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(BBC)   People in Niger still enslaving each other   ( divider line
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4108 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Dec 2001 at 8:58 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-07 09:03:40 AM  
He said "niger" hehehehe

2001-12-07 09:03:52 AM  
What year is it again?
2001-12-07 09:04:02 AM  
i want a she-sex-slave (voluntary slavery of course)
2001-12-07 09:04:06 AM  
I am sure whitey has something to do with this. He always does.
2001-12-07 09:05:44 AM  
For a second there, I thought this had the 'amusing' tag..but that was the Stephen Wright thingie..(thank goodness)
2001-12-07 09:12:56 AM  
And this is on Fark why?!?! Booooorrrrriiiinnnnggggg!
2001-12-07 09:13:34 AM  
"You're my slave!!!"

"No, YOU'RE my slave!!!"

"No, you're MY slave!!!"

"Am not!"

"AM TOO!!"
2001-12-07 09:14:19 AM  
I hope Skwidd reads this.

I'm not slammin ya Skwidd, by the way.
2001-12-07 09:23:17 AM  
Maybe they should pay reparations to Al Sharpton.
2001-12-07 09:26:17 AM  
maybe Niger can force BBC to pay reparations for reporting on this
2001-12-07 09:30:25 AM  
My great^5 grandfather was a slave to fashion. Can I have $20,000 and a plate of Rice Krispy Square's now?
2001-12-07 09:31:31 AM  
Rescued Niger slaves 'tortured'

Well, you can hardly call it a rescue if your just going to torture the poor bastards.

2001-12-07 09:41:23 AM  
how is it a dramatic rescue if the guy wasn't there?
2001-12-07 09:43:14 AM  
I still owe Brittney $3.25 in reparations

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-07 09:47:12 AM  
The group, Mapogo-a-Mathamaga, Mapogo, which in north Sotho means "the leopard which changes its spots to become a tiger, instilling fear",

This has nothing to do with the article. It's from another artice in that paper about 'tomato thieves'. But if I was going to belong to a group, I'd want it to have a cool name like Mapogo-a-Mathamaga, Mapogo.
2001-12-07 09:48:06 AM  
By the way, anyone know any good Niger jokes?
2001-12-07 09:53:43 AM  
Wow -- articles are sucky today.
2001-12-07 09:57:02 AM  
nah, too easy.
2001-12-07 10:03:14 AM  
At least this will dispel the myth that the whiteman propagated slavery on the African continent..

...ok, I'm waiting
2001-12-07 10:04:57 AM  
So, what's the going rate for a slave these days?
2001-12-07 10:05:13 AM  
bass555: no it won't
2001-12-07 10:09:04 AM  
I should leap in with some lefty propaganda, but I cant be bothered....

2001-12-07 10:12:10 AM  
We have plenty of slaves here in the U.S. Only we call them teenagers;)
2001-12-07 10:13:51 AM  
Flignir- good to see two of us still watch that...under each of your seats is a large hunting knife...
2001-12-07 10:14:04 AM  
Yeah, I'm far too sleepy for a flame war this morning.

Can we get a freakin' photoshop please?
2001-12-07 10:16:37 AM  
No, the egyptians brought slavery to africa. And everybody knows that all the egyptians were black. And they enslaved the jews. But the jews tricked the egyptians and got freed.

Then the romans who had slaves like russell crowe and that huge black guy, sent the jews throughout europe and they decided to get revenge on the egyptians so the jews told the europeans to go to africa and get slaves.

But the europeans went to the wrong coast of africa, because there eurocentric brains were confused by the jewocentric map directions. And then the slaves came to america, got free and made up the blues, jazz, and FUBU.

So now i owe Al Sharpton three-fitty.
2001-12-07 10:20:20 AM  
Yup, it's whitey's fault:

Slave trading in Africa has a long history--tribes fighting amongst themselves for domination would enslave the vanquished. Many of the slaves aquired by European "traders" in the 17th and 18th centuries were done so through informal tribal brokerage arrangements. Basically, one group if blacks sold another group to the Europeans.

The Arabs have a long history of slave trading. Ironic because Elijah Muhammed's revelation and adoption of his version of radical Islam--Islam being of course an Arab-centric religion-- always blamed the white man for everything bad that had happened to blacks going back centuries.

Even during the heyday of the slave trade from Africa to the "New World", Brazil took in 6 times the number of slaves as the United States.

