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5035 clicks; posted to Video » on 18 Feb 2014 at 12:27 PM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-02-18 11:55:16 AM  
Oh, Toonces.
2014-02-18 12:31:38 PM  
Looks more like "cat gets thrown into front as a result of the crash".
2014-02-18 12:45:41 PM  
maybe the cat was looking at the driver behind in a funny way, otherwise i don't see how the cat caused the crash
2014-02-18 12:50:26 PM  
At 0:130, the car is at a complete stop.

At 0:145, a cat with the mass of a small asteroid lept into the front seat rocking the car back and forth and causing it to crumple.

Also, please to ignore car in left rear window seen at 0:1475
2014-02-18 01:25:25 PM

This link is less tracky, if you care about that stuff, and doesnt link to Brightcove who likes to monitor what everyone watching as videos.
2014-02-18 01:34:20 PM  
Yeah, The Mirror "report" is stupid.  The old guy got the car stopped just fine, then someone else rear-ended the hell out of him.  Pretty farkin' obvious to anyone who actually watched the video.
2014-02-18 03:56:36 PM  
Do the Ruskies even have traffic laws? Or are they more like guidelines?
2014-02-18 04:32:53 PM  

AbiNormal: Do the Ruskies even have traffic laws? Or are they more like guidelines?

I'm sure they have traffic laws, but they seem to be lacking any form of road markers, lines, lane separators.

I guess if you have a country that big, with that many rural roads, and a ridiculously corrupt government, you can't really expect basic things like yellow lines down the middle of the road.
2014-02-18 06:35:26 PM  
what the fark kind of roadway system is that?  Drive where ever the fark you want?
2014-02-18 07:36:38 PM  
That cat is so freaked out....

CSB (for everyone except the affected): So one time my two best friends were driving somewhere with the cat in the car.  Keep in mind, George the cat truly did not think he was a cat.  Don't know what he thought he was, but it wasn't a cat, and he did not ever go in cat carriers willingly, even for his mommy.  Anyway, he's sitting in his mommy's lap like the momma's boy he was, until he suddenly stands up, crawls up to the headrest, jumps over to my other friend's seat, goes to the far shoulder from his mom, and proceeds to throw up on my friend, before returning to his mommy to curl up and be petted.  Damnedest thing I've ever heard of.

\miss the little guy a lot, he was all sorts of awesome
2014-02-18 08:06:10 PM
In russia, cat drive you to the vet!
2014-02-18 08:22:28 PM  
It's kind of blurry, but I think this shows the moment of the catapult.
2014-02-18 11:16:31 PM  

FirstNationalBastard: Oh, Toonces.

Done in one.
2014-02-19 02:13:36 AM  
I had a black cat that would just sit in the passenger seat. At least before we took him in to get snipped.
2014-02-19 07:50:22 AM  

KidneyStone: drsmith: Looks more like "cat gets thrown into front as a result of the crash".

One might say he was catapulted.

Good one. :)
2014-02-19 12:07:25 PM  

AbiNormal: Do the Ruskies even have traffic laws? Or are they more like guidelines?

They play a lot of GTA
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