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3257 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Dec 2001 at 8:58 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-07 09:02:30 AM  
Once again, This is NOT IRONY!!!
2001-12-07 09:02:53 AM  
I suppose a "cool" tag would be misleading, but it still sounds like excellent fun!
2001-12-07 09:03:07 AM  
2001-12-07 09:06:35 AM  
Somebody needs to read a dictionary, or take a good literature class. Everybody thinks irony is some kind of bummer that you didn't intend to happen.
2001-12-07 09:09:35 AM  
I think I see the irony: he was drilling for water, but instead he found gas. Or am I just speaking out of my ass? (Hey, that rhymes!)
2001-12-07 09:10:26 AM  
a situation in which something which was intended to have a particular result has the opposite or a very different result

I.e You are looking for water and you find fire.
2001-12-07 09:12:39 AM  
2001-12-07 09:17:05 AM  
Fb- you know where the door is if you find it boring.
2001-12-07 09:18:17 AM  
Sorry, I forgot to close that with, "You farking sad self-important attention-seeking little troll".
2001-12-07 09:18:20 AM  
This is much more fun:,,2-2001561611,00.html
2001-12-07 09:19:03 AM  
Me, I'd label it
2001-12-07 09:19:43 AM  
He tried to put it out with a fire extinguisher...classic
2001-12-07 09:19:48 AM  
Irony would be if you were looking for lions as reasearch for past attacks, armed only with a firecracker, and you found attacked, you lit the blows your hand off causing you to writhe in pain as the lion eats you

that is all

2001-12-07 09:20:52 AM  
D'OH! the image tag didn't stick...

^^^^^If there's not an image there, I'll eat my hat!
2001-12-07 09:24:49 AM  
2001-12-07 09:32:44 AM  
Anyone think of the Burbs when they read this?

Take me to the hospital, i've been blown up!
2001-12-07 09:37:14 AM  

Ransom, loved your link. That is timeless proof that the British are far more sophisticated than we Americans.

ARE you one of the two girls - or do you know them? Call us on 0161 935 5323. Don't worry about the cost, we'll phone you straight back.

Is The Sun not a big enough publication yet? It still sounds like they work out of someone's garage.

2001-12-07 09:42:40 AM  
we wanna see photos of your forthcoming hat-eating endeavors!
2001-12-07 09:45:34 AM  
I think fighting over the ironic tag is farking hilarious!
2001-12-07 09:53:11 AM  

I liked the still shots from the CCTV of the girls. :)
2001-12-07 09:53:49 AM  
The article is boring, it's all about boring.

Think about it.
2001-12-07 09:54:37 AM  
They are not fighting over the tag. They are trying to preserve the sanctity of the english language.

Please people, learn the difference between irony and coincidence.

Why do I try with you kids. I'm going to the teacher's lounge for a smoke.
2001-12-07 09:58:07 AM  
Very good GadgetDon. I get it. Funny 'bit'. No need to 'drill' it into my head. It's not like I 'Black & Decker Power Drill' haven't heard that pun before.

Ok, ok. The last one was a reach.
2001-12-07 10:10:36 AM  
Bigpeeler, and what exactly was a coincidence?
2001-12-07 10:18:16 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-07 10:27:55 AM  
If you ever really feel like melting your brain, try explaning the difference between irony, synchronicity, and serendipity to someone.
2001-12-07 10:54:40 AM  
Easy Zylon:
Irony is that stuff women get from vitamins
Synchronicity is the last album by the Police
And serendipity is the gooy stuff that you put in your hair.

Now, was that so hard?
2001-12-07 10:57:00 AM  
Barbeque at Doug Whitcombe's place!
2001-12-07 10:57:10 AM  
Maybe Fark should just scrap the "Irony" tag. Think of the bandwith it'll save.
2001-12-07 10:57:58 AM  
er, um . . . that would be "Ironic" tag.
Now getting caffeine. Won't happen again.
2001-12-07 11:01:31 AM  
If they scrap it, I want a SCHADENFREUDE tag in its place!
2001-12-07 11:05:45 AM  
The 'irony' thing has been a pet-peeve for many of us since that irritating Morrisette tune. As we've proven that we're not mature enough to handle it, please take the 'ironic' tag away from us.
2001-12-07 11:40:10 AM  
FIDFUTPETA strikes again!

This guy must be a decendant to Jed Clampett.
2001-12-07 12:21:16 PM  
Damn, didn't anyone pay attention to how they put out OIL Fires in Iraq? They put it out with dinamite. The explosion sucks up all the oxygen and the fire starves. These "experts" are stupid.
2001-12-07 12:21:26 PM  
"incongruity between the actual result of a sequence of events and the normal or expected result"

Looks like this is fine for the irony tag... what the hell's wrong with you people?

This kind of thing actually happens a lot, but usually not this extreme. I grew up in farm country where most folks had their own water wells, and you frequently hit a pocket of gas. The difference is, you weren't usually dumb enough to set it on fire, and it usually depleted itself in a few days, so you could keep drilling.
2001-12-07 12:22:58 PM  
I saw a bumper sticker that read:
There is very few problems that can't be solved with the application of high explosives
2001-12-07 12:24:47 PM  
From what I can see, that would be pretty extreme in this case. They'll dump either a load of dirt right on it, or a piece of plate steel, and it will be done. This little fire is nothing like the oil fires, which were a serious challenge.
2001-12-07 12:26:09 PM  
Doctor: By that definition, it's ironic when I set the VCR to tape The Tick, but get Matlock instead. Clearly this is not irony.

True irony has to have a level of circular reference. Like installing a fire-supression system in your house that then malfunctions and burns your house down. That's ironic. Or Jimm Fixx dropping dead of a heart attack.
2001-12-07 12:36:33 PM  
The neighbors in my apartment who piss me off with their smoking, got flooded by my apartment a few days ago.
2001-12-07 01:05:42 PM  
Although it would be nice to make up a definition to match what you think it should, that's right from, not an opinion.

Admittedly, I'd like to agree with you, because in writing, that's the more direct given description, but I guess Noah Webster didn't agree with that when it came time to define the term itself. I think "ironies" as you define them are typically funnier, but this still falls within the guidelines.
2001-12-07 02:22:00 PM  
yeah but dinamite is just plain fun!
2001-12-07 02:42:30 PM  
Doctor: I think the Usage Notes for "Ironic" at nail it pretty well--

Usage Note: The words ironic, irony, and ironically are sometimes used of events and circumstances that might better be described as simply "coincidental" or "improbable," in that they suggest no particular lessons about human vanity or folly. Thus 78 percent of the Usage Panel rejects the use of ironically in the sentence In 1969 Susie moved from Ithaca to California where she met her husband-to-be, who, ironically, also came from upstate New York. Some Panelists noted that this particular usage might be acceptable if Susie had in fact moved to California in order to find a husband, in which case the story could be taken as exemplifying the folly of supposing that we can know what fate has in store for us. By contrast, 73 percent accepted the sentence Ironically, even as the government was fulminating against American policy, American jeans and videocassettes were the hottest items in the stalls of the market, where the incongruity can be seen as an example of human inconsistency.
2001-12-07 03:34:24 PM  
I try to eat a diet high in fiber and irony.
2001-12-07 10:28:27 PM  
Now would be a good time to make a "Bad Karma" tag...I try to get my recommended daily allowance of irony,too..
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