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(Daily Mail)   Hey kiddies, maybe it's time to ask one of the olds about Duck and Cover   ( divider line
    More: Scary, Yulia Tymoshenko, William Hague, Europe, Ukraine, Russia, United States, Viktor Yanukovych, Ducks  
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2014-02-24 11:58:47 AM  
Slaves2Darkness: mother farker the USSR kept those shiat heads in line.

My Father said the same exact thing a few years after the wall fell.
2014-02-24 12:08:50 PM  

TheBigJerk: spamdog: TheBigJerk: Now there was no clear "good" solution, Georgia's a shiathole full of white people being racist against other white people. I don't know how that works since we all look the same, but whatever. But Putin still pulled an Iraq.

Sneaky Russians! Good summary, thanks. Sounds like there could be legitimate cause for alarm.

Could be, but they didn't lay those kinds of foundations here.  I think Russia will just play it like they did during the Orange Revolution, let the fires die down and then start making devil's deals to the next major player.

Because as I have heard it, Ukraine is mostly rival squabbling tribes, and while a 60-70% majority will vote AGAINST someone like Viktor Y. they will not unite their vote FOR any of the OTHER motherfarkers running.  Basically like our Congress' 10% approval rating, "Congress is corrupt and terrible, except for my guy/gal.  My congresscritter is cool and my earmarks are deserved."

But something something vigilance something price of freedom.  Russia is happy to go imperial all over anything left unattended.

That sounds about right. If the Russians have to they'll lend quiet support to pro Russian groups in east Ukraine.

I still think Poland and Ukraine getting closer to the EU and NATO will lead to a major European war. Russian deep down is a very paranoid insecure country and not without good reasons.
2014-02-24 12:10:52 PM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size

" .. Susan Powers said what? You've got to be kidding .."
2014-02-24 12:21:11 PM  
I remember my first Buick.
2014-02-24 12:26:41 PM  
What subby might look like......

andyjthompson.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2014-02-24 12:29:44 PM  

insertsnarkyusername: I want see Condi and Susan Rice wrestle in jello for some odd reason.

I am sorry to hear that, and hope the brain tumor causing this desire is only temporary.
2014-02-24 01:06:07 PM  

ongbok: Well if Putin rears his head and comes into the airspace of the United States, he'll have Palin to deal with.

There's a reason we keep the weapons-grade derp up there.
2014-02-24 01:23:35 PM  
I still don't get why people think that we're on the edge of a nuclear war every time something like this comes up.

We have a better chance of killing off the planet with global climate change that we do of ever setting off a nuclear war.  Now, had this still been the early to mid 1980's, I might have agreed with you.
2014-02-24 01:24:59 PM Full Size

Works so well against 10,000 degree nuke.
2014-02-24 02:43:38 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size

You know what they would do? They would come to my elementary school with films to show me how to protect myself from a nuclear-f***-holocaust. They would show this giant nuclear-f***ing-bomb just blowing the s*** out of everything. Goats and monkeys flying everywhere. The windows of the elementary school blown out, the teacher banged up against the f***ing blackboard. But there were the children... hiding safely under their desks.
2014-02-24 03:59:51 PM  
Did someone let grampa out of his cage again??

Get back in there you little scamp- shoo shoo
2014-02-24 04:37:50 PM  

fluffy2097: [ image 363x257]

Bert The Turtle Says:  Duck And Cover I'm a F*cking Idiot And Don't Know How Nukes Work!


/That's not how nukes work, and if a nuke hits America the whole world's goin' up in smoke anyway, so if anyone survives it'll be by sheer bloody luck, nothing else.
//Seriously, no one actually knows how to survive a nuclear attack.
2014-02-24 04:44:08 PM  

Krymson Tyde: Mr. Shabooboo: insertsnarkyusername: I want see Condi and Susan Rice wrestle in jello for some odd reason.

I'd like to see them wrestle..In rice..WHITE rice...

Dry or cooked?

2014-02-24 06:15:04 PM  
t3.gstatic.comView Full Size

The word is "Grups".
2014-02-25 06:50:59 AM  

Sun Tzu: [ image 259x194]
The word is "Grups".

Bonk, Bonk! On the head!
2014-02-25 10:20:19 AM  

zimbomba63: PunGent: TerminalEchoes: Why is this even America's problem? Let Europe sort it out for once.

This.  Another land war in Asia would be GREAT for my portfolio.  Not so good for the country, though...

You know everything West of the Urals is still considered Europe, don't you?  Obviously, not.

So you think intervening would be a good idea?

I'd ask if you've ever served in the military but...obviously not.
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