it sucks to have something ganked away by lawyers.
Lawyers are awful, soulless subhuman evil parasites.

[ image 420x250]

Funny how we suddenly become your best friend when you've been arrested for something...
2014-03-01 07:59:48 AM  
"Mama and papa Snay" lolwut

Hard to feel bad for them when the daughter's such a biatch.
2014-03-01 09:28:57 AM  

Tillmaster: LZeitgeist: Did the school's lawyers have the daughter sign the confidentiality agreement? Since she was being directly affected by the events and outcome, they should have had her sign as well, but they didn't.

Suck it, school - pay up!

Nice try, but her father broke the agreement by telling her.

So how does the father tell her why they have so much money suddenly? Nigerian prince?
2014-03-01 09:33:48 AM  

the ha ha guy: LZeitgeist: Did the school's lawyers have the daughter sign the confidentiality agreement?

Did the agreement say "you can tell all your family and friends, as long as they pinky-swear to keep it a secret"?

It's not exactly reasonable for the family to have no idea about the settlement. Daughter may be one thing, but I know I'd have to explain $80K in the bank to my wife.
2014-03-01 12:58:03 PM  

Chaghatai: It's not exactly reasonable for the family to have no idea about the settlement. Daughter may be one thing, but I know I'd have to explain $80K in the bank to my wife.

If you know that your daughter or wife are prone to blabbing every secret they hear, would you reveal the details to them knowing that they'll have it on facebook before you even finish the sentence?

Telling the daughter wasn't the problem, the problem was he didn't do all he could to ensure it wouldn't be spread across the internet.
2014-03-01 01:35:58 PM  
Best use of "ahem" in an otherwise straight-faced news article I've seen in a while.
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