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(Nature World News)   Snowzilla wrecks havoc on Tokyo. And by Snowzilla I mean a light dusting of snow you can walk through in your street shoes   ( divider line
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2014-02-08 10:16:43 PM  

coldf33t: atomicxblue: coldf33t: The problem wasn't the snow here in Atlanta, but that the roads became icy almost immediately. Couple that with the mass exodus out of the city and it should be easy to understand what happened. That being said, I do wonder if Tokyo's mayor will go on national TV and whine it wasn't his fault like Atlanta's mayor did.

That's not the Japanese way. If there's any fault, it would be a huge loss of face for the city. The mayor will go on TV, take full responsibility and immediately resign, something our current governor should also consider.

That was PRIME TIME when the governor blamed the National Weather Service for the everything, wasn't it?  It doesn't get any better than that.

The problem was that they were blaming him when the storm shifted at 3-4am and moved to the north when the few trucks they had were in the south. Nobody moved the trucks north until after that and by then it was too late since Atlanta traffic sucks. Then when it finally started coming down it was freezing rain, not sleet, not snow and the roads were almost solid ice less than 90 mins after it started.

Sure it was stupid to blame them but more warning would have been nice then it may have helped but I doubt it since traffic was shiat 60mins after it started. What's worse is every one decided to work a half day which put all the cars on the road about 2 hours after it started.

It was a perfect storm that had multiple elements which were few trucks for the storm, timing, perfect mixture of ice/snow, unprepared, and lack of warning. It made the clusterfark we got that day worse and why I immediately got the wife home.

If you haven't lived here then you have no clue about the weather issues, one of our friends who is a Michigan native thought it wouldn't be a big deal to drive even though we told him not to go. Now he's fighting with the insurance company to get a car after he slid into a ravine and totaled his car.
2014-02-08 10:52:31 PM  
Cry havoc and unleash the lap dogs of war!--Grammar Nazis
2014-02-09 01:02:58 AM  
I would not call 16 inches of snow in an area that rarely gets four inches a "dusting." Nor would I make light of an area where tens of thousands of people lost their electricity and heating. -s ervices-transportation-in-tokyo-area-1.266400
2014-02-09 04:31:33 AM  
I had a foot and a half in my driveway and on my car this morning.  Couldn't get my damn car out.  Downtown may have been dusted, but up here in the foothills, we got frosted like a farking cake.

/that sounded dirtier than I'd intended
//lives in Musashimurayama-shi, Tokyo
2014-02-09 05:47:06 AM  

special20: Yogimus: Mr. Fuzzypaws: (4 inches) of snow

Dear Japan,

F*ck You

Signed most of the eastern US.

/I always were sneakers, low tops in fact, in the Buffalo snow. We got about a foot this week.

Must have sucked to be sneakers.

How else can one low tops?

I have had couple low tops in the past. There better then ones made from legoes. It's gotten to the point we should hang are heads in shame, but I guess that I like could care less. At this time.
2014-02-09 08:29:41 AM  
by Sunday some regions of the metropolitan area could be covered in as much as 50 cm ( 20 inches) of snow.

I dunno. That's a lot of snow. It's not like the 1/4" the atlanta-tards went all ape-shiat over.
2014-02-09 08:43:10 AM  
The snow's more than half gone in one day.
2014-02-09 08:46:04 AM  

abhorrent1: by Sunday some regions of the metropolitan area could be covered in as much as 50 cm ( 20 inches) of snow.

I dunno. That's a lot of snow. It's not like the 1/4" the atlanta-tards went all ape-shiat over.

Yeah, but those are drifts. Tokyo's a giant wind tunnel. Lots of corners will have deep snow.

We got about 6" last night, maybe 8. But in front of my apartment door was an almost meter high pyramid shaped pile of snow about a pencil width thick on top because I live on the corner and the wind piles it up against the wall.
2014-02-09 08:57:06 AM  

ReapTheChaos: I always get a laugh out of you northerners when you laugh at things like this, get back to us this summer when you're all crying like babies when the temp hits 90 deg. f.

Not me. I love it when we get our little 10 day heat wave every July.
2014-02-09 09:10:59 AM  

aerojockey: Thunderboy: Oh no!  All of their havoc is ruined!

/it's "wreak havoc", subtardmitter
//poot peave

Submitter would just assume nominate one of the helpful mods to be the escape goat.

Fare enough.
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