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(The New Republic)   Evangelical Patrick Henry College, forbids students to smoke, drink, swear, dance or even date without written parental permission; and of course, in keeping with biblical principles, if you are raped it's your own fault, you filthy harlot   ( divider line
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2014-02-22 12:06:51 AM  
You see, rule and law exist to prevent problems.  By applying simple rules, you can avoid many problems.  Simple rules like "Don't get drunk because you lose your capacity to make secure judgments about people and actions".  When you break that rule, you expose yourself to any or all of the potential consequences.  But if you follow the rule, you render yourself immune to those kinds of consequences.  Now, if a drunk man groped a sober woman, that woman would truly be a victim because she did had done her best to minimize or eliminate the potential for problems.   But if you deliberately get drunk and unplug your brain, then get surprised by the bad decision-making inherent in drunkenness that leads to bad consequences, you have to trace the problem back to you getting drunk and joining an environment of like-minded selfish, uncontrolled people who, by virtue of having the same lack of judgment as you, also break rules up to and including assault, rape or manslaughter.  Now go re-read 1 Cor 15:33 and think about why that is true.

a) A victim of a crime is still a victim of a crime even if they had some alcohol. Your "morals" sicken me.

b) If I want to read about what is true the last place I would go to is the book full of horrific savagery called the bible. A book that promotes slavery, rape, murder, incest, sacrifice of family members, etc. is not the place a civilized person goes to seek moral guidance.
2014-02-22 12:14:54 AM  

dbrunker: What I said still stands. Can someone come to the defense of Patrick Henry College and prove me wrong that the Bible doesn't say if a woman dresses/acts slutty and goes to the wrong place at the wrong time she's at fault for being raped? I don't mean something vague like "women should be modest at all times" but actually says she got what she deserved.

- you ask that someone  "point me to a book, chapter and verse in the Bible that says rape is a woman's fault" - your words.

- someone gives you exactly what you ask for - an example where a woman is to be stoned to death when she is the victim of rape.

- you say that is not good enough ... I guess you feel that stoning a person to death for an event is not saying it was "her fault".

it's a big book written by cave men ... pretty near any atrocity you can think of is in there.
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