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(Daily Mail)   Woman pays for hypnotherapy to become a plastic sex doll. "I'd hit it with a blindfold on" pic included. Brought to you by Mattel   ( ) divider line
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2014-02-19 01:48:43 PM  
Done in one. That is a rough 38. But of course, that's the least of her problems.
2014-02-19 01:52:46 PM  

From the article, she seems to be under the impression that this is somehow desirable.

There are a lot of men who like that shiat. Flip through a few pr0n sites and you'll see how very very strange men can be. And women with no skills beyond being women often get rich catering to them.

I can't stand women who do shiat like this, nor do I have any respect for men who like them that way.

Since somebody brought up Courtney Stodden, is it true that she broke up with Doug because he said she'd had enough damn surgery? The Wikipedia article on her quotes that Couples Therapist as saying this:

"[at first] I said to my producer, 'I think this guy is a pedophile... I don't know if I can work with these people.' I don't condone it, but I do see that this is a married couple that is genuinely married and they have marital issues that needed to be worked on. I came in saying, 'She's a victim, he's a predator.' What I found out was that she has a lot more power in this relationship and he is far more powerless than I expected. His family has completely disowned him... He unfortunately has nothing besides her."

Not that is "whipped" far beyond anything anybody ever criticized me for. And that's not all, as another quote from the frickin' wiki shows:

"Hutchison, who did not realize that she was a teenager, began a courtship with her over the Internet that lasted between four and six months, during which they fell in love before having met in person."

Translation: during which the desperate old farker let her completely hoodwink his pathetic ass. Oh man. I'm so embarrassed for him and so damn glad it couldn't have been me. (These days the worst I can manage is a yen to Agree To Disagree with that farker Gyrfalcon.)

You know that "but for the grace of God" feeling? My reaction is more like 'Yegads, this guy puts my shamelessness to shame.' Marrying Li'l Becky, of Mt. Airy HS Class of '78, was pretty bad, but this! How can anybody over say age 21, male or female, get so stupid? (In my own defense I was 19 at at my Hutchinsonation.)

One thing Dough has going for him is this (again to cut & paste):

"After Hutchison became aware of Stodden's age, he told her mother, Krista, who had monitored their online exchanges, and was aware of their relationship and their age difference, that he would cease his relationship with Stodden if her parents disapproved. Her parents, citing Stodden's 'devout Christianity,' allowed her to make her own decision."

Doesn't that sound like Courtney's mother set him up? If so is that sufficient to excuse his conduct?

And here's the part I really don't get: Stodden looked so good (albeit thin) before, how could he possibly stand watching her turn into that let alone pay for it?

If I read Against Timarchus correctly, in ancient Athens it was possible under certain circumstances for the polis to revoke a guy's Man Card. If so Doug Hutchinson and this doll-critter's unnamed "sugar daddies" should qualify easily, if they ever had MCs to begin with.

It might still be possible for some misguided human being to watch Doug Hutchinson walk down the street with Courtney and envy him his "babe," she seems pretty typical of air-headed porn starlets, but anybody who'd want to be seen with the thing in TFA should be taken out and shot for his/her own good.

And oh. By the way. Nobody who could have gone for Courtney Stodden at 16 qualifies as a pedophile. What pedophiles want looks more like this:
2014-02-19 01:59:05 PM  
The One True TheDavid:

Where did that come from?
2014-02-19 02:02:58 PM  

Fell In Love With a Chair: Texas Gabe: There is no farking way this is not satire.

Actually, it's a known fetish.

Bimbo - just google it.
2014-02-19 02:07:16 PM  

God-is-a-Taco: The One True TheDavid:

Where did that come from?

He's just about one of the craziest mofo's on here.
2014-02-19 02:20:10 PM
Molly Millions does not approve.
2014-02-19 02:29:54 PM  
At least with a real Barbie, you can pop of the head & put a better looking 1 in it's place.
2014-02-19 02:44:00 PM  
I wouldn't fark her with a stolen dick!
2014-02-19 02:50:49 PM  
The One True TheDavid: MrBallou:

And oh. By the way. Nobody who could have gone for Courtney Stodden at 16 qualifies as a   What pedophiles want looks more like this:

No, that is what a necrophiliac would want.

