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(CBS News)   Denmark zoo may kill giraffe named Marius. Not a repeat; apparently all giraffes in Denmark are called "Marius"   ( divider line
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2014-02-14 04:16:05 PM  
Marius means "Lion food" in Danish.
2014-02-14 04:16:31 PM  
Is there some billionaire out there paying big bucks for giraffe snuff videos or something??

/Don't be a giraffe in Denmark
2014-02-14 04:19:20 PM  
You eat one giraffe, and an hour later you're hungry for another one.
2014-02-14 04:22:19 PM  
2014-02-14 04:22:48 PM  
This sort of thing is pretty much implicit in operating a zoo in the first place.
I'm not sure how people can be outraged about the 'management' but not 'the zoo'.

Are they just angry about not being able able to pretend ignorance any more?
2014-02-14 04:23:24 PM  
I'll bet Marius is the name of a beloved Danish children's cartoon character or puppet. Like naming a mouse Mickey or a beagle Snoopy.
2014-02-14 04:24:17 PM  
more giraffe for the giraffe god.
2014-02-14 04:26:35 PM  
It is a repeat of this morning or yesterday's headline though, subby.
2014-02-14 04:26:35 PM  
upload.wikimedia.orgView Full Size

/Unavailable for comment
2014-02-14 04:26:51 PM  
Are they at least going to mount his skull on a wall?

/ I know, sounds pretty Targaryen
2014-02-14 04:27:17 PM  
When did the breeding program coordinator realize this animal was "surplus"? Was it a surprise? Could they have aborted it when the mother was being bred? If she was being bred then what did they think was the potential outcome of breeding?

My concern being an outsider is that when animals are captive under your care, you're making a long term commitment. I know feeing large animals is expensive but that's the risk of engaging in having one.

If you can't handle an animal at home what are the options? Finding a good home, neutering it, or killing it?

Ok I get it that it's lion food. So is beef. It's cheaper to feed lions beef as the raising of a giraffe must be much more expensive. Giraffes aren't a commodity.

So far I haven't heard a good reason why they waiting for these animals to reach adolescence before deciding to slaughter them.

Either abort them and spare the upkeep, neuter them and raise them, get them to another zoo, or send them to a sanctuary.
2014-02-14 04:27:23 PM  
Sulla is pleased by this.
2014-02-14 04:28:54 PM  
In death, giraffes of the Denmark Zoo have a name.  His name is Marius.
2014-02-14 04:30:39 PM  
I really don't get this...

They have a breeding program.  This is why they are concerned about a new giraffe mating with it's sister.  Okay.  I get that.  But why did you BREED the thing in the first place?!
Where they perhaps, assuming that the new giraffe wouldn't be related to any of the existing breeding giraffes?

Did they import the giraffe from somewhere else, and were surprised to find out that its sister wa already there?

And if the breeding program is such a big issue, why not simply steralize it?

I'm not going all PETA here or anything.  But it really does seem absurd to waste a perfectly good giraffe.
2014-02-14 04:33:45 PM  
And another thing.

Everyone knows that you don't give a name to something that you intend to kill.  Once it has a name (especially a cute one, like Marius), it has a personality.

I can pretty well guarantee that there wouldn't be much public outcry over the slaughter of "giraffe AA4-4563G, male".
2014-02-14 04:33:50 PM  

RascalFarkinJones: Not if Jungle Jack can stop it in time. /2014/02/13/hanna-raises- money-for-giraffe.html

I love Jack Hanna. One of the few reasons I'm proud to live in Columbus. I make a point to go to the zoo once a year. It doesn't surprise me it only took 3 phone calls for him to raise enough money to buy the giraffe, and from what I understand the Wilds is more than capable of taking care of them.

That said, this part made me irritable...

FTFA: In the meantime, Hanna said, plans for a Siberian tiger from the Copenhagen Zoo to come to the Columbus Zoo for breeding have been put on hold.
"I want no involvement with anyone (from that zoo) if this kind of killing is practiced," he said.

So he's willing to save a giraffe (listed as 'least concern') from the Copenhagen Zoo because he feels they're doing the wrong things in regards to their animals, but he's willing to let a siberian tiger (listed as 'endangered') potentially suffer there out of morality?

If he cares so much about animals, he'd recognize that getting a siberian tiger to Columbus is more important than a giraffe. The animals can't decide what zoo they want to belong to, Jack. :(
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