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(High Life)   Virginia may be for lovers, but Antarctica is for ... snorkelers?   ( divider line
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2014-02-27 08:20:25 AM  
Why I really wouldn't want to go snorkeling in Antarctic waters:

abcnews.go.comView Full Size
2014-02-27 09:45:42 AM  
My mother is on a boat in Paradise Bay, Antarctica today.  Tomorrow she is visiting the Ukraine research facility.

Mumsy does some groovy stuff.  I can't wait to see the photos.

/Cool Story Son
2014-02-27 09:47:11 AM  
Im guessing you have to wear a drysuit?

Or would a 7mm wetsuit suffice? Lol
2014-02-27 10:31:03 AM  
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2014-02-27 10:31:08 AM  
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2014-02-27 10:33:16 AM  
Taking all bets that someone will turn this into a global warming thread.
2014-02-27 10:33:44 AM  
The killer whales are gonna love this!
2014-02-27 10:34:26 AM  
Well, a "double frogman" is a kind of love. So it could be both.
2014-02-27 10:37:02 AM  
Anyplace not raped by fishing and coastal development is worth snorkeling. You can see freediving videos from places like Washington state that look amazing. Antarctica is no doubt farking amazing. Just be real careful with that drysuit!

Seriously, I would so totally do that if I was rich.
2014-02-27 10:47:14 AM  
I would a remote control submersible in those waters.
2014-02-27 11:08:34 AM  
Pfftt....if your going to make the trip you may as well get certified and do it right.

traveldifferent.coView Full Size
2014-02-27 11:10:31 AM  
I enjoyed Endless Ocean 2 on the Wii.
2014-02-27 11:12:59 AM  
2014-02-27 11:13:15 AM  
The colossal squid are going to love this.
2014-02-27 11:14:22 AM  
No .. + .. Hell no
2014-02-27 11:20:33 AM  

vernonFL: Im guessing you have to wear a drysuit?

Or would a 7mm wetsuit suffice? Lol

You would want a trilaminate drysuit with a thick undergarment. I wouldn't trust a neoprene drysuit to keep me warm in that water.

Scuba diving Antarctica is high on my bucket list. Cold water holds more dissolved oxygen than warm water, the area hasn't been damaged by fishing, tropical storms, or incompetent divers, and the pictures I have seen make it look incredible.

I would also like to go diving off Barrow, Alaska to see what it is like. I haven't heard from anybody who has been diving there so it would be a completely unknown environment. But the last time I researched this idea I could not find a suitable compressor in Barrow so I would have to spring for a hookah system and remain shallow.
2014-02-27 11:38:46 AM  
I would have used the "cool" tag.
2014-02-27 11:38:56 AM  
My balls would say "No".
2014-02-27 11:59:53 AM  

Good luck. Although you REALLY should go with an experienced guide who knows the area. (You probably already know this.)
2014-02-27 12:11:30 PM  
boingboing.netView Full Size

/sounds like they'll be able to chill with sBob, the Antarctic version
//better hope those local leopard seals eat only... animated sponges?
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