/too soon?
2014-02-19 03:03:09 PM  
Oh come on. This is The Onion, right?
2014-02-19 03:05:05 PM  
I did a similar thing but was on a budget so I had to settle for looking exactly like Dressy Bessy.
2014-02-19 03:12:54 PM  
Jeezus, those tits look like they HURT. And there ain't no way there's only 38 years on that chassis.
2014-02-19 03:14:53 PM  

JerkStore: Jeezus, those tits look like they HURT. And there ain't no way there's only 38 years on that chassis.

2014-02-19 03:15:31 PM  

PaLarkin: You forgot CNN and MSNBC.

stevenvictx: You forgot MSNBC
2014-02-19 03:46:56 PM  
Hypnotherapy? More like she needs psychotherapy.
2014-02-19 03:48:36 PM  
I didn't know Barbie's lips took up half her face. Learn something new every day.
2014-02-19 03:51:34 PM

I picked up the large size.  Pass it around.
2014-02-19 03:53:52 PM  
Dammit, Kwame!
2014-02-19 04:00:17 PM
//Life in plastic, it's fantastic.
///ah ah ah
2014-02-19 04:40:47 PM  
I don't want to be "that guy," but if you GIS her real name "Cindy Pucci" with the added word "porn" , you'll find out that she's really been around a whole lota "Kens."
2014-02-19 04:57:42 PM      her NSFW twitter
2014-02-19 05:38:15 PM  
So barbie's mom with an entitlement fetish that links back to directly to why barbie is a princess moocher in the first place?
2014-02-19 08:27:31 PM  

That Guy Jeff: Plastic surgery to the pain; her ears she keeps and I'll tell you why. So that every shriek of every child at seeing her hideousness will be hers to cherish. Every babe that weeps at her approach, every woman who cries out, "Dear God! What is that thing," will echo in her perfect ears. That is what to the pain means. It means she leaves herself in anguish, wallowing in freakish misery forever.

Laughed until I cried. Thank you!
2014-02-19 09:38:23 PM  
Why, why did I RTFA.


I can SEE the bolts fastening the plastibewbs onto her chest wall.
2014-02-19 10:16:39 PM  

Jument: Done in one. That is a rough 38. But of course, that's the least of her problems.

I call shenanigans on that number 38.  I'll be 38 in June, and there is no way that woman is anywhere near my age.  Even if she smokes 10 packs a day, drinks a lot of beer and tans every day, she'll never look that old and still be in her 30's.  My older sister is a smoker, drinker and tanner and still don't look near that old.  I would believe her plastic parts are 38, however the rest of her has a 20 year head start.
2014-02-19 10:45:34 PM  
I won't lie. If I could get subtle work to restore some youth, I would. I might even get a slight nose job. My sister has my dad's small, straight nose. I have my mom's Roman nose. Lift the boobs? Why not? In reality, if I came into money today, I'd pay bills, help my struggling family and friends, give to charities close to my heart. Then me and my superficial issues.

Is this woman real? How? Why? I hate I am not as sharp as I could be and she is seeking being dumbed down?

Eliminate the stupid from the gene pool, posthaste. These assholes sometimes vote.
2014-02-19 10:49:16 PM  
There's only one reason to have tits like that bolted on...

Hawaiian Muscle Farks

/would hit it like a castaway who found a can of spam
2014-02-20 12:47:43 AM  
This just in, aging AW wants moar attention.

/how is a blonde like a cow pie?
2014-02-20 12:58:50 AM  
I would hit that. Farkers you say you wouldnt. Don't lie.
2014-02-20 09:31:22 AM  
If only she also wanted to change her sex to male this entire thread would be filled with people chastising others for their cruelty and intolerance
2014-02-20 12:34:51 PM  
ah, california
say no more
nudge nudge
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