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(Daily Mail)   Would you buy a $5,000 house? Granted, it's only 99 square feet, and you'd have to live in Madison, Wisconsin, but you really can't beat the price   ( divider line
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2014-02-27 03:47:50 PM  

someonelse: Chagrin: uber humper: I still see parking lots Katrina trailers in the DFW area. Unused.

Their manufacturers are keeping them off the market. Or, to put it another way, if you try to buy one at an auction you need to anticipate bidding against the manufacturer that built it. So what you're seeing is assuredly a not-for-sale storage lot.


These low cost trailers undercut their business and they don't want them flooding the market.
2014-02-27 04:14:14 PM  

spawn73: WeenerGord: spawn73: they just move them every 24/48 hours. That's why they're on wheels.

Try to move a trailer with a roof like that down the highway, watch the wind rip the roof off, or flip the damn thing, and the towing vehicle with it.

I don't think they have to move them more than a symbolic distance. They likely rotate the same 10 "houses" around the same lot.

That sounds stupid too, and I bet a stop will be put to it somehow by the authorities, before long. Also, if you ever lived in a cold climate in a trailer, you know you need to skirt the base with insulation, or the wind and snow goes under the bottom and strips heat, snow drifts may get it stuck or iced in place so it can't be moved, etc. How long are "volunteers" going to keep moving these things every 24-48 hours? What if they wake up sick in the winter and have to run to the bathroom? They going to get dressed and trudge to the "main building" in the snow? Is the building going to be open 24-7? Will hobos just sleep in the main building, because it is heated better than the tiny house, and has plumbing? Who is going to pay for the propane for the tiny house? What if some hobos steal the propane thanks off another house, or assault the women in the main building showers and toilets? Etc. This is a dumb idea.
2014-02-27 04:17:58 PM  

Ken VeryBigLiar: Which is funny considering a goodly amount of the Marquette student body is FIBs.  And on comparing campuses- Marqutte has three nice building with a three block buffer before you hit the ghetto.  Madison at least has the lakes.

/And The Rave is closer to Marquette than the Summerfest grounds
//Quit lumping all of this area into Marquette people

As a lifelong Milwaukeean, the Illini-at-Marquette thing has always bugged me a little, too.  But, I look at it this way:  We're converting them from something bad (Illini) into something good (cheeseheads).  Could be far worse.

And I will lump the whole area into Marquette people.  As they should be.  Because they should be proud they have a world-class university in their community and support its programs, rather than a university 90 miles to the west that stands for non-D3 or Packers football, concussions, drunken block parties and all that's wrong with the state.  :)
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