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(Slate)   "Dear Prudence: How do I tell my son he's a literal bastard?"   ( ) divider line
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2014-02-06 05:57:48 PM  

Banned on the Run: ZeroCorpse: ongbok: abhorrent1: Wouldn't she want him to have access to his family medical history?

Look, this is a woman who cheated on her husband, when she got caught she moved out on him and in with her parents and continued the relationship with the other man, then proceeded to get pregnant by the other man, only reconciling with her husband when the other man left, and in my opinion convinced her husband that the baby was his. Now thinking over all of that, do you really think that she is working with a mentality that will have her concerned with her son's family medical history?

She said:
"But I realized it was lust, not love, and told him it was not going to work out."

So your first assertion is wrong. She dumped the other guy, who by her own account believed himself to be in love with her. She bailed on him.
Perhaps her husband was forgiving ...

Hey, hey, hey!

This is Fark.  You take that reasonable approach out of here right now!  Don't you know you can take a fact or two and some assumptions and construct a rigid, infallible internet argument so watertight that to assail that argument in ANY WAY makes said assailant a worse person than Hitler?

You need to brush up on your conclusion jump and your knee-jerk reactions.

Agreed, or it might be he's the husband.
2014-02-06 06:13:15 PM  

Valiente: "lard dolly"

that is amazing!
2014-02-06 08:02:51 PM  
"Have you ever considered joining the Night's Watch?"
2014-02-06 10:47:41 PM  

poot_rootbeer: 1derful: A selfish woman gets knocked up by a man, and convinces a lesser man to raise someone else's offspring

Fark you, dude.

The man who raised someone else's child for twenty years is clearly a greater man than the dude who creampied someone else's wife and then disappeared.

That's seldom how women see it.  And few people of either sex respect a cuckold.
2014-02-07 12:31:50 AM  
"It will crush my son and destroy his trust."
2014-02-07 06:35:34 AM  
I really thought she was leading up to "you'll  have to kill the father".  I think I'm a psychopath...
2014-02-07 01:53:20 PM  

akula: jshine: and, over the course of 20 years, it wouldn't really be appropriate to be calling every other week -- there'd be a restraining order long before now if he had behaved that way

If the guy HAD been that eager to meet his son he'd not have been calling but filing for joint custody. He'd have won too. A restraining order would just have opened the door to that; you can't keep a father from seeing his child unless he's just abusive or outright criminal. Even if the child is the product of an extramarital fling, that father would have the legal right to contact with his child.

Of course the people making excuses for the absent daddy don't want to consider that, they'd rather lay all the blame on the mother and not the father who was farking around with another mans' wife and then knocked her up and went across the country. If it was the daddy giving only his side of the story and it made momma look bad, I'm guessing most of the guys throwing out the 'we're only hearing one side" excuse against momma wouldn't do so if they were only hearing this guys side of the situation.
2014-02-07 03:45:13 PM  
Have Shaq tell him:
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