None of this excuses the overall appalling treatment of blacks by whites. But whites don't have the exclusive franchise on exploitation.
2001-12-07 10:22:46 AM  
Harmonia failed to provide the required cultural reletaivism or the "west is root of all this evil, boo international trade (globalism)" lines.

I hope Rei comes and defends this cultural practice. Should be a fun read.
2001-12-07 10:24:18 AM  
Slavery has existed in Africa since the beginning of time. The Moslem countries were taking slaves from Africa for hundreds of years before the Europeans did it. The Europeans did it with the aid of the Africans. The Europeans usually just bought Africans from their fellow Africans along the coast instead of going in and capturing them themselves.
None of that of course excuses slavery at all, but I do get tired of people being so narrow in their world view that they think African slavery existed only in the United States. By far the most slaves taken from Africa went to Latin America, not North America. Slavery existed in Brazil after it had been ended in the US. Again, not making excuses for any of it, just saying that it is broader than just a US issue.
2001-12-07 10:26:11 AM  
Well, I guess I should have refreshed and read Unkotabete before posting. :)
2001-12-07 10:27:02 AM  
....(wrings fingers)..Excellent...
2001-12-07 10:27:03 AM  
Maybe I'm sleeping, did Harmonia just respond to a non leftist article by saying "boobies" ???

Ride horsemen ride, the apocalypse is upon us.
2001-12-07 10:29:24 AM  
Unkotabete Your name is gross. Good one.
2001-12-07 10:30:45 AM  
Yeah usually Harmonia responds with something completely off topic and inane like "Oh look there's slavery in Africa. Here's a picture of blown up children! Enjoy!"
2001-12-07 10:31:28 AM  
Well written, and true that whites don't have the exclusive franchise on exploitation. Whites do, however, have the market on self-righteous guilt pretty much locked up.

Going to use PayFool to get tree-fitty to BigFatAl?
2001-12-07 10:34:44 AM  
FFI: When the reparations "debates" most recently occurred, several columnists at NationalReviewOnline (including the exceptional Jonah Goldberg) wrote bits on the idiocy and hypocrisy of reparations and that International Council on Racism (read: We Hate Jews) then being held.
A few of the bits Unakotabete mentioned were featured prominently therein.
2001-12-07 10:36:53 AM  
"Niger, please !!!"
2001-12-07 10:37:12 AM  
Darth Elvis: no, i'm gonna give it to Mr. T to bring to Al.
I pitty the fool who mess with my tree-fitty.
2001-12-07 10:38:47 AM  
Oh for goodness sake its Friday afternoon, why spend it fighting and arguing (hmm that ***** is better than I thought, V.mellow.)

2001-12-07 10:39:44 AM  
If nubianrdly is taboo then shouldn't Niger be taboo as well?
2001-12-07 10:40:46 AM  
On the whole reparations-for-slavery thing: it's a money grab and nothing more.

Since slavery in Africa has been going on for centuries, and it's not exactly a "well-kept secret," methinks the tag should be [image from too old to be available].
2001-12-07 10:40:47 AM  
Real remon:

I wish I'd have thought of that. ROTFLMAO !!!
2001-12-07 10:42:02 AM  
Real remon -- Ditto 51. That is some funny shizznit.
2001-12-07 10:42:33 AM  
I think i agree with Harmonia (Noooooooo!!!!!)

wait, its friday morning. Whew!!

Now back to the real issue tearing apart Farkistan: Nipples vs. Boobies.
2001-12-07 10:42:40 AM  
Slaves in africa is not new. Look at the reports about Christians being enslaved by Arabs in the Sudan. Somehow the liberals will find a way to blame the United States.
2001-12-07 10:43:20 AM  
Farked by the filter. Jesus!

2001-12-07 10:43:38 AM  
Isnt it great being on GMT!

It will be the weekend here in an hour and 3/4 !
2001-12-07 10:44:55 AM  
Eli...You're the first to have caught the name thingy. Good for you.
2001-12-07 10:45:05 AM  
Harmonia: I'm jealous, but you'll be sleeping while I'm still drinking !!
Bass Ale of course.
2001-12-07 10:46:02 AM  
"Rescued Niger slaves are tortured."
Add a 'g' to Niger and then you will be making sense.
Does anyone know how hard it is to find good help today ?
Where the hell is Jesse Jackson when you need him?
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